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Reina was not performing his best for the past 2 seasons. And LFC did a tremendous job not showing any sentiments for under-performance. I don't think there is much change in the wages of Mingolet & Reina (~10k). Performance matters...
13th Sep 2013 8:51
13th Sep 2013 9:33
"Kid of Kop - I'd be surprised if Reina is on anything less than 100k per week, given the amount of times Arsenal have come sniffing. He sometimes captained LFC and this warrants a high wage. SM will be on around half that, I reckon. A class act with a great future. Wonderful piece of business by BR."
13th Sep 2013 9:49
"This guy reminds me of Schmeichel. Big presence on the pitch and a winning mentality "
13th Sep 2013 9:54
13th Sep 2013 10:22
"The save of that penalty can't be underestimated that feel good feeling was the spring board for belief we could actually get a little luck and to kick on in the following games. A further three points Monday and a clean sheet will do again please lads "
13th Sep 2013 10:37
"Kidofkop88! Reina still gave us his best for 6 years +. Deep in form is not unusual. Lets appreciate him still. As for Mignolet, I am so happy with him. He'll be a major influence in our team this season. YNWA guys"
13th Sep 2013 12:38
"Our marquee summer signings- Simon, Toure. More clean sheets and we'll definitely have a crack at the le le. Gooooo Redmen swansea next."
13th Sep 2013 14:18
"kidofkop: reina was supposably on 110k a week here, and mignolet is on less than 50k "
13th Sep 2013 15:01
""The difference is that at Sunderland I was more of a busy 'keeper than now. You have to make sure you're focused throughout the whole game, for the 90 minutes, and you have to play more with your feet. "that means the our defense is tight .... waoo ... YNWA "
13th Sep 2013 16:21
"kidofkop talkin krap."
13th Sep 2013 17:09
"Pepe will remain a much-loved hero to all Liverpool fans, for his many great performances AND his character on and off the pitch. Simon Mignolet will be appreciated if he performs as well as Reina."
13th Sep 2013 17:41
"Kido,kido,kido, Reina will never be forgotten for his duty to LFC and for Mingolet all the best son just go out there and do us Proud. "
Dede 7
13th Sep 2013 18:22
"Great Goalkeeper. am glad the Club did intensive scouting on Mignolet. we have the Best."
13th Sep 2013 20:39
"He's a keeper, a Belgium keeper, SIMON MIGNOLET, He's a keeper, a Belgium keeper, SIMON MIGNOLET..a MIGNOLET, a MIGNOLET, a MIGNOLET a MIGNOLET, a MIGNOLET"