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I know agger is vice captain but I really want to see kolo and Sakho in center defence?
15th Sep 2013 9:26
15th Sep 2013 9:27
"Kolo i hope you be playing? We're capable of winning this game, just go for it redmen!"
15th Sep 2013 9:43
"I think the top 6 will be close this year. The next 6 games for us are key. They're all winnable games - against clubs who finished lower than us last year. The fixture list allows us a great start, so we must capitalise, coz then when we play the big teams they will fear us. Hope the boys give 100% each game, coz if so they will win. 27 points from 27 will give us a psychological edge"
15th Sep 2013 9:53
"Great spirit kolo- matc i agree next six games are big and winnable- then massive game v arsenal -but lets take one game at a time- chelski n mam cty drop points yesdy so lets steal a march on the top 4 teams- come on redmen"
15th Sep 2013 10:09
"for a 32 yr old this man with all the things he has won he still has that winning mentality and you can hear it when he speaks and his actions on and off the field he has a burning desire to put on a red shirt and do well in every game this can only benifit the squad and the 10 men allong side him on the pitch you the man kolo"
Norfolk in Chance
15th Sep 2013 10:15
"This is the most open season in 20 years as there's no Fergie, so it's our best chance in two decades to win the league. I hope the players take that chance and don't start thinking like the Gooners do ie getting 4th is like winning a medal. We're top. Let's stay top. 4th is a fancy name for loser."
15th Sep 2013 10:16
"Play kolo in glens place tomorrow, yes next 6 games look winnable but as Phil T said on sky yesterday they are still tough, with Suarez coming back we should be able to score more than one goal per game, so keep it up redmen YNWA"
15th Sep 2013 10:35
"kolo must have the edge over wisdom to start at RB surely??"
15th Sep 2013 11:04
"kolo talks like a true winner - hope it rubs off the rest!"
15th Sep 2013 12:10
"Very good, keep your feet grounded and play every game like it matters. No slacking off, work hard and good things will come."
15th Sep 2013 12:24
"Yes. Kolo and Sakho likes monster!! Please kill the strikers who come close to u!!! YNWA!"
15th Sep 2013 12:46
"I don't know what it is about this guy, but whenever I hear Kolo Toure talking I get the impression he's a genuine one, so thumbs up to him. By the way, after we acquired Moses' services for this year, may I suggest this banner? Since we can't have , at least we have Moses ... oh ye waters, divide "
15th Sep 2013 12:51
"Norfolk in Chance - spouting absolute nonsese again I see. Of course the players would be delighted to achieve top 4. You have turned would could have been a potential positive comment into a completely negative one. Like, suggesting that somehow the p;layers aren't aiming to stay top? What is Kolo staying here? That is the message he is giving, to stay top. Your an idiot."
15th Sep 2013 13:12
"Kolo your brother looked a bit out of sorts yesterday. Convincing him to come to Liverpool might be the answer.You have the mentality we need.Pool to win 3 - 1. "
15th Sep 2013 13:14
"Norfolk is right, is aiming 4 d league really that expensive?"
15th Sep 2013 13:17
"This IS the atude that needs to be instilled in all of the players. The perfect embodiment of what BR is looking for. "
15th Sep 2013 13:32
"like the shirt he is wearing in the video, BOSS!"
15th Sep 2013 13:34
"Love Kolo! Great leadership qualities,better get the win guys!"
15th Sep 2013 14:17
"To the fans who are not sure of Agger ability I say provided he is fully fit Daniel always remain one of the very best left sided central defender in the PL as for Sakho it is up to Mr Rodgers to decide where to play him as well as Ilori."
15th Sep 2013 14:21
"Skrtel and Agger is our best partnering, maybe once Sakho gets a few games and becomes settled Skrtel and Sakho could be most solid partnership. Toure is good but he's no Skrtel."
15th Sep 2013 14:43
"Talks like such a leader, love it! Game by game is the best way to take this competition. Keep it up lads!"
15th Sep 2013 14:44
"Coutinho_LEGEND Agger has been superb this season, apart from the hand-ball he made but overall been really superb in defence and attack on corners. We could easily play a back four of Ilori, Toure, Agger, Sakho. The most important thing is we now have a very strong defence."
15th Sep 2013 14:57
"I think you might see Agger move up to DM or even LB if we need him to. Our CB situation is set, it is now our CDM and Defensive corner backs that need coverage. not so much the right as the left and Agger has shown he can play that position in the past."
15th Sep 2013 15:00
"You tell the lads and keep them sharp m8,,im age49 today lets make lfc either top or in top4 b4 im 50 hehe ynwa m8"
15th Sep 2013 15:18
"I am starting to say Papa Toure when refering to Kolo Toure. This man is so good on and of the field. I want to see him in every game we play couse we are so strong with him and Agger in the back. He will teach the young alot and build confidece in the sqoud. So Papa Toure for me."
15th Sep 2013 15:48
"why would any manager drop the man of match from last game v champions,get real fans this is not Xbox."
15th Sep 2013 15:49
"Danny and Stevie, with a tight back five, including Mingolet Adam Daly"
15th Sep 2013 16:13
"I don't think you can legitimately leave Skrtel out of the side for Swansea after the performance at MU unless he's sore from WCQ. Enrique, Agger, Skrtel, Toure with Sakho to make his debut from the sidelines. "
15th Sep 2013 16:29
"I would start agger and skrtel on Monday of course i was just saying to king kolo I would like to see him with Sakho that would be dominant long may the clean sheets continue YNWA"
15th Sep 2013 16:39
"the league is a marathon not a sprint its just a mater of keeping up the good work ynwa"
15th Sep 2013 17:06
"I think the safety first approach is working really well. The defence is providing a brilliant platform for more advanced players to do their stuff. If we don't concede, we'll always be getting chances to win the game. The rearguard is now getting set if the ball is conceded, rather than pressing too high, being suckered by long balls."
Vosta Lee
15th Sep 2013 17:18
"Exactly! One game at a time and each game is a cup final. The next game is always going to be harder than the one before it. Kopites need to think like that. Players need to prepare thinking that."
15th Sep 2013 17:23
"yes we need to win games. we have been too shy about winning and content with fighting for scraps.we have to believe we can compete not defeated before even kicking the ball"
15th Sep 2013 21:23
"We should be winning the next 2 games if we really want top 4. If we can win all our home games, beat the so called whipping boys and sneak a few draws against the big 6 away from home then we 're in. Its still a big ask."
15th Sep 2013 22:32
"This will raise a few eyebrows, but in terms of making us as solid as possible at the back id play sakho and toure at CB and Id move Agger to left back. "
15th Sep 2013 22:37
"Agger Toure Skrtel Sakho Illori Coates wisdom kelly to say we have enough cover at CB now!"
15th Sep 2013 23:20
"Love this guy...he's Rodger's version of signing Gary Mac. Experience and passion that was sorely needed in a young squad. And a small criticism - mainly because I've had a pint - but if you're going to name-drop our new No. 1 then it's "Mignolet"! Stop spelling like you're one of the half-assed pundits they employ on Sky Sports!"
16th Sep 2013 3:49
"All I want is to beat Swansea, Southampton and Sunderland in the next few weeks. Imagine us top of the league with 18 points. I know we say one game at a time but its so hard not to look at those fixtures after Swansea tomorrow night and say there all winnable games even right up to Arsenal in October. "
16th Sep 2013 3:51
"Whether Kolo is fit or not for the Swansea game I don't think that he or Sakho should start over Skrtel it sends the wrong message. Playing the way he did against Man Utd earns him the chance to keep his 1st team spot imo. Come on boys another win please YNWA"
16th Sep 2013 7:18
"He is a MAN.Those kind of players aint grow everywhere.Top class CB and defence leader.Just perfect for these kids we have at team now and at green it is most important.In that form tonight we absolutely WIN."
Dede 7
16th Sep 2013 15:05
"Am glad we think alike. game by game. "