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yes pleaseeeeeeeeee, been fantastic for japan as of late. love this guy get him please. think of the shirt sales BR!!!!
12th Sep 2013 13:14
12th Sep 2013 13:18
"Good decent player. Have watched him a couple of times for Japan and on Confederation Cup. He made a good tournament and for free is going to be an excellent piece of business. He can probably give us more options on the wings too and can provide alternative to coutinho behind the striker."
12th Sep 2013 13:20
"Perfect type of player to fit into the team also has a wealth of experience. 30m on Willian or Honda for free, Honda will be a good choice. Then add another striker for 20m Muriel."
12th Sep 2013 13:20
"A player I have wanted to come to Liverpool for years! When will the forum be open?"
12th Sep 2013 13:28
"Would be an excellent addition. Never understood him playing in Russia. Too talented to be there. "
12th Sep 2013 13:29
"Honda knows if he walks out at the end of his contract, he can expect HUGE wages coz his new club will not pay a transfer fee. The guy is class, but I don't like the idea of him going simply to whoever offers him the most money. Doubt it'll be us."
12th Sep 2013 13:31
"Binomial you are the stupidest person I've met, you say get will Hughes for free and loan suarez to derby, now you think this guy is premier league quality plus you mention shirt sales, please go support man city or chelsea if all you care about is money"
12th Sep 2013 13:57
"aussie red - you are very gullable, can you not tell difference between sarcasm and seriousness? i don't want hughes 10m for him is a joke...and the shirt sales refers to the wages he can expect to earn here. no transfer fee so it's a win win"
12th Sep 2013 14:42
"Eurochampsforkeeps you do realise willian just signed for chelsea dont you ? honda would be nice addition to the squad very versatile player he been rumoured to join for like 4years now"
12th Sep 2013 15:02
"He is just the type of exciting player that could give the whole team and supporters a massive lift if we are still near the top of the table at the end of December and looking to strengthen to push on to secure top 4. He could play as a wide attacker or CAM. Pay him a huge "golden hello" but keep his wages on a par with the other members of the squad"
12th Sep 2013 15:06
"Another 3 months before the next window so I'm not too bothered. I was just thinking how we can accommodate Suarez when he finishes his ban? With Moses probably being in the lineup. Someone will prob have to be sitting on the bench. Cause I don't see us not starting with sturr n Suarez in the team? "
12th Sep 2013 15:11
"van rhijn/montoya and honda in january and all round pretty satisfying. 2 players is all we need. a RB and AM/RW"
12th Sep 2013 15:18
"Would be surprised if more than 2% of lfc shirts sold in Asia are genuine Warrior Sports"
12th Sep 2013 15:50
"alonso,montoya,honda all available fr free"
12th Sep 2013 16:07
"Debo - montoya and alonso are available on free in summer not jan, they could both still be offered new contracts"
12th Sep 2013 16:20
"Yawn heard it all before."
12th Sep 2013 16:50
"I think honda is a great player I wanted him a few sesons back as well"
12th Sep 2013 17:42
"The thing is what does Honda want to do?"
12th Sep 2013 20:04
"Blimey..a gunslinger/outlaw and a samurai on the pitch at once - explosive!! "
12th Sep 2013 20:22
"loz99 - well he clearly wants to leave cska in jan"
American Liverpool Fan
12th Sep 2013 20:25
"wow, think of the set piece options, suarez and gerrard are deadly, and honda has one of the best free kicks around. "
12th Sep 2013 20:50
"Clever, small & mobile. He can take a free kick aswell. 'Honda' on the back of his shirt only adds to our massive pull in Asia! Most important thing is next signing being a decent squad player & doing the business on the pitch. "
12th Sep 2013 22:25
"go to yassine benzia from lyon"
13th Sep 2013 0:08
"I think he'd be more than a squad player, his dinked over the too balls are a joy to watch, front 4 of moses honda suarez sturridge is devastating"
13th Sep 2013 3:02
"Honda is fantastic, but any team could be up for him at this point. I wouldn't be complaining if we got him on a free! Still think we have a squad capable of challenging for top honors though we'd need a boost in Jan."
13th Sep 2013 4:22
"If he's free, why not? T-shirt sales and more Japanese tourist money for the city."
13th Sep 2013 5:59
"can defo see this happening... BR has been great at getting players like this in to help the squad for little money. he can play on the right and behind the main striker. A quality free agent and i have to agree with Binomial the fact that he is from Japan is a bonus, We've seen the support the club have in that side of the world, his name would be on alot of shirts."
13th Sep 2013 6:02
"This could be an amazing signing for us. Definitely should be targeted in January."
13th Sep 2013 6:11
"He has alot of qualities we've been crying our for in the team for a while. He's a creative and industrious team-player. His ball-control, dribbling and passing vision are all very impressive. Would love to see him linking up with Suarez & Coutinho."
13th Sep 2013 9:14
"melissa96 probably aspas, coutinho suarez moses behind sturr... aspas a decent option from the bench Honda would add more quality in depth... hopefully we sing him or players of that quality... plus his shirt sales and media cover japan excellent signing on free"
13th Sep 2013 11:49
"hope we get him. Excellent player."
13th Sep 2013 17:38
"Come January, we will need to have maintained our strong form and up there challenging for top 4... Only then would we have a compelling story for Honda to join. With CSKA Moscow in CL, he will be cup tied should he join the Milan's, Arsenals, etc. Won't write this one off, but consistency and results is all that matters from now till Jan!"
14th Sep 2013 15:01
"As a free transfer he would be a great addition to LFC squad. The merchandise sales in Japan alone would cover his wages and he is a decent attacking midfielder so why not, makes financial and footballing sense."