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get this lad, been saying we needed a cover RB all summer and now look whats happened, montoya or van rhijn this winter please!1
10th Sep 2013 11:03
10th Sep 2013 11:08
"No NWA heart with doubts... best dont transfer."
10th Sep 2013 13:01
"Rubbish, story different frm d headline. anyway let tello keep warming their bench we do not need him any longer."
10th Sep 2013 13:24
"Good Luck Yossi"
10th Sep 2013 14:04
"Just an agent trying to give his player's club a kick in the pants and get a new contract. I won't hold my breath or get my hopes up over this one."
10th Sep 2013 14:08
"Might be worth offering a few million during January to boost our squad. They'd be likely to let him go for 3 million. That's only if Kelly hasn't returned to full fitness by then."
10th Sep 2013 14:28
"Cover at RB?!? Have you gone mad? LOL.. that's our strongest position in depth at the moment, with England's starter trailed closely by Martin, Andre and Tiago, all capable of performing there (and ALL desperately in need of playing time -- in fact, we probably need to thin the herd via sales/loans)."
10th Sep 2013 15:07
"jdel - ilori doesn't play RB , andre isn't good enough and kelly is not match fit and probably never will be"
10th Sep 2013 21:45
"Give it a rest transfer window is closed,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
11th Sep 2013 13:09
"We've got enough defenders,we don't need him."
11th Sep 2013 23:45
"In the absence of Glen Johnson or Martin Kelly we can use Kolo Toure at RB."
12th Sep 2013 3:38
"Grab Montoya, Costa if he would like another challenge and Hughes for the future."