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Why is this story on the site?
10th Sep 2013 10:20
10th Sep 2013 13:04
"The underlying theme of these reports - which seems to be a media trend - is that young, ambitious players are turning down LFC. Call me 'paranoid' but I do believe that one lot of Fergies puppets, the media, have fired their first shot of the season!! Now, lets wait for some shady refereeing, shall we!! YNWA"
10th Sep 2013 13:29
"moneybags its on here because its a story in which liverpool fc is mentioned. its is called media watch you know."
10th Sep 2013 14:21
"affelay nd tello r wasting their time at barca"
10th Sep 2013 14:37
"Just hate to miss seeing a 27yo Afellay play the game. Heâ"
10th Sep 2013 14:38
"Just hate to miss seeing a 27yo Afellay play the game. Heâ"
10th Sep 2013 16:37
""interested in" does not equate to "offer". And please let's drop the ishe, couldhe, willhe, wonthe's, at least until December, when we are still top of the League and some tasty available no longer ECL players want to jump ship to join us :-) "
10th Sep 2013 22:46
"What about Wonderkid Will Hughes at Derby? "
11th Sep 2013 4:19
"LFCAlpha... maybe but they are not exactly turning us down for poor teams... im certainly not insulted by the fact a young talented spanish player decided to stay in spain with Barca, who he played 34 times for last yr. btw why wud he behind Sanchez pedro and Afelley... Neymar sure but the other 3 im sure he will fancy gettin games ahead of those."
11th Sep 2013 4:53
"Do you see the Daily Mirror putting old news & pointless articles like this about any other club? No they don't. How old is this news & they are still running it strong,were we the only club interested in Tello? Did we bid for him? No so he never turned us down,we didn't even bid for him. He still gets decent game time at Barca he is spanish so why would he want to move anywhere just now?"
11th Sep 2013 7:38
"We should go for afellay in a season lonh loan deal."
11th Sep 2013 12:02
"Be a use it mentions Liverpool....... Idiot"