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Why was the match not televised
9th Sep 2013 19:29
9th Sep 2013 20:03
"C'mon whoever wrote this. Why was Andre sent off?"
9th Sep 2013 20:07
"Yeah why was he sent off? It's all part of the learning curve for him."
9th Sep 2013 20:52
"I'm from finland and i looked at the match and wisdom fought many times with tim väyrynen and lost most of the duels and then become a dark moment and he kicked while värynen was on the ground. it was clear red card. i would't have thought because wisdom is usually very calm in these situations. väyrynen is a big guy also, and one of the finland's promises "
9th Sep 2013 22:16
" you can see the match"
9th Sep 2013 23:10
"Still very unsure of wisdom, leaning more towards he wont make it here but needs loan spell when loan window opens"
10th Sep 2013 0:45
"am sorry andre but it's good news for the club - we need u fresh cos u gotta cover for glen eh!"
10th Sep 2013 2:23
"Thats unfortunate to hear Pepe. It's very odd to hear that as you say he's usually pretty calm-headed. I guess everyone makes a mistake from time to time but he'll have to learn to control his emotions better than that."
10th Sep 2013 7:30
"I live about 30 minutes drive from the stadium and if I would have known about the game before yesterday I would have been there. Luckily it was televised in Finland. Happy for the result. We are topping the group, but sorry for Andre. He will learn from this."
10th Sep 2013 9:09
"That's really weird to hear that wisdom was being reckless like that. Defo doesn't sound like him. Hope south gate n BR have a quiet word with him. N I hope Southgate doesn't take away his armband."
10th Sep 2013 14:49
"IMO, Andre looked frustrated at the lack of quality around him.. Could be seen shaking his head in disappointment / disbelief after the 'Butland Blunder' for Finland's free kick goal.. maybe we've spoiled him with the first-team exposure we've given him at LFC lol.. He should be ready to slot in for GJ this weekend, if we stick with a back 4.. ;)"
Vosta Lee
10th Sep 2013 16:18
"It's better he learns from these experiences with England than with Liverpool (with all due respect)."
Norfolk in Chance
10th Sep 2013 18:53
"redrosie: he kicked out at Vayrynen who was on the floor with 15 mins to go. Got straight red, then pushed Dani Hatakka in the chest as he walked off. They'd been winding him up, as all international footballers will. But he'll admit himself that he just lost his head and let the team down. I think he'll learn from the experience and put it behind him."