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just dont get injured
9th Sep 2013 19:20
9th Sep 2013 19:21
"Lets go yarmolenko lets go Lets go konoplyanka lets go"
9th Sep 2013 20:12
"get the forums up for fudge sake "
9th Sep 2013 22:20
"Come on Stevie - World Cup winners medal and Premier League would be a nice ending to the Summer of 2014. #Believe"
9th Sep 2013 23:09
9th Sep 2013 23:09
"Hello fellow Chelsea boys! Cant wait to see Frankie do his thing tomoro nite. He is my fave, not gerrard."
10th Sep 2013 2:22
"just dont get injured --> YES, u got the passion but u r not young!!"
10th Sep 2013 6:23
" buddha2333 If you know anything about football you should be able to see the obvious, that Stevie G is a far better player/motivator than Lampard. Alongside Bobby Moore, Stevie is easily the top Captain England have ever had. "
10th Sep 2013 7:35
"PLEASEEEE leave the 50/50 balls for Lampard :-) or the younger ones. We need you in the EPL more."
10th Sep 2013 16:56
"Come on lads, more of faith and concentration on game will lead to fruitful outcome. With the Best captain England have ever had, Trust me they will win. Steven Gerrard no doubt everyone knows what he is capable of doing. The Best Mid-Fielder of All Times."
Norfolk in Chance
10th Sep 2013 18:19
"Been on the BBC football site for a few days in the build up to Ukraine game, had to get out of there too many Gerrard haters who are just fishing for a scouse bite. I resisted, but had to do one in case I bit! Was hoping there weren't any here and phew there aren't :) Stevie to open the scoring, 2 nil to the Engerland! Fat Frank pen or set piece. Brazil here we come!"
10th Sep 2013 19:43
"Ukraine are a decent side, it will be a tight game. Hope Stevie keeps injury free"