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and i nearly cared...
9th Sep 2013 17:33
9th Sep 2013 17:44
"the bloke's a nutter but fair play for him saying he was tempted eh"
9th Sep 2013 17:48
"Probably a wise choice. Falcao just left that means he'd have more chance to show how good he is. And maybe also better for us Bcoz I think the guy got some serious behavioral problems, that's not to say I would be upset. We move on now."
9th Sep 2013 19:45
"yeah, i nearly thought he was an idiot or just that he was stupid. I nearly thought he was going to rust in hell afterall i nearly did care."
9th Sep 2013 20:46
"He had his chance and blew it. If we keep getting the results by January there'll be far better players than him wanting to join us - and without the mental baggage."
9th Sep 2013 21:06
"so we did try to get the marquee signings but they either decided to join other teams or stay at their current clubs, contrary to what we believed that the owners do not want to spend.depending on what position we will be in January we can attract the best into the club"
9th Sep 2013 21:16
"your loss."
9th Sep 2013 21:25
"Klepo tee how can u call anyone anyone an idiot after that comment......."
9th Sep 2013 22:19
"Pity more players didn't have his att itude. Nice to see someone being loyal."
9th Sep 2013 23:58
"And to think the amount of abuse so called fans on here that were giving BR & FSG for not trying to sign big players for big fees ah! Well there you go we did try & yes we must still have funds to buy big in Jan if a player BR really wants becomes available then the funds are there to do so. No doubt next window we will still get the idiots on here moaning about FSG not willing to fund such buys"
10th Sep 2013 2:26
"Sadly we have a lot of irrational, Football Manager playing fans here. Unlike in the game, in the real life it's quite complicated to sign players."
10th Sep 2013 2:38
"if what I saw on youtube didnt even impress me, what are the chances of this guy being better than the talents we already have. he wouldnt be a regular starter at liverpool since we have coutinho, suarez, sturridge"
10th Sep 2013 7:50
"maybe he stayed bcoz its a world cup year "
10th Sep 2013 9:19
"Got to respect that, as disappointing as it is. A footballer that puts his football career first; how refreshing!"