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Still remember that day. Even though I am halfway around the world, I share the pain and shock felt by loved ones. The truth came out after so long and I hope it will be a start for justice. You'll Never Walk Alone.
10th Sep 2013 2:36
10th Sep 2013 10:35
"David Cameron, you idiot, "a blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat". To blind people, everthing is black. You seriously are an idiot. Anyhow JFT96 finally is nearing, to put some light on the subject, which is long overdue and still makes me shed many tears, after all these years. Finally the end is near, thank God JFT96."
10th Sep 2013 11:03
"Thank you to the mods, for posting my last comment, with only minor altetrations, and my sincere apologies for the B word. I just cannot beleive a P.M actualy said that, even though I watched the speach online. Again JFT96 is truly nearing and may God bless you all. Past and present. "