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When god is there... How can mission like this be impossible?
9th Sep 2013 17:14
9th Sep 2013 17:37
"Aah, multinational corporate finance - where would the world's poor be without it? "
9th Sep 2013 18:24
"Very true teuchter. And just think how many blind people in the developing world would have their sight restored if Standard Chartered donated £667 million, which just so happens to be the exact amount they paid in fines to the U.S financial regulator after they were caught laundering billions of dollars of drug cartel and terrorist cell money."
10th Sep 2013 2:52
"While I agree with the comments regarding Standard Charted, how about getting behind Robbie and his fellow riders? The cause is the most important issue here. Well done Robbie. As the man said, you're God YNWA"
10th Sep 2013 4:00
"Robbie....hopefully u will loose some pounds and will get fit after this session..Perhaps then u may play for us again for 6 months ..."
10th Sep 2013 10:42
"juice - Who says anyone is not behind the actual effort of people involved in the charitable efforts - with the operative word being "people". Corporations such as SC, (labelled a criminal insution by financial prosecutors), are involved for no other reason than PR and that fact bears highlighting as rather too many peole still get successfully duped by the PR of these banksters."