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Very down to earth fella who deserves the success that has come his way. I hope the competition between CBs improves our defence this season. We'll need plenty more clean sheets to achieve our objectives this year.
Norfolk in Chance
9th Sep 2013 10:11
9th Sep 2013 10:24
"We love you daniel dont ever leave us "
9th Sep 2013 10:28
"Daniel Agger is absolute class, and a legend. A nice guy aswell."
9th Sep 2013 10:31
"Vice-Captain !!! Curious how BR will link Sakho & Agger who are currently our best two CBs on paper. I will go with skrtel & sakho. kolo & agger. It's also better if any of sakho or agger can play as CDM along with Lucas so that stevie can attack"
9th Sep 2013 10:39
9th Sep 2013 11:10
"a faithful and dedicated worker hope he acheive the champions league along with the premiership le with lfc b4 he quits football YNWA"
9th Sep 2013 12:18
"True Liverpool legend, looks like he will stay here for the rest of his career. When will the forums be back on line?"
9th Sep 2013 12:42
"Let keep the momentum rolling on. Good job my vice- cap."
9th Sep 2013 14:02
"Dagger has grown alot since he first arrived at LFC. I from a subsute bit part player to our well established CB.imagine every time he's being linked withBarca! That's just how good he is."
9th Sep 2013 14:25
"Very similar mold to as the people I prefer to be around. That saays it all to me. Agger is a true red and he is a guy we will never forget. a Legend!"
9th Sep 2013 14:37
"When we qualify for cl again, it will be players like Agger who will win it for us...."
9th Sep 2013 15:46
"what a good remark of Dan"
9th Sep 2013 16:33
"There's centre halves out there that are only 5'9."
9th Sep 2013 16:42
" I can describe Agger as "a fine reader of the game, comfortable on the ball and blessed with a ferocious". he is a world class Defender. "
9th Sep 2013 17:00
"Agger should be a cover as a DCM. Lucas is our only recognizable DCM. I really don't see why not? hes good on the ball he can pass well and his defensive side is unquestionable... oh he also got firepower on his left foot!"
9th Sep 2013 17:32
"DAGGER is the MAN!"
Billy B girl
9th Sep 2013 17:38
"You are red through and through Daniel and we Love you like you were our own YNWA"
10th Sep 2013 14:54
"'Gerrard & Lucas' is what this side needs in the DM position .. We would only want to displace either of them from their position/roles based on injury or needed rest, I wouldn't put anyone else there, even if it's to 'release Gerrard to attack' -- he's created a ton of chances and dictated play perfectly from that spot.. ("
10th Sep 2013 15:02
"Agger LCB = incendiary. Need a CB like that w/ our brand of football. It's his favored spot, and his most effective - long may it continue! :D Still, curious to see how Sakho comes along, where he slots in, what he does w/ each partner, etc..."
10th Sep 2013 15:04
"(I don't think Agger's career has much life left in it, do you guys? 3-4 years? He's suffered a lot over the years and he's quite susceptible to (back?) injuries - also, Barca could come knocking and the owner's might decide to sell w/ the depth we have in defense now, you never know - people say Skrtel will get cut first, but let's see..)"