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gl marty. you showed a glimpse of it against mancs the beast we are so fond of.
9th Sep 2013 10:04
Norfolk in Chance
9th Sep 2013 10:12
"Not overly concerned with his national team making Brazil if I'm honest, but if it boosts his form and confidence it's a good thing for us. "
9th Sep 2013 10:28
"Well done skrts for keeping dzeko and ibesevic quiet"
9th Sep 2013 10:34
"Who will start the next match.. Agger & Skrtel were excellent against manu. Sakho is our so called marquee signing. It would be unfair if any of the 3 did not get playing time"
9th Sep 2013 12:45
"Good to see you that you are back to your best form. Up LFC we ill never walk alone."
9th Sep 2013 14:00
"Oooh yeah I wanna kiss his bald head all over. Mmmm yeah.."
9th Sep 2013 14:04
"I feel sorry for skirtle. Something's telling me he won't see a lot of game time. Weve got got 4 experience cbs n two potentials already.Btw does sakho play Right CB or Left CB? "
9th Sep 2013 14:16
"**KidofKop** Why would it be 'unfair' if either of the three didn't play the next match? It's a long season and, for once, we've got a good batch of senior CBs from which to choose.. we can tailor our approach at the back to our opponents, when we wish to do so.. And those guys have all been playing top level clubs & international football for years now.. None of them expect to start every game.."
9th Sep 2013 14:17
"**melissa** Sakho is a left-foot dominant CB, who typically slots in at LCB or can provide cover at LB.. But my guess is you'll see him get some games at RCB too, since Agger is our top-choice CB for now (and vice captain).. However, I suspect that, some day in the not too distant future, that will be Sakho tbh.."
9th Sep 2013 14:42
"a beast against utd,don't think br wants you I'm afraid I think its only a matter of time before he flogs you for half what your worth,but we love you MS."
9th Sep 2013 14:57
Vosta Lee
9th Sep 2013 17:27
"Big picture: he helped keep Dzeko quiet. I like that."
9th Sep 2013 21:37
"Great player"
10th Sep 2013 13:35
"This is a good talk and a word of assurancy. I like it."