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Suarez and Moses scoring! Sharpening the attack for the EPL! First time I'm saying this....thanks Mr. Mourinho! YNWA!
7th Sep 2013 18:52
7th Sep 2013 19:02
"I was there at d stadium in calabar what a lovely penalty. he gave malawians defence a restless time."
7th Sep 2013 19:36
"great penalty... so much confidence,. suarez, gerrard,, moses all finding targets and mignolet?"
7th Sep 2013 19:38
"moses will be a hit and im sure chelsea will regret the loan deal"
7th Sep 2013 20:02
"Moses was a thorn in the flesh of the Malawians. So also was LS against Peru. We'll be hot this season, YNWA"
7th Sep 2013 20:02
"That's right Victor, sharpen that blade...there'll be plenty of slicing and dicing coming your way soon. Congrats Moses. "
7th Sep 2013 20:28
"He scores for my country , I hope he does well here too .."
7th Sep 2013 20:30
"He scores for my country , I hope he does well here too .."
7th Sep 2013 21:05
"Hope we get this guy on perm deal"
7th Sep 2013 22:58
"So sweet to be reading this post on here. NIGERIA on LFC - a perfect blend. #YNWA! "
8th Sep 2013 0:16
"well done victor. am pleased for you but will also enjoy it more when you score for LFC. im sure you will be similar to daniel and show chelsea that you gan do a job. help us have a successful season and brendan will look to buy you next season. well done even if it was a pen. chelsea lost supercup on pens. ha ha ha. YNWA in red. J4T96"
8th Sep 2013 8:26
"Binomial- is that the one at suzy's salon where if you get your perm done before 12 on saturdays you get your nails done for half price? Anyway, something tells me that if he has a good 3 months for us, a permanent move might be offered by chelski as a bargaining chip to secure the services of saurez the other way til end of season...."
8th Sep 2013 11:33
"He is not good enough for my main team chelsea. so wont be good enogh for lfc. I only support lfc if I think they could win a trophy."
8th Sep 2013 14:42
"He has to be the first Nigerian to play for LFC! That's a privilege! Congratulations Victor Moses."
8th Sep 2013 17:24
"I admit it's good to see news about Nigeria on LFC official website after 8 yrs of becoming a member of this huge football family, thanks to LFC signing Victor Moses on loan, the first Nigerian to bear the Liverbird on his chest. I hope Jordon Ibe and Tiago Ilori, who both possess the Nigerian blood, will do LFC & Nigeria proud pretty soon! #ProudlyNigerian #BleedRedYNWA!"
8th Sep 2013 21:49
"There are more Victor Moses in Nigeria praying for a chance to play for LFC. YNWA!!!"