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He has adapted well, but needs to score goals to justify his starts...
7th Sep 2013 15:57
7th Sep 2013 15:58
"suarez coming back in for him will improve us massively but good squad player to have and nice to know he's loving it here"
7th Sep 2013 16:14
"Hello fellow Chelsea fans! I just wanted to say I am better than all of you and know everything about football even more than Jose Morinho and I am 100 per cent sure that Moses will be a flop at LFC. What you all see in him is beyond me. We should sell Mata aswell. He's garbage."
7th Sep 2013 16:15
"Ooopsystinky sorry, I meant to say hello fellow LFC fans. I accidentally logged on to when I thought I was logged into"
7th Sep 2013 16:23
"think once he gets his first goal we will see him scoring regularly his movement is excellent as seen in the video and he works very hard "
7th Sep 2013 16:25
"Sorry Aspas, Suarez will come in for you and Moses for hendo, so Coutinho will play a bit ahead of Gerrard and Lucas in 4231 formation..... Mignolet; Johnson, Toure, Aggar, Enrique;' Gerrard, Lucas;' Coutinho, Suares, Moses;' Sturridge. "
7th Sep 2013 16:26
"He's adapted well. You clearly wernt at the UTD game cos he struggled badly. I think he'll come good but its gonna take him till at least christmas to adjust to the pace and physicality of the prem."
7th Sep 2013 16:26
"liverpoollover - agree with that 11"
7th Sep 2013 16:26
"BuddhaSSSS - just make sure Chelsea hang on to Lamps and Terry. That nice young Terry Venables isn't still playing, is he?"
Vosta Lee
7th Sep 2013 16:33
"The season is very long. Hendo will get his share of games as will others. Aspas will score some goals for us. His movement is excellent and when he gets the chance to shoot his shots tend to be on target even when he does not score. I predict 10-15 goals from Aspas this season. You heard it here first."
7th Sep 2013 16:40
"twentyman very funny I only started being number one chelsea fan when morinho was manager get your facts right!"
7th Sep 2013 16:42
"I can be a chelsea fan and pretend to be a lfc fan if I want. Who says I cant?"
7th Sep 2013 16:45
"I think Aspas will be better on the left wing. Then we can start Suarez main stiker, Sturridge behind, Aspas left, Moses right, Coutinho instead of Hendo - but these players give us lots of options, our squad is strong now, I would say another winger and striker = best squad in the league so we have done well with new signings."
7th Sep 2013 16:45
" "BuddhaSSSS 7th Sep 2013 16:42 "I can be a chelsea fan and pretend to be a lfc fan if I want. Who says I cant?" Do what you like, the fact you waste your time here only gives us free laughs and its at your own expensive at how pathetic you are."
7th Sep 2013 16:47
"Aspas will be a revelation this season once he adapts to the physicality and pace of the EPL. As you can read here he knows this - it is good to see how disappointed he is when subsuted - but that will stop once he is up to speed. This lad is class - mark my words! YNWA1961"
7th Sep 2013 16:58
"BuddhaSSSS - you're beginning to bore me, but you know nothing about Liverpool and don't seem to know much about Chelsea either. What's your specialist subject then?"
7th Sep 2013 16:58
"YNWA1961. I agree with you. Aspas is class. I watch a lot of football, different leagues. When I first heard he was coming to Liverpool I was over the moon. Loads of ability and he will come good. Work engine of Dirk Kuyt, but I think has more goes in him. YNWA"
7th Sep 2013 17:01
"Please ignore buddh3333 he is a fake. I have also seen him on Chelsea whenever I am on that forum."
7th Sep 2013 17:03
"donthinkdo I also am a Cottager for your infomation because I like Dimitri Berbatov and so yces okay I am also a mufc fan because Dimitri did well there but I dont think Moyes is as good as Fregie."
7th Sep 2013 17:06
"twentyman I know more about chelsea than anyone I was on Who wants to be a millionaire once my special needs subject was history of chelsea from 2003 to 2003 and I can list all the chelsea squad for every games My favourite was cravalho get your facts right!"
7th Sep 2013 17:26
"He needs to hit the gym and get on the protein shakes!! "
7th Sep 2013 17:29
"Tomokop84. Yes aspas may have struggled against Man U but so did Sturridge and coutinho, they were all giving away the ball to often and weren't holding it up well enough, don't think it's fair to single aspas out as he was probably the hardest worker out of the three of them, although I'm happy we have won our games. Think Sturridge needs to start keeping his up to assist his team mates more."
7th Sep 2013 17:38
"I like htis lad, very awkward runner but reads the game well and gets into good positions. As suggested you would like to see more assists or goals to guarantee his place, keep going Iago your doing well!"
7th Sep 2013 17:50
"big admirer of aspas! an all round decent forward! KEEP WINNING YNWA!"
7th Sep 2013 18:07
"I think the team to play swansea is- mingolet,wisdom,agger,illori,enrique,henderson,gerrard,lucus,coutinho,aspas,studeridge or moses"
7th Sep 2013 18:18
"Dont just luv it bang in goals to back ur claims"
7th Sep 2013 18:47
"Wonderful Liverpool. Everything is pink. Just joking. :)"
7th Sep 2013 18:55
"open ur account vs swansea"
7th Sep 2013 22:28
"I felt he played well against the Mancs and a couple of times was in excellent positions but unfortunately Danny failed to provide the pass. Not going to knock Danny for it though as he's a striker who's on top form and with that comes an almost single minded confidence when in front of goal."
7th Sep 2013 22:29
" Cont. He'll open his account soon and the goals will flow so long as he gets the assists his positioning deserves. "
7th Sep 2013 23:36
8th Sep 2013 0:06
"Agree with Jonsethered about getting physical. Couthino twigged to that early on and built his strength up, Aspas needs to do the same. "
8th Sep 2013 0:18
"Kopes, you clearly don't understand how good sakho is or else he would be on you starting 11, ilori was definitely signed as back up to maybe even skrtle this season anyway."
Buckie LFC Supporter
8th Sep 2013 0:43
"liverpoolover1 & Binomial - thank you guys aren't our manager! Stick to the computer games. "
8th Sep 2013 0:47
"IAGO so glad you know you are at a great club and are settling in nicely. you had a good pre season and scored plenty so believe you will do the same in the prem. just keep showing brendan what you do as you are starting games so its only a matter of time when you score. YNWA J4T96"
8th Sep 2013 2:37
"Buckie. id have to say that is quite likely to be our lineup when all fit. Mignolet, Dagger,johnson, Enrique, Gerrard, Lucas, Coutinho, Sturridge and Suarez are all in the team if available only leaves... toure/Skrtel/Sakho for other cb.. and Moses/hendo/allen/ Aspas/Sterling/Alberto for other attacking position."
8th Sep 2013 2:40
"i relly like Aspas.. hid movement is 1st class and he creates lots of space for others as well as knowing where the net is(preseason) can't really say he is goal shy yet, only 3 games and we have not got into our fluid attacking yet. he will finish off a lot of moves when we do... just get him doin extra strength work and it will help him. "
8th Sep 2013 4:00
"His movement n positioning is very good. Could hv score if Sturridge has pass to him instead of shooting. He is definite value for his $7mil price tag. Great summer addition. Keep believing Aspas!"
8th Sep 2013 4:05
"Agree with Bazzabethal. Hendo is playing much better this year. Very gd work rate and ball passing. Getting into scoring position too. Will be a gd backup if Lucas or Gerard is injured as a holding midfield. Can't say the same abt Allen. He is too lightweight n slow. "
8th Sep 2013 5:27
"this lad may start against swans then we'll see a bit more of what he can do. give him time tho, he was a top top player in spain, just needs to learn how to use his mind against the clumsy brutes of EPL defences. that may take some time. YNWA"
8th Sep 2013 6:03
"The team is defending very well but although beating the Mancs 1 -O was an acceptable score line we do need to score more and finish the weaker teams off earlier in the game. At my age 1 - 0 is too stressful in the last ten minutes."
8th Sep 2013 8:08
"BuddhaSSSSS..... What a human being! That's all!"
8th Sep 2013 8:18
"Doesnt he reminds you kf young mr. Bean? With how he runs and looks as Will.. :) "
8th Sep 2013 8:22
"I think Aspas has shown that he has an eye for getting into great positions for scoring.If it was not for Sturridge been too greedy he would have had at least 2 to 3 goals already. I do not like slating one of our player's but he needs to improve his on his assist as there has been a few instances we could have doubled our lead with the right pass instead of holding on for dear life."
8th Sep 2013 13:18
"Needs to score soon done well preseason but this the real test,if DS not ready for Swansea we will see what IA is really made of and with LS comming back soon he needs a goal or two, YNWA,"
Gerrard o ya beauty
8th Sep 2013 15:51
"He desperately needs a goal ASAP the longer it goes on the less confident he'll get, but as soon as he gets his goal I think we will see him enjoying his football more. He had a poor game against Man U so he'll want to make up for that, very good option to have in your sqaud though, he brings a lot of energy to the team. "
8th Sep 2013 17:38
"Aspas looks good to me. As long as he keeps at it, he'll get the goals... and I've got a niggling feeling that Suarez may well be going in January, not entirely sure of his commitment to be honest. We shall see! "
Buckie LFC Supporter
8th Sep 2013 18:30
"koponlads 2.37 - That's the problem! Fans think there are auto starters, there shouldn't be any auto picks except Migolet. Why is DA an auto? because he's a nice guy & been loyal? He's made a big mistake in each game so far, Toure & MS have made none in any game contd"
Buckie LFC Supporter
8th Sep 2013 18:36
"GJ was is he an auto, he played well against MU but that was probably the only real good game he's played since xmas. If MK can stay fit, then good competition. JE in good form so far, but no one stays in form all year. LL & SG both ok but neither in top form. contd"
Buckie LFC Supporter
8th Sep 2013 18:37
"DC if his shirt had Borini or Allen on the back of it, people would be slating him saying how bad he's playing but this could be down to the opposition, i.e. physical teams, Swansea will hopefully be ideal for him contd"
Buckie LFC Supporter
8th Sep 2013 18:41
"DS doesn't work off the ball too much (maybe as not 100%) but when he putting the ball in the net can't be dropped. LS, will his come back not mean DS move to flank (which DS doesn't like)Therefore can they plan in the same team as well as they do individually? Whole point of our team, no-one walks into first 11 unless you deserved to from the game before!"
9th Sep 2013 13:43
"Hello all, my name is buddha and I am syphilis-riddled, senile little c#nt."