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We could have had Cantona too. We had KHRiedle and wasted him as we cow-towed to the En-ger-land clamour for a still raw Owen to be playing all the while with Fowler. We ditched KHR for superficial favour of the media
9th Sep 2013 9:01
Norfolk in Chance
9th Sep 2013 10:20
"iamafreeman: You're talking pure drivel. "
9th Sep 2013 10:53
"Hmmm ... would have been a great signing but it was in defence we needed to strengthen during Roy's tenure. Goals conceded cost us then ... sigh !!!! "
9th Sep 2013 11:17
"iamaFreeMan, yeah same with GH, we had Jari Litmanen and wasted him as well. "
9th Sep 2013 12:22
"It was a different league back then, none of the 'top world stars' played in the Prem at their peak, only when they where coming to the end of their careers. Now it is different."
9th Sep 2013 13:59
"When i saw the headline i thought it was about roy hodgson... :P haha Still would have been a better signing than konchesky..."
Vosta Lee
9th Sep 2013 17:21
"I too thought it was Hodgson trying to get Batigol out of his retirement LOL."
Billy B girl
9th Sep 2013 17:40
"We could have had Drogba and Juan Mata "
9th Sep 2013 18:04
"could of had vidic but waited and waited until some other team snapped him up."
9th Sep 2013 18:10
"we would have had a premier league le or two in the bag if he did come..him and fowler together,pure lethal!!"
9th Sep 2013 18:18
"We could also have had one Cristiano Ronaldo :o"
9th Sep 2013 18:20
"billygirl - me and my fellow chelsea fans have heard that the specal one is resigning drogba in january to play with eto."
9th Sep 2013 18:20
"i just lurve batibols!"
scitzo soldier
9th Sep 2013 18:35
"Oh look it's Ben Affleck in a wig."
Thisis d1
9th Sep 2013 19:17
"I don't think that we could of had Cantona because I believe that was when Graeme Souness was Destroying Liverpool F.C , I'll never forgive him for robbing us of at least another 2 les atleast. Carra was right that it wasn't Alecs Ferguson who knocked us of our perch but Graeme Souness ."
9th Sep 2013 20:13
"get the forums up for fudge sake "
9th Sep 2013 20:46
"Who cares all in the past all wuda cuda shuda Evans was a weak manager and had too many e boys in his team had he had defence like houllier assembled surely we would have had more than 18 les "
9th Sep 2013 21:30
"Souness intentions were right he was a legend do he messed up as a manager that will stop him being a legend kenny blew 100m on carall n co does that mean he will Loose his legendary status lets not be hypocritical "
9th Sep 2013 23:35
"does carroll and co. include suarez, henderson and enrique ?"
9th Sep 2013 23:49
"LFC under Roy Evans played very good football based on realistic transfer dealings."
Billy B girl
10th Sep 2013 0:12
"Buddha 2333 - interesting that the sneaky one wants Drogba back! Thanks for that !"
10th Sep 2013 7:26
"We could have signed charlie george too he was due to come out of retirement at the ripe old age of 54 "