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Where is Kenny Dalglish's Knighthood? Is anyone connected with Liverpool barred from Knighthoods?
6th Sep 2013 17:09
6th Sep 2013 17:21
"JTF96!! YNWA"
7th Sep 2013 12:59
"I agree that there are many individuals surrounding the Hillsborough tragedy Regarding Phil Scraton,here is a person who,with his fellow research team,painstakingly unearthed these "discrepancies" hidden from the families for so long,finally giving credence to their fight after years of ignorance by the powers that be.This nomination is richly deserved ."
8th Sep 2013 16:32
"What amazing courage the families of the Hillsborough victims have shown and all the amazing support they've received. God bless them for their courage and unending determination to highlight the truth. 23 YEARS 4 MONTHS 28 DAYS. AN ENGLISH DISGRACE. YNWA. JFT96"