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I am hoping he is not fit for the Ukraine match!!! Would rather have him fit for Swansea than the Ukraine.. YNWA!!!!
6th Sep 2013 10:45
6th Sep 2013 12:15
"I find it strange how English don't care about their national team. You should be proud the players from your football club are representing your country."
6th Sep 2013 12:25
"MITCH - I'm with you. LFC first country 2nd. Always will be that way for me when it comes to internationals. I know the players want to play at the highest level all the time but LFC pays his wages so no debate for me."
6th Sep 2013 13:35
"I don't understand why we don't ever rest Gerrard, if we rest him he'll last longer... If we don't he'll be passed it within a year or two. We've got allen? Allen and lucas would boss possession in midfield. "
6th Sep 2013 13:37
"I have very little passion for England, purely down to the FA, the FA don't care about England either, If they did they'd force teams to play more English players, and employ good managers, and not good yes men. - Why not Harry rednapp? and why not Nigel clough back in the day? Roy Hodgson hasn't achieved anything in his career. But he's a yes man."
6th Sep 2013 13:39
"Only "yes men" get the England job, or they pass it to a foreigner? One of the two. There's a reason why we had the LOWEST attendance at the last Euros... maybe we're sick of the FA employing people who haven't even finished in the top half of the PL before. Harry was the CLEAR option, we're playing boring, boring football aswell... It's the FA's fault, if they don't show passion, we won't. "
6th Sep 2013 16:20
"Hopefully sterling gets a few mins and thunk that if players like ross barkley get called up then why is hendo not in the squad"
6th Sep 2013 17:47
"Forget about the World Cup. England will never make it beyond quarter finals. This is a season of greatest hope for SG to a EPL medal before retirement. He truly deserve the medal and all LFC members, please fulfill his last collection. YNWA"
6th Sep 2013 19:06
"FanFromP4kistan: I do support my country but I will always put LFC first!!. "