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a very passionate blog. thanks for making africa proud. (YNWA)
GH Hope
7th Sep 2013 19:40
7th Sep 2013 20:30
"Great post. Enjoyed reading it and rather poetic!"
7th Sep 2013 20:50
"i was trying to read the post....but i keep checking out the writer/reporter....she look sweeter with the jersey on"
7th Sep 2013 21:16
"Great rack!!! Maybe we shud hav her as a mascot with out the shirt hehehe"
7th Sep 2013 21:22
"I know we shud have a Liver bird as our mascot, But this bird is alive, so cud we change lol"
7th Sep 2013 22:23
"she is cute.... downloaded the pictures already.. .. + wat else did daniel ask?"
7th Sep 2013 22:55
"girlfriend material haha :)"
7th Sep 2013 22:56
Simply Red
8th Sep 2013 7:49
"Proudly South African"
8th Sep 2013 10:03
"A great post, from supporters point of view, we all missed birthdays, weddings, big occasions due to clash with LFC games. I most definitely have, were late on birth of my first child as it clashed with LFC vs UTD away. I also got to admit that writter is very hot. No wonder all players and BR were trying to chat her up."
8th Sep 2013 10:50
"Ooo she is hot...."
8th Sep 2013 12:38
"Yes What A Beautiful Young Lady meeting up with Our Beautiful Club. Glad to see that you had a Wonderful Trip. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Jealous of you. YNWA REDS."
8th Sep 2013 13:20
"Miss Jo'berg so much..... Best weather, food, people and girls in the world. "
Norfolk in Chance
8th Sep 2013 18:56
"She's reasonably fit, but are we really expected to accept someone's holiday diary as journalism just because she's cute? If she'd not been attractive, she'd not have been given the time of day. We shouldn't mimic Sky where they just give dollys jobs, there are thousands more deserving and knowledgable bloggers out there.. "
8th Sep 2013 19:07
"Wow I am flattered! The guy who is gonna marry u is lucky! "
8th Sep 2013 21:16
"Lovely blog. Africa well represented â"