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MOTD is not going to be the same. By far the best pundit on the show.
5th Sep 2013 15:50
5th Sep 2013 17:16
"great pundit always talks sense unlike the other Kn-bhead Lawrenson."
5th Sep 2013 19:03
"LLL, Living Liverpool Legend, and also for Scotland, if I'm right he represented in 7 different sports. Good Luck in all you do Alan, you will be greatly missed,,, YNWA "
5th Sep 2013 19:54
"ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddreadful decision motd will never be the same ;)"
5th Sep 2013 20:43
"Would be some coup to have you writing for the site Alan !"
5th Sep 2013 21:59
"All if not most of Liverppol ex players are or have become top football pundits. They are world famous because of their intelligence and knowledge of the game but also respected because they are humble, decent and honest bengs!!! None of that could be said of Manure's ex players. "
5th Sep 2013 21:59
"Alan Hansen will be missed. Shearer is also good my my next favourite is Townsend. "
5th Sep 2013 22:55
"I think anyone who appreciates the defensive aspects of the game will especially miss Hansen's punditry. I hope the Beeb isn't getting shot of Alan because some spotty teenagers don't recognise who he is. His comments are equally relevant now as they were when he started. "
6th Sep 2013 15:59
"Please god do not give Pat Nevin his job!!!!!!! Hansen will be missed, LEGEND"
6th Sep 2013 16:03
"I would say Savage to be his replacement "
7th Sep 2013 0:02
"The thing is he was actually right, Manu didn't win the EPL with kids, they won it with Cantona, Steve Bruce, Gary Pallister etc. "