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Swansea 0 - 3 Liverpool sturridge Henderson Gerrard YNWA!!!!!!! Come on you english
15th Sep 2013 9:39
15th Sep 2013 9:40
"Keep you head down and work harder, don't took at the table now and get complacent. Believe in yourself and fight till the final whistle with passion!"
15th Sep 2013 10:25
"1-2 aspas and agger,"
15th Sep 2013 10:57
"I predict a goal for Aspas today. Poacher's goal."
15th Sep 2013 11:16
"agger,toure and skrtel to all score from set plays"
15th Sep 2013 12:19
"Destroy them like we destroyed Newcastle last season! Sturridge, Coutinho, Moses, Aspas should all start! Aspas, Moses on the wingers. Coutinho in the middle. Swansea's defence is there for the taking, really poor."
15th Sep 2013 12:52
"I think any player is gonna give Sakho a wide berth looking like that...truly menacing!"
15th Sep 2013 13:41
"for me I would love to see aspas and coutinho add goals s well as sturridge but don't care as long as we win come on mighty reds YNWA"
15th Sep 2013 13:43
"The one thing the EPL guarantees an ill-prepared newcomer, is a baptism of fire. By the look in Sakho's eyes - he seems to be combat prepared...he'd better be too!!YNWA Sakho. Let's get it done!"
15th Sep 2013 14:28
"If we play negatively, sit back, don't try the decisive balls, play for the 0-0 draw we will loose. I think we can win this game if we start the game like we started the other three."
15th Sep 2013 15:26
"Cool heads and hard work will do the job on monday. I belive we can win the game so 0 2 for me"
15th Sep 2013 15:30
"you get out what you put in.lets get it on.another game off the luis countdown dd dd dddd bow"
15th Sep 2013 15:56
"we have to keep playing players in form and not dropping them for favourites or injured players,"
15th Sep 2013 16:33
"lets get d job done by 3goals in first half. Ynwa"
16th Sep 2013 8:43
"we need to beat Swansea havent been pleased with our play against it. Give me something to cheer boys"
16th Sep 2013 8:46
"As normal here In Tanzania am preparing my drinks (brandy)and Tanzania Konyagi a pure cane spirit ready to celebrate the win. I have prayed for the team, and in my dreams I saw three goals. In whatever form Liverpool is winning. Stay tuned. If I win i will drink and shout. If we are defeated, i will drink and sleep.......but winning is there to stay. Welcome..+255752965846"