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they got pogba?
5th Sep 2013 13:19
5th Sep 2013 13:35
"Would be great to have the pass master back at Anfield. Sometimes an old head can work wonders - like Gary Macallister! "
5th Sep 2013 14:00
"Hopefully fellow fans use their brain and actually read that this article is total BS. The proof is given in the second paragraph stating that "The pass master will turn 35 at the end of next season". He is 31 actually. "
5th Sep 2013 14:12
"Pirlo turns 35 not Alonso..."
5th Sep 2013 14:20
"Xabi can sign a pre-contract with us in January ;) He will still have a few seasons in him. We can also sign another attacking player in January hopefully we will still be in the mix at the top."
5th Sep 2013 14:46
"Would love to see him end his career here. "
5th Sep 2013 21:05
"Would love him at Liverpool. Think he's our missing link. "
5th Sep 2013 21:53
"Apologies. "
5th Sep 2013 23:05
"Looking at the next 3 games getting another 9 points is on the cards. If we do then we can start believing we can get champs league. Both fans and more importantly the players. We still need more strength in the centre of the pitch not Alonso. "
6th Sep 2013 5:29
"It would be superb to have Xabi back at the club where he is adored. Not for sentimental reasons but firstly cos he is still superb and also that he and Stevie would have 2 years to bed in all the quality youngsters and pass over the mantle to the Coutinhos, Strurridges, Hendersons as they the retired"