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he's the signing i'm probably most pleased about followed by sakho toure and mignolet
4th Sep 2013 11:46
4th Sep 2013 11:48
"Moses will definitely be a good player when given the chance. To me he's better than all our wingers but will he be phenomenal? "
4th Sep 2013 12:03
"A well written piece by JOHN ALDRIDGE.We just need to take it one game at a time.No need to get carried away or look too far forward.Next on the list is Swansea City,let us put all our focus on that game.Then the next game after,etc.I haven't felt this good about a new season in a while.YNWA "
4th Sep 2013 12:36
"unfortunately moses will have to return to chelsea irespective of how he performs,a permanent transfer may be arranged if parties are interested"
4th Sep 2013 12:46
""Under Alex Ferguson, you knew you would have to play at your best to beat United. That's not the case anymore" - Love it Aldo, a nice dig at Moyes that."
4th Sep 2013 12:46
"I'm wondering if Moses plays as well as Sturridge has and takes us into top 4. Chelsea will take him back, even if just to make us less strong. Though I suppose if we get into top 4 then we can attract bigger talents.."
4th Sep 2013 12:57
"If Chelsea takes Moses back after our successful season, then we can depend on Torres to teach Moses on how to sulk his way out of Chelsea to join us."
4th Sep 2013 13:09
"Seriously, I think we have had a great rebuilding transfer window. With potentially 1 - 2 more to follow in January, this year really could be a good one. YNWA."
4th Sep 2013 13:19
"Well said, The Moses deal will only be great if he performs and then he sign permeant deal at the end of it. No point in making him great or good for Chelsea. Plus don;t think he will play at Chelsea next season with their stock piling of players they have in his position only continuing next summer"
4th Sep 2013 13:23
"Well said, The Moses deal will only be great if he performs and then he sign permanent deal at the end of it. No point in making him great or good for Chelsea. Plus don't think he will play at Chelsea next season with their stock piling of players they have in his position only continues next summer. * dislike spelling mistakes so posted again* "
4th Sep 2013 13:36
"He is a great signing. I think BR will get the best out of him. Hope we can make it permanent if he develops into the player BR thinks he can be. It does seem a bit odd that that teams like Chelsea and Man City don't seem to develop players and promote them through the ranks. Buying a le has nothing to do with the club, it's all about the ego of the owner."
4th Sep 2013 13:39
"Meant to say "buying a le has nothing to do with the club"."
4th Sep 2013 13:49
"hopefully were strong till January, then bring in another attacking player then too give us the kick we need for the rest of the season"
coutinho star
4th Sep 2013 14:35
"binomial hanomac and the light all talk nosense contradicting them selfs all the time"
4th Sep 2013 14:38
"Aldridge makes a good point here: we haven't even played our best football yet! YNWA"
coutinho star
4th Sep 2013 15:02
"Even thou Suarez is possibly are best player im worried he will upset the ballence of the team cus wev done better with out him do others feel the same?"
4th Sep 2013 15:11
"Moses is a powerful runner who always looks to take the positive option. Given space he can be devastating and he just might get extra room out wide with opposing defenders paranoid about the presence of both Sturridge and Suarez. Only three goals so far but there's goals in this team and Moses can play his part in making and taking them. "
4th Sep 2013 15:38
"the dim red, you're right about balance being everything in a successful team but shouldn't worry about Suarez in that sense. He slogs his guts out for the team and although sometimes going it alone a bit too much in the past will surely pass more often given the level his team mates are now showing."
4th Sep 2013 16:01
"Daniel and Luis will score goals this season. I think the key to Luis coming back AND overall scoring is that both of them cannot get too selfish. Danny has already shown that tendency when a pass would have added to our tally. We have lots of options, they are the 1st...but sometimes a pass is better. It will make defending them even harder."
4th Sep 2013 16:02
"moses is good but what happens when africa nations is on "
4th Sep 2013 16:35
"Brendan promised more signings in January....things are looking brighter! With Suarez coming back soon top two is now a clear possibility! YNWA!"
4th Sep 2013 16:58
"Shouldn't forget Kelly and Wisdom - two more players for the future. Would be interested to see if Rogers gives Kolo, Kelly, Cissoko or Dagger a chance at DM. Right, back to that table!"
4th Sep 2013 18:53
"Hope suarez will be more in a team play mood than for himself and stats."
4th Sep 2013 19:06
"What sickens me is the way the manu manager and the players act as though the referree is under massive obligation to award all decisions in utd's favour. Just watching Moyes & his staff protesting at the referee's decision not to award them a penalty when Welbeck made himself fall in the box. Protesting at a referee's decision should be punished by a hefty fine or suspension etc. "
4th Sep 2013 19:10
"Problem could be that if Moses plays a great season for us how can we be sure we'll be allowed to buy him? Now that would be a bummer. "
4th Sep 2013 19:18
"shosaone 4th Sep 2013 13:23 - stockpiling is one word... ;)"
4th Sep 2013 21:17
"Gemboy, BR didnt promise anything, he never has and never would, he's hoping to strengthen in the Jan window, as for making a promise? That would never happen. Theres a big difference in hoping and making a promise, you cant promise something you have no control over, and he cant control if players want to come or not."
4th Sep 2013 21:30
"Sometimes, the destination is far more important than the journey. I believe that Moses, does have the contribution (in his game) to propel LFC into the CL. Would prefer him to be around in the long term and if he's not then BR will pull a magic trick out his hat - just like he did with DS & PC. BR will come up with a good enough solution."
4th Sep 2013 21:38
"Moses to guide us to the promised land...."
4th Sep 2013 23:26
"It Is essential that we as BR says "stay in the conversation"(top four) up until the January transfer window.If not I fear Mr Suarez might take the highway sooner than expected.3 wins already it can be done. "
4th Sep 2013 23:55
"How can Suarez resist the challenge to get us into the top four, he would have the self respect and honour of playing in CL, knowing he earned the right to play in it. We really need to get CL badly, life without it is so empty."
5th Sep 2013 0:58
"Let's hope all the new players have enough time to gel in and compete for starting 11 places for Swansea game. Great time to have an international break."
5th Sep 2013 1:18
"Well Agunzi, okay, even though he did not promise in all probability there will be new signings and they could be another Coutinho or another Sturridge. There is no harm in dreaming for a top two placing! YNWA! :-)"
5th Sep 2013 1:49
"Top two, are you serious? Lets not get carried away now. I know it's been a great start to the season, but to be honest, 5th place would be a good result for LFC this year and 4th place would be an amazing result!"
5th Sep 2013 1:54
"Everyone wants UCL places and silverware, but we have ALOT of ground to make up on last years top 5, even Everton finished higher with a much smaller budget than ours. We have made some decent signings, but it will take time to close the gap. It'll happen, but not overnight. Be patient and have faith in BR :)"
5th Sep 2013 2:27
"I think Dagger and Kolo can be pushed up higher into CDM role, both are good readers of the game and can possibly break down lots of opposition plays "
5th Sep 2013 13:04
"Lets not get carried away in our next game at the liberty on the 16th..i live in south wales & watched swansea v manure utd. Swansea battered them the first 20 minutes & didnt deserve to go 2 down within the half hour. Ex red jonjo played extremely well creating a lot of chances & bony looked very dangerous after coming on. "
5th Sep 2013 15:09
"Why when ever players go to Chelsea their careers end up taking a nosedive once players pull on the red jersey of LFC they absolutely love it and become part of a team who play their hearts out for each other YNWA"