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we are no longer interested
4th Sep 2013 10:15
4th Sep 2013 10:32
"This is non-sense. Why would we still want him? To cover DM position?"
4th Sep 2013 11:33
"i think we got the better deal with sakho and ilori."
4th Sep 2013 11:40
"Maybe he could go to a smaller, more suitable club? Kettering Town maybe? Somewhere that needs him?"
LFC since 1975
4th Sep 2013 12:04
"we have done amazing business as far as the defence goes, Sakho is an amazing player, he is one of the best bits of business this summer"
4th Sep 2013 12:38
"I rate the papa very highly n I defo would have been happy to see him here. But his injuries let him down for me. Same would go for Afra. I think the fact that papa has been playing 1st team footy since 15 could be the reason why he's suffering with different injuries"
4th Sep 2013 12:40
"Anyway we got 2 quality centre halves so no complaints. I believe we're gonna have the strongest defense this season. I've never been so excited about our defense as I am now."
Den Haag Greg
4th Sep 2013 14:33
"We should also remember we have Martin KELLY returning to full fitness (a few weeks away), with him missing last season he will be like another new signing. A right back who can cover CM, sorrt Papa the window and door is closed. You do get that feeling we are once again starting to 'rumble'. "
coutinho star
4th Sep 2013 14:44
"Happy we didnt get this guy lots of talent no doubt BUT he is very injury prone. Agger Skrtel Toure Ilori and Sakho is the best CB group than other team in the world IMO"
4th Sep 2013 15:02
"Not interested. We have also signed a 19 year old defender Rafa Paez from Madrid."
4th Sep 2013 16:57
"looks like a very good player, but past injuries are a concern..."
4th Sep 2013 18:38
"Papadopoulos is so overrated it's just unbelievable! Seems most Liverpool fans on these boards rate him more than Schalke fans do... Really happy we kept hold of Skrtel, he will provide good competition to our new boys."
4th Sep 2013 19:49
"we need to sign ricardo van rhijn this summer, perfect right back"
4th Sep 2013 20:35
"Thought he looked a player on the scouting videos but I think we maybe already overstocked there now. If include coates and Kelly we have at least 7 good CBs now. Was great to see MS playing so well on sunday."
5th Sep 2013 5:43
"No sorry Schalke. For the price you quoted before, we have already got a french international cb and an a highly rated talent in europe. You can keep the injury prone Papa thank you."
6th Sep 2013 7:16
"Never say never to a good player who's interested in coming to LFC as players and their performances come and go in time."
7th Sep 2013 17:00