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Now we have 2 England captains playing for the reds. Well done Andre keep up the good work.YNWA
4th Sep 2013 11:07
4th Sep 2013 11:32
"Liverpool are full of captains in Gerrard, Henderson, Wisdom, Agger, Toure."
4th Sep 2013 12:21
"Well Done Wisdom, keep up the hard work, your gonna a super right back for LFC!"
4th Sep 2013 12:27
"We are now strong at centre back but I hope Coates is not forgotten while out with his cruciate. He should be a monster defender yet despite being six-six somehow lacks physicality and dynamism. Gym work on the upper body can fix the first bit and he can come back a different player if Brendan works on Seb's psyche in the next months."
4th Sep 2013 12:31
"We know Seb Coates can play at top international level because he was in the Urugauy team that became South American champs in Argentina a couple of years ago. He has ability enough to stride out with the ball like Agger and there are strikers in the Prem who couldn't execute that overhead of his at QPR. Would hate to see that quality go to waste."
4th Sep 2013 12:52
"Samajax66 you are absolutely right. Can't have Coates feeling left out. But I believe regular toothy will make him a better CB. A loan after his recovery would do him good. Think there was a rumor that w. brom were interested. It would be great if he could join them on loan. "
4th Sep 2013 12:59
"Wow, two England captains from the same team. That speaks well for the club for sure. Congrats Andre, you make us all very proud. YNWA"
4th Sep 2013 14:20
"philg83. We already had 2 reds England captains. Before Wisdom it was Henderson."
4th Sep 2013 19:28
"I hope Wisdom can lead the U21s to more successful times in the future: Our performance at this summer's Euro's was horrific! Doesn't bode well for the future..."
6th Sep 2013 2:16
"we're proud of you Andre,,,YNWA"
7th Sep 2013 18:29