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In case nobody told you,we already signed 2 centre backs this morning.that would be enough.thanks
2nd Sep 2013 10:48
LFC since 1975
2nd Sep 2013 10:56
"can't imagine we would get another CB unless we are going to lose 1, Skrtel to napoli maybe. hope not he played a blinder yesterday"
2nd Sep 2013 11:01
"no thanks...."
2nd Sep 2013 11:08
"LOL somehow I don´t Think so... : Sakho,Troure,Agger,Skrtl,Ilore (even if skrtl goes and wisdom goes on loan)"
2nd Sep 2013 11:09
"This won't happen now after signing Sakho & Ilori! Unless they flog skertl today.. "
2nd Sep 2013 11:20
"insidefootball get lost, we're not in for him"
Komzi Pablo
2nd Sep 2013 11:26
"Thank you very much, discuss with you some other time, if need be."
2nd Sep 2013 11:29
"Binomial - any more news on potential borini loan ? if we fo loan him surely a replacement ?"
2nd Sep 2013 11:30
"recostaro, and a winger so he wont be playn there. ynwa"
2nd Sep 2013 11:38
"SkySportsNews - Borini in Sunderland medical"
2nd Sep 2013 11:39
"Just using Liverpool's name to get readership.."
2nd Sep 2013 11:43
"No thanks, we are happy enough:)"
LFC since 1975
2nd Sep 2013 11:44
"Borini having a medical at sunderland for a season long loan. could be good for him to get some games then come back next year with more confidence :)"
2nd Sep 2013 11:45
"Good move for Borini to get playing time... Why need a replacement as the front man of the three we have Suarez Sturridge Aspas and Moses who can all play there or anywhere along the front three"
2nd Sep 2013 11:47
"yes borini having medical at sunderland now, saving another 40k pw on wages....i hope for 1 more winger excluding the deal of shay given"
2nd Sep 2013 11:56
"Adarsh - It worked!"
2nd Sep 2013 12:17
"We have more than enought defenders"
2nd Sep 2013 12:24
"too late 4 dis now i neva fancy a player coming back from kneel injury very risky to take and more over at the we need no MORE"
2nd Sep 2013 12:26
"plz buy good striker and good center midfielder.i think torres is good with dani and one of them:bender,gundogun,pastore or arda turan for CM. "
2nd Sep 2013 12:26
"Get him we need a 7th cb lol"
2nd Sep 2013 12:29
"Nvid, we already got a full midfield."
2nd Sep 2013 12:36
"no thank you...another attacking midfielder to help out coutinho..plz..then the league is ours..Y.N.W.A. ..L.F.C 4 LIFE..C'MON U REDS. ......... GOOD TIMES COMING TO L.F.C..."
2nd Sep 2013 12:38
"Would be a unnecessary signing. Therefore this article is bs"
2nd Sep 2013 12:54
"The journalist who produced this article needs sacking. Twice!"
2nd Sep 2013 13:17
"Don't need him now got shako lori in zenet can have him with his knee proplem need a striker in "
2nd Sep 2013 13:22
"Not giong to happen after just signing two class CB's.getting rid of Borini on Loan should mean we have to replace him as Moses has replaced Downing and only on loan as well. hopefully we do well this season that we can enhance more for next season. Loving the start we have made this season, well done to all!"
Red Rum
2nd Sep 2013 13:24
"Keep him now. They played hard ball with us all summer. Now it is too late. He can go to spurs. They are shipping goals of late. Ha ha. Henderson looks like a new signing. Wiped the floor with carrick yesterday. Growing in confidence and stature with every game. "
Red Rum
2nd Sep 2013 13:25
"Dodgy knees. He could go to spurs. They need a new ledley king"
2nd Sep 2013 14:45
"if we're going to spend any more money sign someone like will hughes, javier mascherano, or xabi alonso. don't waste it on another defender. we have skrtel, agger, toure and sakho. thats 4 quality CBs"
2nd Sep 2013 15:05
"If this guy wants to join us too late buddy you've had 2 months to make up your mind and you've missed out"
2nd Sep 2013 15:42
"Jain Marta plz"
2nd Sep 2013 15:45
"I could see him acting as a backup to Lucas besides playing CB but I doubt it."
2nd Sep 2013 22:36
"who needs him anyway. thanks."