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yes a day to excite and savor in every way. s#!t hot result this.
2nd Sep 2013 11:28
2nd Sep 2013 12:25
"We are becoming dangerous. lm loving it especially just looking at the log after every few hours. "
2nd Sep 2013 12:28
"still trying to find some utd fans to laugh at. some have said we were lucky. ha imbeciles. we did what it says. showed fighting spirit. we score. we can defend. we fight for each 3pts and have been achieving our goals. well done redmen so so proud of all of you. good luck new signings. top so lets stay there. YNWA J4T96"
2nd Sep 2013 12:57
"It was a game to cherish. I'm still grinning ear to ear. Thank you Redmen for letting us dream again. YNWA"
2nd Sep 2013 15:06
"Awesome win but we need to improve our 2nd half we've being poor in all 3 league games 2nd halves"
2nd Sep 2013 15:44
"Finally w r forward to win the le now, that the most complete team since, well choose young players, hats to you Brendon"
2nd Sep 2013 16:07
"We were accused last season of not being able to beat any of the teams above us and thus the trend continues this season!!!!!!!"
2nd Sep 2013 17:10
"Great stuff - YNWA! :-)"
Afrika Kop
2nd Sep 2013 18:05
"Good start. Get three more points from the Swans and another three from Southampton and suddenly the gap that was there last season is narrowed and thinner. Then we can really go for it. "
2nd Sep 2013 23:34
"all u guys who talk smack...BR need players who will buy into (and believe) in the atmosphere and system he's bringing to the club...and a way of playing and fighting as a that'a a manager....don't need to depend on marquee players..but players with heart and guts"