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marquee signing?
2nd Sep 2013 9:53
2nd Sep 2013 10:06
"yessssssssszsszzz. .good an attacking midfielder n some one at right wing...a cheeky bid 4 mata????"
2nd Sep 2013 10:16
"Hey this is good news!!! BR please go & sign a striker quick. we need more goals to kill off matches, also we could lose Saurez to Real - late move. im a bit anxious."
2nd Sep 2013 10:19
"we tried 2-3 times to get a marquee signing, they didn´t want to come here for various reasons or we wasn´t prepared to overpay like we did with Carroll, Henderson( even if I like hime!) and Downing. it´s been a very sucessful window again! slowly we are getting there! If Moses can do a Sturridge he will be the marquee signing"
2nd Sep 2013 10:29
"send borini nd wisdom on loan now, nd heard we hv bid â"
2nd Sep 2013 10:31
"What define the concept of marquee signing? For me, the signing of Simon mignolet is the marquee signing of the season. So many saves he has done in the three league games that he is becoming the new hero of the Kop. I hope he continues his excellent form. Sakho is the new left back while Enrique play in the left wing. Therefore, coutinho could play in the middle/hole. "
2nd Sep 2013 10:31
"send borini nd wisdom on loan now, nd heard we hv bid â"
2nd Sep 2013 10:35
"Mignolet is a good signing. As his sakho. We wont make the same mistakes as we did with carroll/downing. I'll give hendo benefit of doubt as he continues to improve. "
2nd Sep 2013 10:41
"Arsenal free agents 1 vs 0 tottenham £107.3million.....complete wastes! Now they even go for ince. Every player liverpool wants, they want. "
2nd Sep 2013 10:52
"Use borini as a gargining chip 4another striker ????"
2nd Sep 2013 16:23
"You could get the marquee signing in January then...a DM and a striker of pedigree. The plan must be to play mostly a different set of players in non-league matches and rest the main stalwarts. Vision Reds, injuries and suspensions must not affect us ever."
2nd Sep 2013 17:15
"Plz sign Juan Mata plz plz plz..."