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Welcome great additions. Defence is now very strong. Just need to bolster the midfield.
Den Haag Greg
2nd Sep 2013 9:37
2nd Sep 2013 9:39
"What's the point of developing our own player if they have to go on loan whenever a new player coming. Then, after few seasons on loan, they will be signed for another club, like jay spearing."
2nd Sep 2013 9:47
2nd Sep 2013 9:54
"strong and tall holding midfielder needed with additional winger then top three is assured"
LFC since 1975
2nd Sep 2013 9:55
"great additions. i feel we have a great defensive unit now with plenty of backup. with Suarez to come back some very good attacking options. can't help feeling we need a bit more steel in midfield though. had no real options on the bench yesterday to help the midfield. wonder if we could tempt Masch back :)"
2nd Sep 2013 10:00
"0010- spearing wasn,t good enough and a lot of youngsters don,t make the grade."
2nd Sep 2013 10:01
"yessssssss...well done l.f.c...plz plz plz another 1 or 2 midfielders. ..mayb a cheeky bid for mata...plz...l.f.c...plz..then we are assured of winning the league"
The great 1
2nd Sep 2013 10:20
"Great additions squad taking shape now talk of borini going to Sunderland on loan,could use a defensive mid ."
2nd Sep 2013 10:31
" . follow this link and make money. ynwa lets get moses and yamenko that should keep us winning trophy"
2nd Sep 2013 10:37
"bolstering midfield will not be happening b4 jan now so we have to make do with who we have. not exactly comforting but hope they can continue with the job. welcome new adds. kick on. ps s#!t hot result mancs."
2nd Sep 2013 10:37
"Quit talking about Shay given. If we want a keeper it should be a young and pretty good experience like butland."
2nd Sep 2013 11:00
"good stuff, forget shay given please and buy konoplayanka"
2nd Sep 2013 14:44
"MIDFIELD! MIDFIELD! and MIDFIELD! You've told us Brendan that: "I want 20 more Goals in the this season!", "I'd like to strenghten the Midfield!" We've missed Mkryrtartntayartyyanmtranayaryant,Willian,Eriksen.... Since then You have not mentioned anything about the Strenghten of Midfield!"