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Welcome Sakho! Great signing. Defence is set I guess.
2nd Sep 2013 9:04
2nd Sep 2013 9:11
"Great signing!! Welcome to LFC!!"
2nd Sep 2013 9:15
"He looks one mean unit. Great transfer business by BR & co. Sat at home with a big smile on my face this morning looking at that League table. If we can keep that work rate up we are in with a shout."
2nd Sep 2013 9:18
"4 senior CBs in Kolo, Agger, Martin, Sakho! Wisdom and Kelly as backup. Def sorted!"
2nd Sep 2013 9:28
2nd Sep 2013 9:30
"Welcome to Liverpool, Mamadou! YNWA :D Defence indeed looks solid and tough now - just a bit time to gell it and LFC will never concede a goal again ;)"
Papa Syed
2nd Sep 2013 9:34
"Welcome Mamadou! YNWA!"
2nd Sep 2013 9:36
"Great stuff top of the table, strengthening and our No7 back in two matches! YNWA! SaKho! "
2nd Sep 2013 9:50
"nice trouser sakho!"
2nd Sep 2013 10:02
"JEHESUS!! He is one scary lookin' dude! You aint gonna mess with him, Skrts, Dagger or Toure on a night out!"
2nd Sep 2013 10:06
"We have some serious defense now... OMG Happy Days "
2nd Sep 2013 10:08
"Brilliant signing. Very happy with that!!"
2nd Sep 2013 10:29
"Welcome Sakho!! one more my EA FIFA team player joined! YNWA"
2nd Sep 2013 10:40
"Did he just took a cab?"
2nd Sep 2013 10:44
"That reminds me, i have been stearing at d league table 4 over an hour nw i coudnt jst take my eyes off it."
2nd Sep 2013 11:03
"Great news having him aboard. Step by step things look better going forward. "
2nd Sep 2013 11:15
"Welcome to Anfield Mamadou. Good Luck YNWA"
2nd Sep 2013 11:23
"If you're a striker running into the box and him and Skrtel are ahead of you...?! I'd pass to someone else ;) Good defence, perhaps people like Flanno could go on loans, as it's now very tough for places. Good business."
2nd Sep 2013 11:33
"marquee signing"
2nd Sep 2013 12:34
"Binominal he is our Marquee signing and I am very happy with all entire transfer business. Only Alberto is looking a little off the pace but will probably come good eventually."
2nd Sep 2013 12:50
"What a signing lads!"
Mr Ostrich
2nd Sep 2013 13:54
"This gives Brendan quite a headache. Which 2 does he play at centre back out of Agger, Sakho, and Toure?"
2nd Sep 2013 17:17
"Welcome to LFC family!!!!! From Belgrade, SERBIA!!!!!"
2nd Sep 2013 21:07
" The Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL, had a defence known as the "iron curtain." Teams couldn't penetrate that defence, which in the meantime gave their offence time to win games.We are building an "iron curtain" defence. All Sturridge needs is help in scoring winners. Rodgers has it right. You have to strengthen the defence first."
2nd Sep 2013 21:10
"For Alberto, it will take time to get used to the English game. "
2nd Sep 2013 21:40
"Welcome to the best CLUB, flying start and you could be LFC favourite..."