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Welcome Tiago to LFC! Be the best mate! YNWA!
Papa Syed
2nd Sep 2013 8:11
2nd Sep 2013 8:25
"Wish I looked that awake at that time of the morning (bet they were taken yesterday)."
2nd Sep 2013 8:29
"Welcome to Liverpool, Tiago!! YNWA :D"
2nd Sep 2013 8:29
"3rd photo,classic!"
2nd Sep 2013 8:30
"is that enrique with him? LOL"
2nd Sep 2013 8:33
"Good luck Tiago, learn from the likes of kolo, dan, and Martin, with Sakho signing next we really are complete in the cv position. So much competition for the spot alongside agger, but guess that's a good thing. Really think Moses Loan should have option to sign, no need to develop Chelsea players, we have talent ourselves."
2nd Sep 2013 10:47
"Welcome Llori! Interesting to see a Henry Ford quote in photo 11. Ford was a vocal advocate of switching from the undemocratic system where governments borrow money created as debt and thus become indebted to the criminal bankers, and switching to debt free and interest free treasury issued money,like the Bradbury Pound, stimulating economic growth."
2nd Sep 2013 10:52
"Welcome to LFC Tiago"
2nd Sep 2013 11:13
"Welcome to Anfield Tiago, Good Luck YNWA"
2nd Sep 2013 11:19
"hes at the best club in the world, and were gonna make him the new thiago silva as he grows"
2nd Sep 2013 11:28
"welcome to the bench"
2nd Sep 2013 11:32
"Welcome to LFC. Your speed and agility will be a great asset."
2nd Sep 2013 11:42
"Was getting worried then, up until picture 8 as Ilori had not been photographed leaning on something. Welcome to the family Tiago YNWA :)"
2nd Sep 2013 12:48
"What number is he getting? I want this guy to run the flanks"
2nd Sep 2013 14:27
"I have a real good feeling bout this transfer. Welcome to Liverpool Tiago :-D"
2nd Sep 2013 14:38
"All you have to do lad is make sure no one gets past you in defence and we'll all be happy Bunnies :)"
2nd Sep 2013 16:50
"Thiago Ilori has a Nigerian father. Nigerian LFC fans are over the moon for two Nigerians (Ilori and Moses) joining LFC on the same day. YNWA!!!"
2nd Sep 2013 17:17
"Welcome to LFC family!!!!! From Belgrade, SERBIA!!!!!"
2nd Sep 2013 18:59
"dewizz - you are so right about that! Come on you Reds! YNWA!!"