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Great news. No marquee signings, just common sense and good value. That with a decent keeper is making the difference.
1st Sep 2013 22:05
1st Sep 2013 22:08
"Great news! No marquee signings, just good value and a decent keeper are making the difference."
Super man
1st Sep 2013 22:25
"Well Done Boss!"
1st Sep 2013 22:52
"thank you what ya have done but we still hungries to see quality players on Reds jersey as Juan Mata, etc but if we dont we still happy cuz we see LFC have made progress already YNWA!!!!!"
1st Sep 2013 22:57
"These signings are great. Sterling to blossom and Suarez to come back, get in there you reds! YNWA! "
1st Sep 2013 23:03
"Great result today. Not just about spending lots of money for marquee signings. It's about quality not quany. When was the last time Real Madrid won the Champions League - 2001-02! Well done Brendan & the team! Happy Birthday Daniel - enjoy! Luis still to come - against Man U! Bring it on! Slowly slowly! "
1st Sep 2013 23:04
"wow so happy now we beat man utd liverpool is greater we should keep this form and see if we wont win this le and top 4 finish great news to see moses shako and ilori today liverpool u are the best "
Bib l f c
1st Sep 2013 23:36
"Nice to see the numbers going in the right direction! Great result today, just wish Sterling would make some tackles now and again!"
1st Sep 2013 23:37
"Great day, lets hope we get these lads in...very good to see them in crowd... Soo song at the back now, international break means injured lads won't miss too much...a left footed attacker for right side like ben arfa would have been nice but very impressed with the team and squad we have now :)"
1st Sep 2013 23:40
"If borini goes out on loan to sunderland we need another winger"
1st Sep 2013 23:47
"great sighnings by BR ...... LFC here we come."
1st Sep 2013 23:54
"Please try get konoplyanka or yarmalenko tomoz and were set! Both extremely quick, awesome with the ball at there feet and young.. 15-20m would surely grab us one of these bad boys!!"
1st Sep 2013 23:56
"Borini is a striker not a winger, a loan would be good for him, BUT not to sunderland! di Canio is a terrible manager who slates his players, hardly what Fabio needs for his confidence . Swansea are after a striker, could that be borini...much better club, manager and players for him there."
2nd Sep 2013 0:00
"All good with the signings BR & LFC have made however I still believe LFC and BR should have been a bit more proactive and ambitious in signings like getting Eriksen who went to Spurs for a bargain price , LFC could have easily paid. These players would make difference to any team & would also attract other top players to club. Also the market value would only increase with time."
2nd Sep 2013 0:06
"Pretty clear Rodgers never wanted Eriksen, so who cares now!?!?"
2nd Sep 2013 0:09
"Binomial, do you ever have anything positive to say? Seriously mate, it may be time to breathe..."
2nd Sep 2013 0:13
"PrinceH88, thank you... Tired of 'fans' not appreciating who we actually have."
2nd Sep 2013 0:21
"well the transfer window is off now we wellcome all the new signing and all we say is give all the best you can and make ureself proud to be playing for LFC and the FaNS will luv you."
2nd Sep 2013 0:25
"Deadline day could be a very dramatic one, if real come in with another bid u never know what could happen, could result in another big signing or two."
2nd Sep 2013 0:44
"Hate to say it but looks like Real are coming in for Luis. Hope we can resist again. Good job Moses is signing! I think Sakho is a big signing. And we've stregthened backline and squad numbers. A pure winger coming in would be superb work. Yarmolenko/Mata/Konoplyanka/Di Maria on loan..??"
2nd Sep 2013 1:48
"Another example of the media spinning words to suite them, his words were " Nothing to confirm at this moment, obviously theres a number of players here that we're hoping to get in, but theres nothing to confirmed on that im sure and be completed until tomorrow." "
2nd Sep 2013 1:48
"So it means theres nothing that has been confirmed, so why say its confirmed? He just said it hasnt been confirmed. #annoyedatslackreporting."
2nd Sep 2013 1:55
"Those of you who can't get over the Eriksen about considering he didn't have the right atude for Brendan. It's quite obvious he likes strong personalities and winning atudes. How many of you know Eriksen personally? Let's see just how wonderful he is in the coming year."
2nd Sep 2013 2:07
"suarez will not be leaving! we wouldn't have enough time to replace him and surely were not that stupid after the way weve started were looking good"
2nd Sep 2013 2:18
"SuarezLFC.. totally right... i was never a fan of Eriksen anyway...not seen an awful lot of him at his previous club but seen quite a few games he played for Denmark and he was rubbish in all of them. Rarely involved in the play. Iv an arsenal friend who really wanted him and kept showing me youtube vids of him... anyone can look good if edited. he will be another Holtby for spurs. pointless"
2nd Sep 2013 2:23
"as for Suarez id be very surprised if he went anywhere, if he rates himself, surely he has seen how well we are doing and would have the belief in himself to improve us even further. And although i did want him out for a bit i think after seeing that spurs are going to find it impossible to replace bale im glad we did not go down that route. LFC are a real team"
Thisis d1
2nd Sep 2013 2:56
"I'm delighted with the start of the season and think if all 3 do sign then we'll have a good shot this year of "being in the conversation". Anyway great day. Thanks to All the Liverpool F.C Family. Y.N.W.A "
2nd Sep 2013 3:40
"brilliant signings,,,,somehow I think Rodgers is more than brilliant,build the squad from the back,solid defence will give confidende our attackers to score more goals,,,,"
2nd Sep 2013 4:15
2nd Sep 2013 5:18
"Why not try and go for Thorgan Hazard, Edan's younger brother, hes pretty handy on the ball, not quite up to his brothers standards, but hes only 20, doubt Chelsea would let him go though, no harm in asking though :D"
2nd Sep 2013 5:19
2nd Sep 2013 5:44
"BR...I must say....great signings and sensible buys! All these players will be worth 100% or 200% more in 5 years time if we decide to sell anyone. Cutinho is already worth 20mln I believe. Suarez 50mln+. Sturridge 25mln+. Mignolet 15mln+. Kolo even at 32 is worth 5mln."
2nd Sep 2013 5:46
"Send Borini out on loan to gain valuable play time. He will be a hit at Sunderland. But the guy is talented....get him back next year dont sell him. On a different, BR should be a businessman....what amazing transfer business! Great!"
2nd Sep 2013 5:54
"I think Rodgers is doing a great job but I think we should have signed one defender as we have Skrtel back and for me should be number one with Dagger although I love Kolo. I think we need another CM if anything happens to Lucas then we are thin as Allen cannot play there. And Gotta say that Wisdom looked the yesterday when he came on."
2nd Sep 2013 6:08
"Bib Lfc Sterling put himself about against a player in Valencia who is even to strong for Enrique so unless he gets on the juice he would have no chance, a bit critical really dont you think he played well could you not just say that. What is up with some of you, we beat manure and still you find something to criticise."
2nd Sep 2013 6:14
"Cont.... As for Eriksen, if he was as good as some of you make out he wouldnt be going to Spurs and if you knew your football you would know he plays in Coutinho's strongest position, Personally id rather have Coutinho. "
2nd Sep 2013 6:27
"news coming in that liverpool bid â"
2nd Sep 2013 6:33
"When will their medical photos posted on this web?"
2nd Sep 2013 7:36
"Great to see them as we won the game. However, there were less excitement from Moses compared to the other two. Perhaps it is because he is still part of the blues and knowing we are the top of the table is just too hurtful. But i believe in his professionalism when putting the red shirt eventually."
2nd Sep 2013 8:06
"Lukic - spot on mate. Also, who says we won't add a marque signing in January? We got two on the cheap last January; in Sturridge/Coutinho. I am delighted with the unity, spirit and cohesion in the group. The lads have been through a lot together now and this is vital. Spurs will take a while to form this same atmosphere. YNWA/IBWT"
2nd Sep 2013 8:09
"PANKY - Erikson? The guy everyone was brainwahsed into thinking we 'needed'. So, where would he have played yesterday? I think Erikson will find it tough in this league; whilst we have a group of players who can fight but also play good stuff. Can Erikson fight? Will he get back, press and tackle like Coutihno? It's a myth we 'missed' out, we didn't want him."
2nd Sep 2013 8:23
"Well said lukic mate and its good to see some common sense from proper fans. From what I can see is Brendan Rodgers identified a few of his top targets which I believe are quality players but for what ever reason , the bord or fsg didn't/ couldn't seal the deals . So in saying that it would be great To see the fans get behind the manager and the team we got ! YNWA "
2nd Sep 2013 8:43
"Let's stop focusing on who/what we haven't got and instead look at the squad we HAVE got: 11 quality first-teamers and 11 back-ups of similar/competent ability. We don't need to spend huge amounts when BR's coaching methods nuture talent so effectively. The money is there if needed - bright times ahead. YNWA."
2nd Sep 2013 9:12
2nd Sep 2013 9:20
"i go for one more striker, you get defoe for back up"
2nd Sep 2013 9:21
"Great signings, sure they will make impact that will maintain LFC's great start to the season.With no Marquee signing I do realise LFC don't have funds to make that kind of signing and hope that this does not impact negatively on the top players at LFC .LFC have Suarez to come back & that's like having a Marquee signing in itself. "
2nd Sep 2013 9:33
"hope we sign XABI ALONSO on loan and drop LUcas to the bench or out asap.."
2nd Sep 2013 10:26
"I'm confident that we could use joe allen as a dm or even dagger now that sakho and ilori have signed :)"
2nd Sep 2013 10:34
"Good to know given aint joining them."
2nd Sep 2013 18:07
"well done br great signings"