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Our invisibility lies in defence. Am loving it
2nd Sep 2013 0:58
2nd Sep 2013 1:43
"Haha I miss agger and skrtel giving to opposition strikers, RVP was spooking all match"
2nd Sep 2013 1:59
"Its like our fan base is in shock. They dont know how to react to success. Everyone is trying to play down the win and keep a lid on things. Just celebrate and be happy. The roof is'nt going to fall in!! we have a good team and manager. Be happy,"
2nd Sep 2013 2:04
"Skrtel was a beast today. Serious competition at Sakho, LLori, Toure, Dagger and Skrtel the turtle in central defence. Mignolet is a beast!"
2nd Sep 2013 3:06
"After so long out, massive game from Skirtel, well done lad, a colossus. YNWA"
2nd Sep 2013 4:18
"Hats of to Martin Skrtal. The guy virtually came in from the cold with very little real match pactice. He was cast aside and thereafter thrust into the side to do a job unexpectedly. He was immense and showed glimpses of the old Martin. Aggar and Skrtal gave RVP the worst game I have seen him play. Proud of the boys. What a feeling to beat those s. "
2nd Sep 2013 8:07
"we can count on our flying Belgian Mighty Mignolet !!!"
2nd Sep 2013 10:38
"I love how Brandon snorts when he's asked about challenging from the le. We win 3 games and we've gone from 'outside chance of top 4 spot' to 'le contenders' for the press."