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And so are you sir and the rest of FSG
1st Sep 2013 16:36
1st Sep 2013 16:39
"Thanks Werner for everything youve done so far for the club."
1st Sep 2013 16:39
"Thanks Werner for everything youve done so far for the club."
1st Sep 2013 16:40
"Who knows we might win the league"
1st Sep 2013 16:44
"Looks like FSG will prove the doubters wrong and will net spend £25m this season. Arguably a powerful CB should have been our most important signing rather than a winger as Rodgers said he was looking for. Although Dec has been superb so far."
1st Sep 2013 16:47
"Give brendan a chance, give him the money he needs, I haven't been this anxious to see liverpool play in a very very long time. excellent game lads! YNWA"
1st Sep 2013 16:48
"still think he should have given more funds for another quality attacking player! but either way im happy the way were playing and the new players will only add more strength so happy days"
1st Sep 2013 16:49
"Fans were not all that. All u can hear were the United fans"
1st Sep 2013 16:49
"We saw the new guys in Anfield. Hope we add Yarmolenko to the team too."
1st Sep 2013 16:51
"I have been impressed so far by Jedinak of Crystal Palace FC. I think it could be a good backup for our DM cover option, and should not be too costly. Not sure if BR notices this and might consider this last cover for Lucas."
1st Sep 2013 16:51
"I believe that, if we continue to play like this, we will avoid the relegation zone. Critics, what do you think? LFC -YNWA!!!!!! From Belgrade, SERBIA!!!!!!"
1st Sep 2013 16:58
"It would be nice to see John Henry attend a game this season. "
Rize up-13/14
1st Sep 2013 17:02
"Good speech but expecting you to do more business to impress the team to win a trophy this session,.....YNWA"
1st Sep 2013 17:13
"defenders use to be cheaper than ofensive players...and sometimes is better to have top class defensive players, than same class forwards."
Norfolk in Chance
1st Sep 2013 17:16
"Wow he was at the game! And he's learned all the right phrases like "clean sheets" and ... ok that's all he knows so far, but it's a start.. At least he didn't say Liverpool franchise : ) Jokes aside, well done FSG for backing BR, although I support LFC unlike a few who seem to support FSG instead."
1st Sep 2013 17:17
"Slow and strady progress lasts longer. "
1st Sep 2013 17:41
"Well said! But I think we need that established attacking midfielder! Coutinho still very young We need consistency! Yes I dont want to raise hopebut who says we can't be in the mix for le!!!! But lets us be calm!!!"
1st Sep 2013 17:50
"mata please"
1st Sep 2013 17:51
"Well done to the players and manager. FSG haven't done owt other than what any owner should do - too often they have failed. Minimum requirement is to re-invest monies generated by the club back into the club, especially when you got the club on the cheap. The FSG fans on here will be gone when FSG sell up thank goodness."
1st Sep 2013 17:56
"Well done BR n the team. Also the FANS keep singing to support the team. But is risky to play like that in 2nd half for these two games. What are the mentality BR and the team in half time break. Why last game n this game the 2nd half they played so badly, no attacking spirit, is very dangerous and risky to play this way. Hope they can see their mistakes from now."
the reality
1st Sep 2013 18:21
1st Sep 2013 18:25
"doing a top job so far, tom"
1st Sep 2013 18:29
"Who is this guy again?"
1st Sep 2013 18:31
"Thumping the mancs while the Kop sang happy birthday to Kenny suggested 'we're on the same level' - but that didn't impress you for long. No, you decided to lie through your teeth, then change managers, then waste a season before edging back to the past. You have no idea what you're doing Werner, go back to sitcoms."
1st Sep 2013 18:36
"yeh still think we're short in the attacking third,all youngsters on the bench.Maybe Tom has flown in to get some deals done,We know about the three at the game hopefully one more up our sleeve."
1st Sep 2013 18:36
"We were playing united for goodness sake, how long have you been watching this game!!!!!"
1st Sep 2013 18:39
"spot on gmacca,,,,and To paraphrase what the great Shankly said - Owners are there to write cheques and re-invest monies generated by the club, (not to have their butts kissed for doing the minimum any owner should do by the fsg superfans)"
1st Sep 2013 18:40
"Now at least back the manager up with some cash in the next transfer window!!"
1st Sep 2013 18:44
"The fans were outstanding today it felt and sounded like the good old days "
1st Sep 2013 19:03
"Great win and I knew we can do it. "
1st Sep 2013 19:05
"£11 million striker Borini about to be loaned to Sunderland to bring in £1 million loan fee plus wages Victor Moses. "
1st Sep 2013 19:15
"mavis - Go and play wit willo the wisp"
1st Sep 2013 19:22
"The Kop was rubbish today, only the Annie Road competing with the mancs. Until the ticketing is sorted out it wont be any different, the Kop is full of tourists. 19 games in Kop 304 last season and today in AR 125 next to the mancs! At least we could give them some well deserved stick! YNWA"
1st Sep 2013 19:25
"Thanks Seth, I'll get right to it. Maybe I could borrow your wheelbarrow."
1st Sep 2013 19:27
"Ehimwema......inshaAllah(God willing) we will win the premier league this year.and many years to come after this as champion trophy...have faith in One God thats the key.and pray to Him."
1st Sep 2013 19:37
"Seth, clearly you did not take an economics class (or depening on your age which I have no clue about, you are not taking economics) So you think it's a one way street with no return for millons of investment? It doesn't work that way, trust me! I would love you to give me an example of club were your model is reality. "
1st Sep 2013 19:38
"Moby01 why are u anxious to see liverpool play, do u know what that word means?"
1st Sep 2013 19:40
"Nazim, you were at the game then? Didn't think so, shut up and don't complain about the fans who actually paid their money to watch the game while u sat at home probably critisizing the team every time they made a bad pass."
1st Sep 2013 19:45
"FSG fans should go and kiss FSG's butt and other FSG superfans' butts on NESN.con. These boards are for congratulating BR and the lads.""
Bajan Billy
1st Sep 2013 19:46
"Please give Brendan some support and sign YARMOLENKO pleaseeeeeeeeee. This guy is the extra fire power we need up front....not Moses"
1st Sep 2013 19:47
"To paraphrase what the great Shankly said - Owners are there to write cheques and re-invest monies generated by the club, (not to have their butts kissed by fsg superfanboys for doing the minimum any owner should do)"
1st Sep 2013 19:55
"Nice to see you at Anfield. More of a presence will help fans to trust- and with trust will come belief. "
1st Sep 2013 19:59
"From the other side of the world(Cape Town)a big shout out to all the fans at Anfield you were fantastic.Well done to BR and the team.Swansea next.YNWA"
1st Sep 2013 20:07
"well that didnt tell us much lol "
Denza Red
1st Sep 2013 20:11
"Victor Moses, Mamadou Sakho and Tiago Ilori were all at the game today. Announcements tomorrow then Tom!! "
1st Sep 2013 20:27
"Have to say a big well done to both Brendan Rodgers & FSG. Great start to the season, all signings have been impressive so great business all around. Appears Tom is hanging around to finalise last minuite deals so you have to say the owners have been awsome. Deadwood & high earners have been shifted out for young talent like Sturridge & Coutinho"
1st Sep 2013 20:37
"Note the names of the whiners on here... they call themselves LFC fans .... whinging losers who would find something to moan about if we won the treble ""YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE -- YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARRRE -- WHINGING LOSERS -- YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!"
1st Sep 2013 21:16
"FSG fanboys should go and kiss FSG's butt and other FSG superfanboys' butts on NESN.con. These boards are for congratulating BR and the lads."
1st Sep 2013 22:05
"Mr Werner please Give BR all the money he needs & this can be our Year ... YNWA"
1st Sep 2013 22:17
"Shocking comments on here. Top of the league, 100% start and still people complain. Get a grip, support the team and stop demanding that BR sign players you've only seen on FIFA on your Playstation."
1st Sep 2013 22:36
"Football is the obscenely monetized plaything of the financial elite, corporatocrats, oligarchs and plutocrats, with many of the austerity-ravaged dumbed down perception managed football fans reducing themselves to the role of passive consumers while the same financial criminals and monied interests royally screw them over in the "real" world aswell."
Buckie LFC Supporter
1st Sep 2013 22:41
"nazim - what you mean to say there were MU fans? Sorry fergie was right, your fans were s h i t e! For those armchair fans Sky put the mics where the away fans are. coolfc - reasonable amount of noise from Kop but defending from 4th min made the crowd more nervous than supportive, but to support your team you don't just shout abuse at the opposition"
2nd Sep 2013 0:02
"I was there today in the Main stand right next to the kop, the atmosphere was fantastic, can't understand some of these negative comments on this website, the TV always puts the mics next to the away fans, but the fans got the boys home today,and WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE, WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE. Come on get behind the team everyone YNWA"
A Red In My Bed
2nd Sep 2013 3:10
2nd Sep 2013 5:35
"In football, fans are everything. Football without fans is nothing."
2nd Sep 2013 6:12
"SethWheelbarrow: We get it mate, you've said the same thing on every story. This amount of hatred will only make you a shallower individual than you already are. Support the club, at all levels, & , enjoy the great win & the fact that we're top of the table for now! YNWA"
2nd Sep 2013 6:21
"The 'fans' that are saying they didn't hear our fans at all need to actually watch games and/ or get their hearing checked. I watched the game on sky and I could hear the the home fans singing throughout the game. What the hell are lot on? Well done to all involved in the game. A great team effort YNWA"
2nd Sep 2013 6:57
"To John Henry and Tom Werner: Thanks for the support so far in the transfer market - we've got a lot of guys in this summer. And when we're still in the top four when the transfer window opens again in January can you PLEASE fork out some serious cash for a real marquee signing?"
2nd Sep 2013 7:20
"Yep, let's not get carried away. Let's focus on our target to be in the top 4 first. But as lots of us saying, who knows we might win something."
2nd Sep 2013 8:07
"where are all the fools that said playing for 1-0 win against united wont work???"
Norfolk in Chance
2nd Sep 2013 9:26
"born.bleed.REDS: they're probably at work.. Hurry up, school starts soon... When someone uses 20-20 hindsight to 'win' an argument, you know they are talking nonsense. No one sets out to play for a 1 nil win. We held on well, but all your silly chest beating and name calling is frankly ridiculous.. Grow up."
whacko jacko
2nd Sep 2013 10:05
"Too early in season to b over confident though we r looking strong with new signings in but we really need to close out games. Lets hope we can keep clean sheets and win the games that matter, no point beating the big teams if we cannot beat the other teams. Good luck lads n keep up good work , YNWA"
2nd Sep 2013 10:18
2nd Sep 2013 10:19
"bucktoothflop - The message bears repeating when the FSG fanboys infest every comment board with their FSG butt kissing."
2nd Sep 2013 10:32
"good of u werner! wnt mind yarlmenko"
notts red till dead
2nd Sep 2013 13:40
"these yanks are doing alright."