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good, after today aspas needs to be dropped for moses and for the love of god forget given
1st Sep 2013 16:11
1st Sep 2013 16:15
"Welcome to the family"
1st Sep 2013 16:16
"I'd love to see a cheeky bid for Ben Arfa tmrw, but if not I think the squad we have is adequate for top 4. No, we haven't made any "marquee" signing, but Toure and Mignolet are two of the best in their posistions in the league, for sure! Add to world class talent: Gerrard, Sturridge, Coutinho, Suarez (hope he stays!) - WE HAVE A VERY GOOD SQUAD OF PLAYERS!! YNWA"
1st Sep 2013 16:16
"Sahko, future best defender in premier league. He will show Kompany how to defend."
1st Sep 2013 16:19
1st Sep 2013 16:21
"Still need that marque signing we are promised"
1st Sep 2013 16:21
"Binomial, don't be so harsh on aspas u crazy fool, he worked harder than coutinho and Sturridge and coutinho wasn't anything special, just because coutinho has played well previously u are showing favouritism towards him."
1st Sep 2013 16:23
"I agree Binomial: Aspas has some bedding in to do. Not good enough for the first team just yet, based on displays so far. And I'd also consider dropping Agger - yet another poor defensive header today gifted the opposition a decent scoring opportunity. There needs to be conequqences. "
Komzi Pablo
1st Sep 2013 16:23
"Come on the new red men and do it the winning ways"
1st Sep 2013 16:27
"Asia's will be a sub as soon as Suarez is back. When LS and Moses are in the first team our bench will have some depth an pace to call upon. The team is in good position to challenge. "
1st Sep 2013 16:29
"You boys are hard to please, gld your not lfc manager, u guys remind me of Pauli di canio, the players wouldn't perform well under u guys, dropping players for a one mistake in a hugely pressurised game like that. None of the attacking players were great today, if anything Sturridge needs to get better at his overall game, I can't see him assisting anyone when he doesn't pass."
1st Sep 2013 16:31
"The first half was beautiful football. The second half was a nail biter. More first half please and ...more than one goal would be nice. Top of the table so no real complaints. "
1st Sep 2013 16:38
"We need another centre mid today we wore short on players In the middle"
1st Sep 2013 16:48
"I have been impressed so far by Jedinak of Crystal Palace FC. I think it could be a good backup for our DM cover option, and should not be too costly. Not sure if BR notices this and might consider this last cover for Lucas."
1st Sep 2013 16:51
"Given is just a stop gap - obviously a cost-svaing idea till next year or so. Brad also looks suspect so he needs more competition at #2 so we are totally not short of GK cover whatsoever. "
1st Sep 2013 16:54
"Sakho will provide good competition in the defense line, Kolo might be able to move up to cover for Lucas if needed ... "
1st Sep 2013 16:59
"That was re Binomial"
1st Sep 2013 17:11
"Need another striker. Get lukaku and then we really mean business. Amazing win. Can we kindly rock anfield that way every home game? Buzzing!!! "
1st Sep 2013 17:16
"Give asapas a break (and time to settle). Think of a song rather than criticism and watch him come good. He was devastatingly clinical in preseason. Looks a lightweight but EPL becoming more mobile and nimble. Pls keep winning!!!"
1st Sep 2013 17:32
"Massive result! Nice to see Sahko Moses and Ilori in the stands! Moses is under-rated! He started to come in form for Wigan and was brilliant. Sturridge at the point, Suarez in the hole, Coutinho and Moses on the wings, very good and dangerous in the attack! "
1st Sep 2013 17:35
"Aspas worked hard today. Be patient he's a good footballer and worked hard. Big game for him to step into to. He'll come good and we'll be singing his name soon enough lads! Henderson was brilliant for me today, he is making a statement for all his critics. Skirtel rose to the occasion and made a statement as well! Love it"
1st Sep 2013 17:44
"Aspas is a good player this is just his 1st derby game, hv patience he will only get better "
1st Sep 2013 17:54
"matc9482- ru stupid its bcoz of agger's header we got the goal "
1st Sep 2013 17:59
"matc9482 are you MAD"
1st Sep 2013 18:13
"People can slate me all they want idc, i judge by what i see on the pitch, aspas has been poor against stoke villa and utd. No good enough for first team, but i do agree couty was poor today aswell "
1st Sep 2013 18:16
"We will only get better when Suarez replaces Aspas. I saw Sakho, Moses & Ilori in the stadium. All three should be unveiled tomorrow! Great times ahead!"
1st Sep 2013 18:35
"we should really be looking to sign Moses on a perminent deal - Aspas looked poor against United today and Moses would fit in nicely - the lad is class (and proven in the PL)"
1st Sep 2013 18:55
"reports in italy that borini is going to sunderland on loan are we getting another striker or should young sinclair get a chance?"
1st Sep 2013 19:05
"I'm happy Tom Werner witnessed the showdown! Although we need not blow our trumpet yet! But the mentality and tactics Rodgers has deployed is magical! if we keep this consistency going who says we can't be le contender!!!"
American Liverpool Fan
1st Sep 2013 19:09
"I don't understand the criticism of aspas. first of all, he's not going to be a regular starter when suarez returns. secondly, today, he was in several good attacking positions, but received no support. on at least two occasions he was open in the penalty area, but no pass came. "
1st Sep 2013 19:26
"Hope FSG can see we can do well this season but i think a loan move for Victor Moses is not the correct choice, splash a little cash on Yarmelenko, sell/loan some players more, Borini, Flanagan, Sterling or Ibe, and with that you get Sakho, Tiago and Yarmelenko hey you may even win the league with that team."
1st Sep 2013 19:36
"we need a RB"
1st Sep 2013 19:49
"Unbelievable. 3 wins out of 3 yet people can still be negative. Aspas worked his socks off. If you can't support our team go for chelski or mancity. Well done Red Men. Top of the league."
Bajan Billy
1st Sep 2013 19:51
"we should go with Yarmolenko for goodness sake.....FSG please get his guy."
1st Sep 2013 19:55
"Binomial - why do we need a rb? We have Kelly.. Then we have wisdom who had a good game we he came on today. Not only that but we are on the brink of signing Ilori who is a CB I know but if he's lightning quick why not try convert him to a right back? I can't see him playing cb ahead of aggressive skrtel Toure and now sakho???"
1st Sep 2013 19:59
"Also just a thought..Sakho left psg to play more football Nd I expect he's on a fairly big wage 40/50k plus so how about playing him in aggers position and play agger DM? I thought Lucas was quite poor today and has a bad habit of giving silly fouls away in bad positions whichs puts pressure on the team"
1st Sep 2013 20:02
"Is Moses to replace Downing or Borini? BBC are reporting Sunderland are set to take Borini on loan. Whilst no fan of Borini this once again leaves us short up front, I just don't get this and no doubt at least 1 CB will leave tomorrow. After our fantastic start you would expect FSG to be more willing to back the club."
1st Sep 2013 20:05
"Can someone tell me why we need Given he is no better than Jones and we don't need more on the wage bill money that can be better spent elsewhere. "
1st Sep 2013 20:28
"All you wannabe managers, all you gainsayers, all you whinging, whining, spineless moaners...We'ree top of the Prem. We've just beaten the best team in the Prem. We have a 100% record in the Prem. We've yet to concede a goal in the Prem. So do the club a favour ... SHUT UP!"
1st Sep 2013 20:35
"why the hell should we be interested in given at his age, when the manager got rid of reina,don't understand that one, when we also have Jones. Please save our money, and move on, well done lads show them we mean business now. ynwa "
1st Sep 2013 21:13
"Binomial and wouzer are correct. Aspas is a hard worker and sturridge should pass more or look for aspas coz I do not see sturridge getting assists the way he is playing at the moment. We have a great squad thats working together and fans shouldn't critisize so much. YNWA... "
1st Sep 2013 21:20
"Aspas played well again in my opinion. After early booking I always thought he would be subbed but he should not be disappointed with his game."
1st Sep 2013 21:27
"Well played Martin Skrtel. Straight back in at the deep end. Top class CB."
1st Sep 2013 21:33
"if we get yarmolenko , our team will for sure challenge fot the 2nd place !good work BR and keep going lads . YNWA "
randfield rap88
1st Sep 2013 21:45
"Would be surprised if we sign these guys. Looks like mr borini is going out on loan to sunderland. I thought brendan recently said he wanted to keep him as well.This wont be a good move as he has ability and can score goals. Its going to leave us a bit short up front again. Late bid from Real tomorrow for our no 7 quite possibly. Pleased with our good result today though."
1st Sep 2013 21:46
"thought aspas worked hard for the team didnt realy get anythink in the box to play with tho and u can see hes a good player ppl sed same about henderson and lucas and look at them now and main point is we beat s.c.u.m/epl champions sumthink we didnt do last season"
1st Sep 2013 21:47
"Why are players being out on loan an issue? What's wrong about Borini on loan, Riena on loan? This gives them game time, experience, and match fitness. We can recall them back if need be. And if Shay Givin comes on, that's more experience in training Mignolet. And he probably won't be on the same wages that every one thinks. Cheer up lads"
1st Sep 2013 21:52
"Hold on. I don't think Aspas played poorly. This wasn't the quick pass and move game as against Stoke. It was more traditional longer passing. I think Aspas will grow in confidence. Give him time."
1st Sep 2013 22:00
""i agree aspas had a bad game today. But do you think he has ever played in a game with an atmosphere like that. give him a chance guys. i myself have been quit impressed with him before today. so get behind him guys. the other fella is back soon anyway""
1st Sep 2013 22:00
"Binomial, really? Aspas is quality and Given as a second keeper is fantastic. Don't tell e he is not as good as Jones, your living in a dream world!"
1st Sep 2013 22:05
"If I see one more stupid inbred use the words marquee signing on here, seriously! Tottenham have signed half a dozen new marquee signings and today they got beat by a very poor Arsenal side so shut up with your marquee bull**it it means nothing. For hardly any money Rodgers has put together a side unbeaten and sitting top. It's about the right player bought not the right price!"
1st Sep 2013 22:31
"Good point craigbrown although I don't think arse were poor at all, but i do agree with the point and hotsquirts"
1st Sep 2013 22:58
"I wish you whiners would stop complaining. 3 wins out of 3. Great start! It is still early doors but you can all see the players are playing for each other. There is a family spirit. So stop wringing and get behind the team. The red army is rising again! YNWA!!!"
1st Sep 2013 23:01
"Binomial is a spuds supporter!"
1st Sep 2013 23:21
"Yarmalenko please and we are guaranteed top 4"
1st Sep 2013 23:42
"Given is decent back up. Jones is too indecisive for me, never looks confident. Binomial Jones is nowhere near as good as Given. Your comments grate on me. Do you actually support LFC? Cont"
1st Sep 2013 23:45
"It was only the other day you were saying 'please dont sign moses hes not good enough' now you want him to replace Aspas. Which one is it? You never bring anything worthwhile to the duscussion. Just moronic comments."
2nd Sep 2013 0:04
"Nothing wrong with what ASPAS has done so far ,he will settle down and improve the more he plays, he needs to get used to the pace and style of the game in the premier league. Its great that LFC acquired the services of Moses he will add to the strength and depth of the squad and will score and provide goals."
2nd Sep 2013 0:10
"Thought Aspas was great. Works really hard like Kuyt but is quicker and smart also. Henderson is working really well and helping old Stevie by running. Joe Allen looked good before his hammy mid week. Good to see the so called lesser stars improve. "
2nd Sep 2013 0:41
"yes we all hope that Moses will do us justize lets put it this way for putting up that fee for him was a finger twist for the owners but for a true liverpool fan to fork out the money for every home game ooor by chance a way game is like wining a lotterie.don´t get me wrong its hard earn money for some."
2nd Sep 2013 0:47
"I like Moses. Still think another winger would help. I hear Mata may go atletico on loan which is a shame. Perhaps we may get Yarmolenko witb an improved offer? Or stick our necks our and try and get Di Maria? Also wouldn't say no to Ben Arfa"
2nd Sep 2013 1:49
"I thought Aspas played well. He was a willing runner in the game and got himself in some good positions. He just wasn't picked out with the right passes for whatever reason. I thought he was impressive in pre-season and he looks like he enjoys his football. His atude's good and he's lively. Overall, Aspas looks like a very decent signing to me."
2nd Sep 2013 9:15
"matc9482 are you a manc in disguise? Agger is the best CB in the league after disgust me."
2nd Sep 2013 9:37
"A little fact for all you saying Aspas is not good enough and should be on the bench, Aspas has created more chances than any other liverpool or spanish player so far this season, So if he is creating the chances why sit him on the bench? "
2nd Sep 2013 10:28
"I'm very happy with aspas whether he is starting or on the bench. Makes us strong. Especially if borini goes out on loan"
2nd Sep 2013 10:33
"Moses as our right winger and sturride as our top 9 will be awesome. Forget aspas and borini."