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So this is our marquee signing winger? bahahahahaha
1st Sep 2013 13:16
1st Sep 2013 13:29
"We need this game agaist manu"
1st Sep 2013 14:22
"Welcome to the club. Great addition along with Sakho and Ilori. "
1st Sep 2013 14:30
"BenG_ynwa, your not a supporter get lost"
1st Sep 2013 15:34
"I honestly believe he will be a good signing for us! BR will make him fire on all cylinders :)"
1st Sep 2013 15:37
"BenG_ynwa what is all this noise about Marquee signing? Madrid had all the best players in the world and yet they can't win CL, please shut up and go and support Marquee Club"
1st Sep 2013 15:38
"BenG_ynwa (13:16) Moses may be not the player you like tough if you do not like so what you want to do ? "
1st Sep 2013 15:40
"The _Aussie_Re (14:30) good answer well done."
1st Sep 2013 15:44
"at this point I'm happy with any signing, our current squad is actually better than last year with dead wood out, DS on fire, JH really stepping up his game, and Lucas looking sharp again breaking up opposition plays. If we can hold on to LS for the next 36 hours then I think come Christmas we'll be up there, then we can strengthen again in January window "
1st Sep 2013 15:44
"Like Moses but disappointed there is no option to buy. I don't like to see us developing a rival team's player. A good win today and a strong performance from Skyrtl begs the question did we need 2 new CB's? Could have used some of that money to buy a LW rather than the loan option."
1st Sep 2013 15:45
"We win the Man U game. YNWA. Please get 1 more striker or winger as Aspas need time to settle...."
1st Sep 2013 15:55
"FSG give us a suprise on the last day and get us a class attacker to help Ease the burden off surez n sturridge as no body else isn't likely to score "
1st Sep 2013 16:12
"ben g,go and support psg or monaco,ajp the more defenders the better,keeps them all on their toes,these guys wont wanna sit on the bench,its where we needed to strengthen the most"
1st Sep 2013 16:13
"Ajp, it won't matter because with sakho, agger, toure and skrtle we won't concede EVER lol, definite top 4 or higher, Tottenham may have made big signings but it will take them a long time to settle. "
1st Sep 2013 16:24
"actually Moses is gona be great replacement for Downing, so happy for BR "
1st Sep 2013 17:03
"It does not matter if the cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice. "
1st Sep 2013 20:27
"ajp81 1st Sep 2013 15:44--cant agree more dont like the idea of helping out top prem teams "
2nd Sep 2013 0:50
"We definitely needed defenders. Still think we're trying to get wide players its just a lot more difficult and they cost a lot more money! ! tomorrow is exciting! "