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hahahahaha...spurs will get them both...what is happening to l.f.c????spurs outbidding us???spurs outbidding l.f.c...l.f.c...l.f.c..???? I didnt thought I would see these days
29th Aug 2013 10:57
29th Aug 2013 10:58
"in takin the yet again another player gone frm us ... BR & the board full off .... BIG signing my ass :((("
Den Haag Greg
29th Aug 2013 11:03
"We have surely missed this boat. It sat in the harbour for us for several weeks but it appears Spuds are into Erikson, who wanted CL and has it at Ajax but now is OK with Europa League-nothing to do with spuds money then. "
29th Aug 2013 11:08
"Spurs now have Opened talks with Eriksen I can't belief the level of players we have sign to what they have got we are very poor and have been lucky so far in our first 2 games we could have lost the villa game and drew stoke its a long long season ahead."
29th Aug 2013 11:08
"if we bought these 2 guys , our TM will be successful ."
29th Aug 2013 11:11
"I think he would be a good option for us and at the right age, I feel Ilori is a little less experienced and may not settle as quick! we need someone?"
29th Aug 2013 11:11
"Well FSG and IA won't go for them as they have had enough time this transfer window to get first 11 players , but more cheap squad players save them money, never mind some good under 16's at the academy perhaps we can play them and sell the rest of the first 11, IA,"
29th Aug 2013 11:12
"Why fear when you put them on auctions?"
29th Aug 2013 11:28
"this is a disgrace. ayre out. spurs will get him for 10-12 million. i ask fsg and that muppet ayre, how can you consider 15 for will hughes and not even look twice at eriksen? youve spent the summer lying to us. either cough up and give rodgers the money he deserves or leave. getting very frustrated with them. i can smell another gillette and hicks."
29th Aug 2013 11:35
"Another season with set backs, another season with teams getting stronger and another season without a top 4 spot, this team just beat notts county at home, but yet we get told top 4 is our target haha fsg, Rodgers and Ian ayre I was born but wasn't born yesterday, there be no more signings just excuses, were the quality? Pathetic "
29th Aug 2013 11:35
"Ayre should really step up his game, Baldini making him look really bad."
29th Aug 2013 11:40
"We are on the right track. Spending money on 'name' players without considering your own squad and the effect it may have on yor emerging talent would not be accepted even in a Fantasy League. Some people should just grow up "
29th Aug 2013 11:44
"This is jus embarassing. Get alderweireld asap we're already short of CB with PSG, Porto n Schalke not serious bwt negotiating Ajax will be and I think he genuinely wants to come to LFC. Get Toby he's a beast which is wot he need"
29th Aug 2013 11:52
"LFC should go in an d mess things up for spurs buy putting a bid of 25 mil for both toby and Eriksen ,"
29th Aug 2013 11:54
"Surely thought it's hard to take. "
29th Aug 2013 12:06
"eriksen is having medical at spurs forget him"
29th Aug 2013 12:16
"Well done fsg and Ian ayre you make us all proud, 4 buy quality and we buy aspas, Alberto and freebies oh and maybe a few players on loan, were the money fsg for what we have sold? Get ready for we will have to wait till January as the players we would have wanted weren't available hahaha wrong you failed is about right"
29th Aug 2013 12:18
"Until we crazy supporters back the owners, go to matches and buy merchandise no action will be taken. Sorry but I lost faith in FSG"
29th Aug 2013 12:20
"cool..lfc..... spuds are using bales money (if they don't get in top 4 there's gonna be trouble at WHL come next may!!... look on the bright side, manure and gooners have got much more money than us and they've brought next to no one in. letting 2 of our wingers go in OA & SD would suggest that BR has something lined up, I'm reserving my judgement until end of window YNWA"
29th Aug 2013 12:23
"i think our window as closed again early ,any buys we get now will be panic buys ,cant see us competing with spuds this season how disheartening is that,fsg again makin brendan look a mug "
29th Aug 2013 12:31
"debo012 29th Aug 2013 12:06 Still time for Chelski to step in then !! ;-) ;-)"
29th Aug 2013 12:33
"i think i speak for all lfc fans that we are in trouble i really wanted to belive in fsg but its the same as hicks and gilette im sick of hearing spurs robbing our targets changes need to be made in lfc we add to this squad with real talent why cant we aim higher than top 4... live long lfc fan but :( eriksen was the last straw hate spurs more than man u now "
29th Aug 2013 12:41
"Top 4 shop at Harrods and we shop at the pound shop springs to mind, where's the money Fsg? Where's the quality? "
29th Aug 2013 12:43
29th Aug 2013 12:45
"How many years will it be for us to be fighting relegation ?"
29th Aug 2013 12:46
"LFC no longer the big spender they used to be the americans did trust Dalglish and the rest was histoty now they are enled to balance the books and rely heavely on the academy and good bargains so no more players costing over 50 millions coming to Anfield and nobody should blame the americans ."
29th Aug 2013 12:51
"Steynwa1991 they've lied to us this whole summer! Bringing in marquee signings my foot! We haven't got a single marquee signing n I'll put a tenner we won't have one come the end of the window. It's only a matter of time when the majority of the fans realize that fsg are the same as our previous ass owners. Fake promises about a new stadium, developing Anfield n having enough money to buy quality"
29th Aug 2013 12:55
"Lieing to BR probably. Telling him that the sale of or loans of players is to make way for new better players. What they've done is stripped our squad down to its core and left BR short of options come Sunday's game n the rest of the season. All this we don't need a big squad since we're not playing European footy is bull. It's just one way of saving money from salaries of players"
29th Aug 2013 12:57
"debo012- Willian had a medical at spurs, look how that ended :)"
29th Aug 2013 12:58
"we are ajoke cant even bid 8.5 million for erickson fsg are bunch of cowboys"
29th Aug 2013 12:59
"This is our problem we have been "link" or shown interest when the window opened for these two and have not acted and sealed the deals, based on our outgoings and what come in the club we have only spent what we have let go of meaning we have only spent 5M we do need to spend money on 3 very good players before the window CB,WINGER,FORWARD "
29th Aug 2013 13:00
"if we are to compete for the top 4 but until then seeing arsenal an the good things spurs are doing we don't have a chance of top 4 "
29th Aug 2013 13:01
"that's being realistic our best buy thats makes an improvement Cissicko and apas i'd say and toure but compared with what spurs have done Lamela, Paulinho, Capoue, Chadli,Soldado and maybe these two from ajax the best for 4th spot or better "
29th Aug 2013 13:01
"were way behind that saying it how it is if we have money its not been use good linked with players but cant seal any deals how many more will we let sides even when players wanna come here we are on stand still "
29th Aug 2013 13:01
"i think eirksen would of come to us if we bid for him gerrard only as 2 year or so left well never mind off to spurs you go.."
29th Aug 2013 13:11
"whats really going on here hey? was there some real truth in Henry selling up?because nothings happening on the transfer front, we have had the best start for a long time and the owners seem to me to be going cold. "
29th Aug 2013 13:20
"sweet mother of god!!! how can LFC let it pass?? they can be ours, c'mon red men!! we need them to reach our target... :-("
29th Aug 2013 13:21
"Can see Rodgers resigning cos sooner or later a lot more supporters are gonna open there eyes and see what fsg are really about and that's nothing about Liverpool fc, they know naff all about football and have no desire of taking us back to the top 4, another window they have failed to provide us with real money"
29th Aug 2013 13:26
"god help us when gerrard retires hes kept the team going on is own most times. we need to out bid spuds for eriksen like chelski did with william "
29th Aug 2013 13:30
"Why are we yet again letting spurs in for one our top targets!!!Or is it just fsg dont really want to spend big,we are going further away from cl places,show us the money fsg or let someone take over who will!!!!"
29th Aug 2013 13:48
"Wonder what the excuses are gonna be come Monday when the window closes? Probs be the same as last summer, we'll try again in the January window which isn't a good window to buy btw, sick and tired of being let down by the owners, top 4 clubs push on and we sit back and do nothing but provide excuses and false hope"
29th Aug 2013 13:57
"Cool..lfc. u must be kidding me spurs are not out bidding us we aient even bidding u fool. What a idiot who even said we were linked with him"
29th Aug 2013 14:06
"The lack of ambition shown by the club its no wonder Suarez wants to leave and I for one wouldn't blame him if he did go, cmon fsg provide and push us on, if not then sell up and leave "
29th Aug 2013 14:06
"cool..lfc only reason they can buy whoever they want is because they're cashing in on Bale. I would agree with you to a certain extent though that we should be snapping up some of the players we've been linked with. Like Eriksen... 12mil? pffft hardly dear is he? crazy!!"
29th Aug 2013 14:11
"nadim7860...which country u from????cant u blod... read???? n who the hell u supportin????if its spuds then I dont need to talk to u...out of this website"
29th Aug 2013 14:15
"we have released a lot of players and brought in pretty much the same as released so have we improved NO spurs will prob go on to be a top 2 side now we will be left in around 6th at best is the club no longer making money are they holding it back for re development of the stadium if so tell us then well get off ya backs fsg "
29th Aug 2013 14:15
" so hurt n angry...I luv l.f.c from the bottom of my heart...I want them to win the league. ..but to win tge league we need to buy quality players...I really wish they eould atleast but 2-3 good players so we can compete with other teams"
29th Aug 2013 14:23
"To U fans saying SPURDS brought in more players than us. Mind U "IT IS NOT THE RESOURCES AT UR DISPOSAL THAT MAKE U GREAT. BUT HOW U MANAGE IT & Putting in2 good use what U have, rather than desiring what U don't have, thereby chasing shadow. Out beloved club is on the ascendancy, let's give our supports. YNWA. "
29th Aug 2013 14:28
"Top 4 clubs buy and push on, we buy Joe Allen, Borini and loan out asiaedi buff said "
29th Aug 2013 14:41
"Mr. Henry have another thing close to his heart (boston red sox). LFC are only sponsors for the red sox."
29th Aug 2013 14:44
"We see next Tuesday what excuses they tell. I don't want a press confrenece for Brendan or Ian but from lier Mr. Henry. If Mr. Henry have the courage he'll do it."
29th Aug 2013 14:45
"Sorry Mr. Henry but you're the same as H & G. LIER"
29th Aug 2013 14:57
"What makes us fans to believe Liverpool will reach top4? I can't see any advantage we have. No CL, NO FUNDS, ALL WE HAVE IS SILLY STAFF."
29th Aug 2013 15:20
"I think FSG owes the fans an explanation about the panning out of the summer transfer window. I personally feel alienated and despised. It hurts, and if you don't care -- you got no heart. I will always love LFC but not the people who manage the club now, because they see the fans hurt and they do not care to communicate with us. "
Bajan Billy
29th Aug 2013 16:11
"Liverpool not even bidding for anyone or in discussions so think we can take that as a sign that there will be no one else coming in so we have to work with who we have right now which is a real bummer because we needed FSG to support BR this season as we needed that extra push"
29th Aug 2013 16:17
"We must get both Eriksen and Alderwiereld now!!!! We've got to stop this miserly behavior in the market, like Scrooges! Get these guys now! We are Liverpool!"
29th Aug 2013 16:49
"The Daily Star reports that Liverpool have made a £19.7million bid for Dynamo Kiev attacker Andriy Yarmolenko."
29th Aug 2013 16:54
"To all the moaners here, go join Spuds or any other team if you cannot get behind LFC, the manager and players. .... We cannot splash if we don't have the cash, and the last thing we need to go into is administration. ... we almost did the last time. .. We are showing shape and won the first two games, best start in 12 years. .. YNWA! "
29th Aug 2013 16:57
"This club will go to ruins if fans like you all ran the club. ... thank God that you folks remain as fans. ... or else bankruptcy will tear this great club down. ... Let's just for once stand behind our club and support the players the best we can. "
29th Aug 2013 19:05
"Brendan keeps saying they are working hard behind the scenes and will only get in players who are of the right quality???? What flippin' quality is he referring to? Bargain bucket players? Is Eriksen and Alderwiereld not good enough??? What the hell is happening to this club, I wanna know now!"
Thisis d1
29th Aug 2013 20:10
"Spurs are spending the Bale money on quality players who can demand top salaries but if things don't work out for them C.L wise then they'll be having a closing down sale next summer but Arye shouldn't be penny pinching over 1 or 2 million for the likes Llori, Atsu, Toby A and Arda Turan, istead of now having to pay over the odds."
Redsince 1950
29th Aug 2013 20:18
"I didn't think I would see the day that we played second fiddle to the likes of Tottenham but regrettably those days are here to stay until we achieve two things, Champions League football and find a Chief Executive that has a 'presence' in the world of football (such as the late great Peter Robinson)and can negotiate unlike our Mr Ayre who seems to be a 'Bargain basement' shopper ! Redsince1950"
29th Aug 2013 20:20
"The Problem is now is that Liverpool have a Great reputation but they are not in the Champions League and are not classed as one of the Top 4 sides plus Money talks now! not what has been done in the past."
29th Aug 2013 20:22
"we are helping spurs to finish in the top four, do we really want it LFC???? as we seem to be helping them out more than ourselves... joke"
29th Aug 2013 20:55
"at this rate spurs are building a squad that could challenge for the league"
29th Aug 2013 21:48
"The gaffer dont want eriksen cos if he did and at that price he would have signed him already. Toby is possible if ilori or sakho fails"
29th Aug 2013 21:55
"I want to say please Brendan, please FSG, don't dither about with cheap bids - pay what these guys are worth and get them both. But what I think is that if we were interested in them we should have made bids early in the transfer window, but our lack of ambition or financial commitment will probably mean missing out to Spurs (again)."
29th Aug 2013 21:57
"Bring in kaka. Not a marquee signing but a good deal though."
29th Aug 2013 21:58
"Bring in kaka. Not a marquee signing but a good deal though."
30th Aug 2013 6:10
"LOOK closely FSG is Taking fans for a ride. BIG TIME !!! All the Time lies about how Willian, Mkhitaryan & Yarmolenko ARE JUST BUT A Smokescreens to keep all of us fans FOOLED! 'YOU CAN FOOL SOME PEOPLE SOMETIMES BUT YOU CANNOT FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME'"
30th Aug 2013 8:59
"Business business BUSYness "