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We need either him or Sakho! and then a winger and I see us in the 4 without a doubt!
29th Aug 2013 10:23
29th Aug 2013 10:29
"have you fallen a sleep LFC? Were are our big transfers? - we need some top class players. now we have lost Willian, Lamela and Eriksen. all the other clubs have bought well (accept Arsenal). It is a bunch of amateurs running LFC. We will never get Champions League if FSG wont spend the money and if LFC keep bying the wrong kind of players."
29th Aug 2013 10:34
"If you want names of possible targets for our club, then go to my blog and look at the videos of them. Many other fans have suggestions to, but PLEASE GO FOR AT LEAST 1-2 PLAYERS, we have to few players when injuries comes!""
29th Aug 2013 10:37
"oh well"
29th Aug 2013 10:45
"Somebody with a bit more experience than Ilori would be a better buy. Is Ilori any better than Wisdom, Sama or Kelly?"
Den Haag Greg
29th Aug 2013 10:57
"ai don't know how good Ilori is but he is only 20. Sakho is more experienced although only 23. His stats are good and I think we would be better paying over the odds or even the asking price as a few million know will look like peanuts in 5 yrs time. AND we are currently in profit having sold loaned so many player and lost JC's wages. "
29th Aug 2013 11:06
"BenG_ynwa: Manure, City and Chelsea top 3... the way Spurs have bought do you think we can compete with such a thin squad and no real quality brought in? i'd be surprised. FSG need to spend, i think we've actually made cash during this window, crazy. "
29th Aug 2013 11:07
"Well every one can now see, just how much FSG and IA know about football and the PL, F##K all, they have kept the 65m tv rights money and the rest of the sponsor money, made a profit on player sales loans out and wage cutting, great bank account but F##k all about how to run a top 4 team , "
29th Aug 2013 11:09
"We defo need a proper CB, Wisdom is no where near ready for that role and if either Agger or Skrtl get injured in the next 2 months then we are royaly scre*ed for the season. Whats this a return to Liverpool for Torres?"
29th Aug 2013 11:10
29th Aug 2013 11:39
"its been reported that the deal for him is done. will believe it wen i see it"
29th Aug 2013 11:43
"I don't get it. Are we cheap, miserly or what? £2 million for him, £6 million here, for goodness sake splash the cash. Either that or just walk away. Obviously we mustn't rate these players if we are to believe the stories in the papers"
29th Aug 2013 12:21
"This lad is nowhere near ready for the prem."
29th Aug 2013 12:39
"I think we can do better with the money they're asking. If we can get him for around 4' take him. We just need some cover in the back til we can get everyone healthy again. I think Coates is a bust and we need someone Ilori's age to be developed. We gotta do something! YNWA"
29th Aug 2013 12:59
"Guys how many times have we supposedly revived interest in this guy this one summer? We ain't getting him or any marquee/quality player and these papers are forced to recycle old just to sell. If you want to know real serious interest just look at spurs nearly all the quality players they've been linked with they have got. "
29th Aug 2013 13:04
"People saying spurs are just going to recollect the money they've used after bale is sold well at least levy cares about the club and will have spent all the money they will get from bale. Not leavings single a cent behind. They know they have a huge chance of qualifying with all the managerial changes btwn the big clubs n arsenal being stingy. They came very close to qualifying for cl last season"
29th Aug 2013 13:11
"Beggars belief how we are in this situation. we should have a top cb signed early summer"
29th Aug 2013 13:15
"BS offers - if you are going to make an offer make a decent one. "
29th Aug 2013 13:27
"I prefer this signing to Sakho, as I think Rodgers would still see Toure and Skrtel ahead of him in the pecking order. Ilori can come in and make a name for himself, and he won't cost nearly as much in transfer fees or wages. He also looks like he'll improve rapidly in a big league."
29th Aug 2013 13:59
"Fu*king hell. This is all bullsh*t. Who even said w e were linked with him"
29th Aug 2013 14:47
"How can fans continue to say we made money in the transfer window when we lost 30million on the sales of Carroll and Downing. Are some that poor at math? Ilori has been a target all summer...just get him!"
29th Aug 2013 21:48
"Liverpool is a joke, managed by a man who has no say in funding. the americans will never fund top players. the only way Liverpool will become a top side again is to be sold and then invested by decent owners who understand football passion. Liverpool will be 10th this term . and the mancs will show us how bad this squad is."
29th Aug 2013 21:51
"I have more faith than that. I think we have a good chance of beating them this year. Rodgers must like this kid so I'll trust his judgement"
30th Aug 2013 6:10
"LOOK closely FSG is Taking fans for a ride. BIG TIME !!! All the Time lies about how Willian, Mkhitaryan & Yarmolenko ARE JUST BUT A Smokescreens to keep all of us fans FOOLED! 'YOU CAN FOOL SOME PEOPLE SOMETIMES BUT YOU CANNOT FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME'"