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Surely Sakho, Papa, Alderweirweld or Ilori are better options.We might have to pay over the odds but they have years in front of them.
Den Haag Greg
29th Aug 2013 10:11
29th Aug 2013 10:19
"No for me! he's often make mistakes! Although he's experienced can be invaluable! Why are not pressing for Sacko??"
29th Aug 2013 10:22
29th Aug 2013 10:31
"No lescott plz Sakho "
29th Aug 2013 10:35
"i'd take lescott depending on the price"
29th Aug 2013 10:41
"Decent CB but we need someone younger like Sakho, Alderweirweld or Papa. "
29th Aug 2013 11:03
"This would be a big surprise."
29th Aug 2013 11:26
"With kompamy injured man city are short of centre backs they were forced to play a holding midfield at back so why would they sell anything CB and have none left ?? This isn't happening"
29th Aug 2013 13:07
"this guy is no kolo toure, I keep hearing sakho(why not)or papadopolus? are we restricted with funds we're supposed to have wonga, every time we want a player we get out bid. whats really going on?"
jimmy liddel
29th Aug 2013 13:18
"this is just about what we can afford.seems as though Ericson is off to spurs.they seem to conduct their transfers with he minimum of effort.was confident at the state of the window but less so now.fenway just don't have the clout to push the club forward. I would like them to sell if they cant move the club forward."
29th Aug 2013 13:44
"Just because he is experienced player and not getting enough minutes, LFC should be going for him? Come on how could you put this guy and Kolo on the same light! "
29th Aug 2013 14:06
" Den Haag Greg - If you mean a better option for an immediate impact then you're wrong. "
29th Aug 2013 14:10
"Non sense"
29th Aug 2013 14:19
"Lescot ain't a good deal, sakho,or ilori with a wide player is what we needed"
29th Aug 2013 14:24
"Even Adem Ljajic who was rumoured to be an LFC target has gone to Roma which means that Lamela will definitely sign for Spurs and Eriksen is reported to be in talks with Spurs too ,so who are LFC going to go for now.A bit of advice for LFC there are still a few days left in transfer deadline so go make bids for Dzagoev and Munaian ."
bollicky bill
29th Aug 2013 15:15
"lescott got torn a new one at cardiff, no thanks."
Vosta Lee
29th Aug 2013 16:07
29th Aug 2013 16:26
"Don't you dare put Lescott in LFC red! We can do much better than this...surely!"
29th Aug 2013 18:44
"No way!"
29th Aug 2013 18:52
"Still amazes me how most people on here think that FSG won't spend money , we aren't the club we used to be and the lure of anfield isn't as attractive as C/L football it's not that we won't pay, the fact is they don't want to come!"
29th Aug 2013 19:12
"please no. this must be a joke."
29th Aug 2013 19:58
"Why would we want lescott, hes had good games in the past, but did you see him against cardiff? outpaced, outstrengthened, outwitted...out of his depth. It wasn't just that game either, he looks terrible for england everytime he plays. Can't believe he ever got picked over toure."
29th Aug 2013 20:17
"his passing is really poor, wouldnt fit in with our style of play, he passes like a 10 year old, the ball bobbles all over the place when he's trying to pass a ball, no thanks."
29th Aug 2013 21:58
"No thanks - we've been linked with quite a few central defenders in this transfer window and I'd take any of them before Lescott."
29th Aug 2013 21:58
"Bring in kaka. Not a marquee signing but a good deal though."
30th Aug 2013 3:35
"Caughtoide is possibly the WORST rumour place around. An absolute joke....Joleon Lescott....please..."
30th Aug 2013 10:55
"No. Not good enough, Evertonian, overpaid, poor concentration for center back... not a good deal any way you look at it. We should have kept Wilson!"