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The past is a good place to visit but not a better place to dwell in.yes somebody must lay a foundation before put up a building.THANKS BILL FOR MAKING LFC WHAT IT HAS BECOME TODAY.YNWA!
Super man
2nd Sep 2013 14:03
2nd Sep 2013 14:38
"Legend....Acknowledging Shanks and our glorious history will ALWAYS be vitally important...."
Norfolk in Chance
2nd Sep 2013 16:22
"Shankley was way ahead of his time. A genuinely unique thinker, which is rare in this world. I think he may have left the job too early, as I think he deserved a European Cup win, but the paradigm he put in place will last forever. "
Norfolk in Chance
2nd Sep 2013 16:24
"*Shankly oops.."
A Red In My Bed
2nd Sep 2013 16:55
"God Bless You Bill. Rest In Peace! It's an injustice he was never knighted! "
2nd Sep 2013 17:51
"welcome all to the best team in the world and that man shanks best man to walk the earth true legend the guy YNWA"
2nd Sep 2013 18:25
"Its nice to see a photo with "the anfield boards". Emelyn Hughes talked about these alot, and said how much of a killer they were. 4 massive boards placed around you, marked 1-4, when a number was called out, you had to shoot at the board, control the rebound and turn to next shouted number. Would love to see them back!"
2nd Sep 2013 19:23
"We love you Shankly, we do! Y.N.W.A. He made the people happy!"
2nd Sep 2013 20:52
"god bless bill shankly and for his vision to make liverpool a global are the original mr. liverpool.legend."
wan lan
3rd Sep 2013 9:19
"the history is was set itself... fortunately... the reds would get a big success when the manager's initial start with 'B'... remember... 1. Bob pasley... great success 2. Bill shanky... great success from now on.... its time to looking forwards our time to be the leading FC in line.... with... 3. B.... R.. Brendan Rodgers... hopefully..."