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If he is still here, it will be Suarez first game back!
28th Aug 2013 21:51
28th Aug 2013 21:52
"This is when the talking stops and the football begin!"
28th Aug 2013 21:55
"Suarez will be back for that!!! "
28th Aug 2013 21:56
"F(or) F(un), S(urely)"
28th Aug 2013 21:57
"lol, would you believe it ! Could have done with the home draw but bring em on !YNWA"
28th Aug 2013 21:58
"Suarez to comeback against Manu.. Ha ha .. Life is interesting..."
28th Aug 2013 21:58
"Wow!!! 2 matches with mancs in one month :) we can beat them twice :) YNWA"
28th Aug 2013 21:58
"First two clubs out of the hat! It was meant to be."
28th Aug 2013 21:59
"Ouchhh "
28th Aug 2013 21:59
"Let's destroy them!!!!"
28th Aug 2013 22:00
"Let's destroy them!!!!"
28th Aug 2013 22:00
"1-2 Mignolet header at 88 min"
28th Aug 2013 22:03
28th Aug 2013 22:05
"oh surprise surprise, wheres cilla"
28th Aug 2013 22:09
"oh surprise surprise, wheres cilla"
28th Aug 2013 22:11
"Another home draw for manure - coincidence? Bring em on!"
28th Aug 2013 22:13
"Just got my crystal ball out - We beat them in the league but lose in the cup (something to do with my best friend Luis coming back, Head butts David Moyes and eats Van Persie in the 91st minute and they win 2:1 as Giggs has to take the penalty as Robin is in Luis stomach)"
28th Aug 2013 22:14
"Nice, lets show them how to play football! Sturridge should easily tear Ferdinand and Vidic to shreds."
28th Aug 2013 22:16
"Two wins against them, in one month not bad indeed"
28th Aug 2013 22:17
"lets beat them on sunday 1st and then knock them out of the cup. their eyes will be on dirty manc derby. ha ha. lets make the most of the opportunities that are coming our way. as DR KING said "I HAVE A DREAM" i believe. come on redmen. do us proud. YNWA J4T96"
Top 4 for sure
28th Aug 2013 22:17
"SUAREZ !!!!!!"
28th Aug 2013 22:18
"reason45 The only goal Simon has scored so far was a pen, would be nice to see him get his head on a winner."
28th Aug 2013 22:20
"Get in! Two wins over the mannure in 1 month. Suarez hat-trick then a red card for drop kicking a manc fan in celebration..."
28th Aug 2013 22:26
"Suarez's first game at Old Trafford, what else ? Come on LFC !!!"
28th Aug 2013 22:29
"Fu*k . Why a tough fixture to start. Now were gonna have a less chance of winning the cup"
28th Aug 2013 22:33
"I see Kop 10 Old Trafford Wins in couple of weeks time"
28th Aug 2013 22:45
"This game will be played on Wed Sept 25 as opposed to Tuesday because Man U play Man City on Sunday Sept 22."
28th Aug 2013 22:48
"There is no relevant official mention to Luis in any place of this website. "
28th Aug 2013 22:49
"To think Moyes had the nerve to say he didn't like the fixture list the other week !"
28th Aug 2013 22:50
"Not ideal but will utd play young side?"
28th Aug 2013 22:51
"Im more interested in the spuds with more quality going to them by the looks of things and FSG still havent spent a penny .But i do hope we beat the s c u m"
jibbs lfc
28th Aug 2013 23:05
"Awesome awesome awesome suarez first game back made my night "
28th Aug 2013 23:05
"Suarez can play centre half...we'll prob have none left by then."
28th Aug 2013 23:20
"you couldn't make it up."
28th Aug 2013 23:30
"Had to be. Bring it on especially after the Manure have to play City on the 22nd. We need to beat them this Sunday to make a statement. If Suarez is still here it will be interesting to see him come on as sub. I don't think he will start."
Buckie LFC Supporter
28th Aug 2013 23:33
"No-one wants this cup (per last nights comments) so play the reserves! Hang on, we haven't got any. Ok let's just keep playing the 1st team squad and keep on winning :) "
29th Aug 2013 0:01
"Why are we so lucky with cup draws?"
29th Aug 2013 0:02
"Looks like we're just gonna half to beat them 3 times this season."
29th Aug 2013 0:05
"Why is there a picture of Old Trafford on our clubs website......"
29th Aug 2013 0:41
"i think we play better with pressure"
29th Aug 2013 0:43
"Rodgers, this is your chance. If we beat Mancs, we would almost certainly go all the way. "
29th Aug 2013 0:44
"Who gives a !"
29th Aug 2013 0:58
"I can see Manu sweating and -ing all over old Trafford now! I suggest they should field their 2nd string young players against Man C and play us with their strongest XI or otherwise they will be crying again. Haha bring it on. YNWA "
29th Aug 2013 1:01
"Great!!!! We shouldn't be afraid of this team. "
29th Aug 2013 1:03
"If we play like we did against Notts C., it will be all over for this year We are SO THIN as a squad, its unbelievable. Anyone got any money at LFC?"
29th Aug 2013 1:34
"I hope we draw them in the FA cup too. "
29th Aug 2013 4:16
"we should sign Christian Eriksen.its that simple FSG n BR saw the reception they got in their tours they should get in a star players,yes we made a mistake with Carol but Suarez came in for 23 mil Eriksen is going for 19 or 20 mil please open up ur eye n get in Turan n Eriksen.coz the mid week game was an opener we need to get in Quality.Turan Eriksen n CB"
29th Aug 2013 4:47
"No chance of winning with a small squad and skinflint owners. Sick of hearing we need to buy quality but don't. ! We are falling further behind our rivals it's sickening."
29th Aug 2013 4:59
"Bring it on... Sturridge Suarez Coutinho Ferdinand Vidic will ave a field day!! Old Trafford, so what? We can destroy the mancs.. Great tie"
29th Aug 2013 5:26
"We should play the U21's to retain our dignity...or at least try.."
29th Aug 2013 5:32
"Perhaps Saurez can play without getting banned. I respect his football, but that is all. If he stays, he stays to score goals. Not spout bullsh!t or show his face. If he doesn't score goals, the club should get shut. The man is an embarrassment."
29th Aug 2013 6:11
"Play Suarez on his own should still win,"
29th Aug 2013 6:23
"If we win on Sunday, we will see something we haven't seen since 2009: LFC on top of the table, at least until Spurs play later on that day, but probably longer:)"
29th Aug 2013 6:37
"still no official word regarding the the injured list,hw long r they out? "
29th Aug 2013 7:07
"we'll beat them in both games , be sure YNWA"
29th Aug 2013 7:20
"Bring it on"
29th Aug 2013 7:28
"That awkward moment, when Liverpool still counting the cost of Notty county, and then getting United at old trafford!"
29th Aug 2013 8:24
"I have no issues with BR - he is a top mgr - but I'm losing faith in FSG. Erikkson is young, highly rated and available at 12m - Spurs have just bid 8m - how can we let him get away??? Whatever we spend, we would get back in 'resale' value. We have a real chance for top 4 and we should be doing everything we can"
29th Aug 2013 8:31
"suarez to shine,and it will b very interesting game,and am sure we will destroy them with suarez scoring a brace"
29th Aug 2013 8:33
"we have no strength on the bench to change a game, look at the top 5 teams"
29th Aug 2013 8:53
"As some fans have already pointed out, our squad looks really thin at this point. If we don't sign 2-3 more players until Monday, it could turn out to be a long, hard season. Regarding Eriksen, it would be a coup for Spuds if they get him for as cheap as 8.5 million. I have no clue what FSG are thinking? "
29th Aug 2013 9:21
"Would like us to win but probably we will lose. I don't want Capital One games. We need CL games. Only dreaming. "
29th Aug 2013 9:23
"Wait for next Monday transfer deadline day. Something big is going to happen. FSG will be sold to hell"
29th Aug 2013 9:29
"Head on Collision!! B-R-I-N-G I-T O-N!!!"
29th Aug 2013 9:30
" reason45, too much FIFA"
29th Aug 2013 11:34
"Moyes will start saying it's a fix again!(and the F.A. won't punish him again) They'll be tired after the city game(loss!) and will they pick a first team? We'll win anyway, even though evra will accuse Sturridge and Sterling of Racism."
29th Aug 2013 13:53
"The chance to beat them three times this season. "
29th Aug 2013 15:10
"BRING IT! if we play without fear, we will win..."