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I like victor moses so wouldn't mind. Still hope we sign konoplyanka/yarmolenko as well. Impressed with sterling and ibe last night too. All 5 would leave us good options in the wide areas
28th Aug 2013 15:11
28th Aug 2013 15:14
"I'm sorry just not good enough yet another fringe player what happened to the marquee signings?? I beginning to think that Rodgers cannot attract the marquee signings which is the reason why he is attracting young up and coming players we got plenty of these we need marquee looks like Ericson is on spurs rada, Rodgers why are we dithering and Ian Ayre is penny pinching so I feel we gonna be short!"
28th Aug 2013 15:16
"We have no pace and power in centre mid or defence we needed a striker winger centre kid and cb "
28th Aug 2013 15:19
"Not good enough we cant go for regects"
28th Aug 2013 15:22
"not sell jose, just loan :D"
28th Aug 2013 15:22
"I think BR has a good relationship with Chelsea since they let BR buy Studge last January. Why don't BR buy Mata, not Moses. Who knows, we will get Moses or Torres for free as a"
28th Aug 2013 15:28
"5STARKOP dont be a mug, BR is doing a fantastic job. nobody wants to play for a team not in the CL and we are on a budget. the only reason chelski get Willian and players like him is because Abromovich has 100s of millions to spend every year YNWA"
28th Aug 2013 15:40
"I just think we left it too late to get the marquee signings why not get them in first and maybe we would have got one of them had we gone in early when no one else was sniffing around, I agree lets target mats yes we don't have Europe to offer but the pull of the liverbird is still there we should be aiming higher as mosses isn't the answer no better than Stirling n Ibe "
28th Aug 2013 15:46
"Darren it's about opinions we havnt spent our budget due to the outgoings so we should be aiming higher than mosses otherwise 4th is out the question why have we left it til last week again to fill the void of a thin squad am I a mug for daring to ask the question ? Have our fingers not been burnt before and it shudnt take a few injuries for us to kick start our transfer dealings."
28th Aug 2013 15:58
"I thought some off the young boys tried to take men on last night when the best ball was to pass.....a bit over eager to make themselves seen. Just an observation...."
28th Aug 2013 16:12
"5STARKOP - you probably says the same about Sturridge when he was 22. How is Moses a reject? Yes, maybe he is too Jose who has a million pound war chest; but Moses is a very good player and has plenty to offer. And only at 22 this guy can get better. Fans forget about age too often. We missed out on the 3 players we did because of CL football, not BR."
28th Aug 2013 16:25
"we only want moses if theres an option to buy or whats the point? if he has a blinder of a season with us then he goes back there and weve done Chelsea a favour"
28th Aug 2013 16:43
"hester91 28th Aug 2013 16:25 - If he has a blinder of a season then hopefully he helps us into the CL which will give us more chance of signing world class players. Everyone wins. "
28th Aug 2013 16:47
"Couldn't agree more with est-1892. Surely it can only be good if he comes to us and has a 'blinder'! Would also make him value us for giving him the chance"
28th Aug 2013 16:52
"why loan him chelski wont sell him , we need permanent not temp,"
28th Aug 2013 16:54
"Please let this stay a rumor only. From what I've seen of Victor Moses, don't rate him much."
28th Aug 2013 16:56
"Hopefully a good winger is signed and a CB. "
28th Aug 2013 16:56
"Mata wants to stay at Chelsea. Ozil wants to stay at Madrid. Can they be sold/bought against their wishes? â"
28th Aug 2013 17:05
"Mosses isn't the player to get us 4th why not try Mata on Loan and then if we get 4 th sign him up "
28th Aug 2013 17:10
"What are we exactly waiting for?Table a 7m pound bid and get him permanently.Some are thinking that Chelsea dont want to sell but i aint sure if Lvpl want to buy.Its like they want bargain basement loans as well.Skint is the word you are looking for.Ideally we shd b wanting victor to play against United."
28th Aug 2013 17:13
"All these fringe players is just a fact of life for LFC, No Champions league football, no big name signings"
Bajan Billy
28th Aug 2013 17:27
"Moses with all due respect does not bring anything different that Sterling or Ibe does. You need a quality winger who they both can look up to and when they get their chance knock the socks off the boss....Yarmolenko is that super quality. This guy has a touch of Ronaldo abt him and can light up the EPL I am certain....please get him if possible...guy is super deadly with his quick feet "
28th Aug 2013 17:32
"Why would we sell Downing and want to take Moses on a loan deal? If LFC thought Downing was not good enough then they should get a better replacement on a permanent deal."
28th Aug 2013 17:45
"Sterling and Ibe are both teenagers and they dont have a full seasons worth of Premier league experience between them. PL experience is just as important as quality and Moses is proven PL quality. the best player at Wigan when he was there. Another Sturridge/Coutinho type of signing in the making i think. "
Bajan Billy
28th Aug 2013 17:53
"Moses has PL experience but he does not have the extra needed to take Liverpool to the next level. His close balls skills are not the best and although he is strong and young in the BR system you have to have fantastic feet to keep ball possession as unlike Wigan style of play there is lots of running and counter attacking"
LFC since 1975
28th Aug 2013 18:00
"anyone know anything about this Andriy Yarmolenko we're supposedly linked to??"
28th Aug 2013 18:07
"I guess it all boils down to a matter of opinion. Personally I think Moses is a very good player. Like sturridge he wasn't really given the chance at Chelsea. And when he was given the chance (end of last season) he was one of their best players. We obviously are working on a budget and no CL footbal for a whilel means it's that much harder to attract 'marquee' signings"
28th Aug 2013 18:23
"At least he has premier experience similar to downing hope no more injuries or we may forget about top4"
Bajan Billy
28th Aug 2013 18:23
"Are we actually linked to him "Liverpool 1975"? I would definitely hope as he is a fantastic player. If he is available within our budget I think BR would do well to snap him up. Guy is special that is for sure. Youtube him and take a peep at his abilities and ball control"
28th Aug 2013 18:23
"I think Moses is good. And if BR wants him then he probably fits the system. Other wise I'll continue to trust his judgement. Been impressed with his signings so far"
LFC since 1975
28th Aug 2013 18:25
"Bejan, Skybet has us 2/5 odds on to sign him"
28th Aug 2013 18:25
"Yarmolenko would fit into the big signing category and Moses ain't no slouch. Very happy if either happen"
28th Aug 2013 18:30
"Hope BR will get Torres for cheap and spend 30m â"
Den Haag Greg
28th Aug 2013 18:35
"Yarmelenko, Moses and Sakho would be a good end to the window. If we keep Suarez and his head on on the right way round, we will have a lot of options, would still like a DM to cover Lucas (unsung hero) but it means we have a chance of being in the mix. Just hope the gamblers have got it right this time."
Bajan Billy
28th Aug 2013 18:49
"It is "Bajan" not Bejan but not to fear it gave me a good laugh. Hope Sky Bet got a good sense on this one as if we get this guy and maybe another central defender depending on how badly Toure's injury is then we can be set. Shame about Toure as his experience would have been fantastic this weekend....just means Mr. Skretel its over to you now buddy."
Bajan Billy
28th Aug 2013 19:01
"It is "Bajan" not Bejan but not to fear it gave me a good laugh. Hope Sky Bet got a good sense on this one as if we get this guy and maybe another central defender depending on how badly Toure's injury is then we can be set. Shame about Toure as his experience would have been fantastic this weekend....just means Mr. Skretel its over to you now buddy."
randfield rap88
28th Aug 2013 19:10
"Would be good if we could sign him but theres no way chelsea will sell or loan him to us at LFC with us being a rival and VM being a key player for them. Very difficult to see this move"
LFC since 1975
28th Aug 2013 19:13
"sorry Bejan :P spelling's not mu strongest point lol"
28th Aug 2013 19:21
"Can people stop using the fact that he wasn't given a chance at chelsea just like Sturridge as an excuse,not every player at chelsea is good as sturridge,not every player at chelsea is a diamond in the rough.What chelsea can't get buy awful players too?I have seen this guy play at wigan and he has no football brain or end product,the best he can do is give us 6 goals."
28th Aug 2013 19:27
"This summer reminds me of Hicks and Gilette. Shambles! I have every faith in the manager, it's a shame that the owners clearly don't share my opinion. I think that they'll leave b4 the season's least I hope! We've made a profit this summer. Joke! Where have we strengthened? "
LFC since 1975
28th Aug 2013 19:37
"i dont rust 99% of these type of reports but interesting reading :) would be good if this came off..."
28th Aug 2013 19:39
"Spurs have been given permission by Ajax to talk to LFC target Erikson and Lamela of Roma to come to Spurs so what is going on at LFC .It is becoming clearer now that LFC have no money to make any significant transfers buys that is why they are looking at average players on loan .I believe that LFC are no longer will be able to challenge for top 4 and get into Europe "
28th Aug 2013 19:40
"Sterling last night did ok he is better than moses but sterling just made a few school boy errors and dodgy defending but its not his position i no but commen scence is needed he will be great in time .i think we still need a center back who is great in the air because we are pants every cross you feel like thell score and then breathe out when they dont . "
28th Aug 2013 19:41
"Is anyone else getting properly fu**ed off with spurs this window! Hope they go into administration! Seems anyone we look at they go for! Fair play to them though! "
LFC since 1975
28th Aug 2013 19:46
"the problem with sterling at the moment is he gets the ball, beats 3 or 4 defenders then stops and isn't sure what to do with the ball and the defence get back in position. this will of course improve as he gains experience "
28th Aug 2013 19:47
"Ericson would come to us but we need to bid for him - we've spent nothing in the transfer window based on our net spend oh if we opted for Arab owners instead of American it sound have been all different!!!"
28th Aug 2013 19:51
"This is our level now boys no Eriksen no Mytharyan no Willian its a joke Moses is not the type of player we need just not good enough and we as fans need to start to show the muppets that are dragging this great club down that we are not happy with the level of players coming in,Alberto last night was lost in a game against Notts county,"
28th Aug 2013 19:53
"Reminds me of Walcott in his early days! "
28th Aug 2013 19:55
"I am getting increasingly pessimistic over the transfer dealings we are doing / linked with. We haven't spent a penny when you take into consideration the outgoing players, we have saved a fortune on wages yet we dilly dally getting players in. I get the feeling the Yanks have no real intention in investing in LFC in a big way, and if they think financial fairplay is going to work, think again."
28th Aug 2013 19:55
"eriksen to speak to spurs, this really is becoming a farce, we will sign a canteen assistant at this rate"
28th Aug 2013 20:00
"WE NEED ERIKSEN!!! So cheap for a player of that ability"
robbo kop
28th Aug 2013 20:08
"Erikson wants champions league football, no chance of signing for us, this story has dragged on far too long"
28th Aug 2013 20:09
"Just a question to those asking for 'promised marquee signings'; can you please point me to any article where BR has QUOTED that he has PROMISED to sign MARQUEE players? All the quotes I have read/heard state he's hopeful of signing QUALITY players as FIRST TEAM players."
28th Aug 2013 20:15
"See spuds confirm lamela and have also got permission to speak to erikson. It would be great if fsg could show a tiny bit of ambition to sign player's of this calibre. Nobody's can tell me spuds have anywhere near the same income as liverpool so where's all the money??????"
28th Aug 2013 20:17
"why are we not bidding for the likes of lamela or Eriksen? not too sure what all this analysis of performance is doing when most fans could pick a better player. konoplyanka is a great shout, was very impressive last few seasons. ljajic would have been good for less than £10 million too. Would have thrown a massive spanner in the works for spurs too!!"
28th Aug 2013 20:21
"what is really going on with our transfers!!!! spurs are signing some top quality players!!!!! and we still haven't spent a penny yet!! so where is the transfer money gone!!!!!"
28th Aug 2013 20:25
"What is f**king wrong with you dumb fans yelling (we don't have CL footie)means we can't attract the best player!!! Just shut it will u!!! Monaco are not in the CL neither spurs and they have bought some of the best in the market! And b4 you all slate me that spurs are in the europa le, u better remember we were in the europa last season and didn't attract sh**t!!FSG OUT! Stingy idiots!"
28th Aug 2013 20:28
"Oh Moses,this must be the marquee signing everyone's be craving.If John Henry thinks lfc will get in the top 4 with a net spend lower than Cardiff then fare play to him."
robbo kop
28th Aug 2013 20:29
"Spuds have purely spent on the sale of Gareth bale, they have let a few players go as well, Parker, Dempsey, the geezer who went to hull to name a few, u will find there outlay is not that great, if we had 85 mill for suarez we would be in a similar position but suarez to me is irreplaceable, that's how spuds have spent "
28th Aug 2013 20:29
"spurs in talk with eriksen for 10m ing crazy and we gonna sign ing moses whats wrong with us get some quality comeon brendan"
28th Aug 2013 20:35
"What a joke of a club Liverpool is now, no quality signings n the spuds have signed some good players n looks like they're getn lamela n ericson surely if we wud of bid wed of been n with a good chance of getting 1 or both of them. Moses is not good enough. "
28th Aug 2013 20:35
"We won't challenge 4top 4with these owners they're more interested in profits Cus they no with Liverpool fanbase that we will b well supported n have good revenues even without cl ftball. So the way they look at it spend no money n collect all profits. But they will spend hundreds of millions on 1 or 2 rounders players every year. "
28th Aug 2013 20:38
"Im yet to see Sterling do so well against a top side."
28th Aug 2013 20:42
"i figure the problem lies in us wanting victor on loan view of permanent and chelsea just wanting a loan. well see. hopefully wee can get some type of quality in the final third in."
28th Aug 2013 20:47
"so ing tired with this 5 days to go and we didnt spend a pound ing pound and now we gonna sign moses on loan ing cool"
28th Aug 2013 20:50
"Lfcbelfast - agree fsg have no notion of spending to get the calibre required for top 4. I was optimistic at start of summer but now realise we are being fed lies. I really hope that lfc prove me wrong I really do but sincerely doubt it...sad times"
28th Aug 2013 20:54
"FSG just don't get it, to achieve CL you need CL quality players, ok some say they don't want to come to our club because we can't offer CL football, if this is really the case we are stuck in catch 22 land and will be for a very long time to come, because if they won't come now, when will they come? Can't/Won't get CL on the cheap no way FSG! "
28th Aug 2013 21:02
"No no no Yet again we targeting the wrong player go for Ericson Mata Diame n Sakho not bench warners of other teams ericson had been given permission by Ajax to speak to spurs, he has been waiting all summer for Liverpool to bid for him and we don't bother - I'm sorry this is not good enough and then come January when we languish mid table lets not get historical as we have been Warned"
28th Aug 2013 21:04
"Can't help but notice a very obvious fact, been staring us in the face really. To achieve Top 4/CL, you must spend big, Fact! That's just the start! To stay Top 4/CL you need to keep spending big, Fact! To fend off rivals, you must keep spending big, Fact. We are not competing at all but Spurs are! We are beaten before we start! FSG know this! "
28th Aug 2013 21:08
"African sub zero spot on son It's a combination of tight arse owners inept chief exec and a manager who can only attract one type of player that has caused us to miss out in big players we r lfc that alone should attract players lets show some ambition for a change otherwise it will another season without CL football next season "
Thisis d1
28th Aug 2013 21:09
"I would hope that a right sided centre half would be being considered aswell as Sahko and also why aren't we in the running for Atsu incase Chelsea mess us around with Moses' 10 wishes . We need an Arda Turan type player no scratch that we need Arda Turan the man himself . Y.N.W.A."
28th Aug 2013 21:10
"We will never achieve greatness CL etc again without the spending power of the current top five teams, we are not in the mix. FSG has handicapped us, selling all our quality to try to achieve CL on the cheap, it can't and won't work. money does buy success these days like it or not."
28th Aug 2013 21:10
"Spuds signing Lamela & Have permission to speak with Eriksen for 8mil..... I'm sorry but our transfer business this summer is a disgrace. There better be a good explanation or FSG, Ian Ayre & BR should pack there bags & do one. And if any do gooders want to give it the support the team rubbish they can do one as well. A very peeved off fan of 36 years!!!!"
28th Aug 2013 21:16
"Moderators- Could you please ban the following words- 1)Marquee. 2)FSG. 3)IA. 4)BR. 5)Skint. 6)Chelski. 7)Manure 8)Spuds. 9)Profit 10)Marquee. Would love to see the whiners have to use their brains to work around that in addition to all the other ones you currently won't let us use. "
28th Aug 2013 21:21
"For weeks now we've been talking about all the good quality players we feel we need to get better ie CL etc, all the time FSG have been so tight fisted not having any intention whatsoever of competing in the window. Their heart isn't in it. They bit off more than they intended to chew me thinks."
28th Aug 2013 21:23
"Dwarf pig loz99 spot on lads total shambles we been misled with marquee signings I don't think aspas n Alberto are those players we should have got the marquee signings first then have targeted aspas n co, massive blunder in our strategy Ian Ayre like Rik Zoarry before him totally inept just look at our commercial activities we get one sponsor and that's it other teams have multiple sponsors "
28th Aug 2013 21:29
"United have a different sponsor for there training gear, u look at there advertising board behind the players and managers when they get interviewed they have half a dozen different sponsors on there who we got ?? Warrior n standard chartered totally inept and that together with Rick Parrys failure to expand Anfield in the early 90s and what with hicks n gill n now FSG has meant we lag behind!!"
28th Aug 2013 21:31
"Lack of ideas management failure to secure the DIC takeover has set us back and we continue to struggle "
28th Aug 2013 21:39
" is happening at Liverpool, there is only a few days left to get players in and we are seriously talking about Moses as our 'saviour'. As John Henry said "What are they smoking " ( at Liverpool). The squad is thin, a few injuries and well be fielding the reserves. For G-d's sake lets use Spurs as a motivator. I'm seriously worried and pis sed at the same time. Pull your fist out and HTFU!!!"
Top 4 for sure
28th Aug 2013 21:40
"Spurs have just signed lamela and are in talks with eriksen. If they are out rivals for that coveted fourth spot we are fast falling behind and desperately need a major signing before the deadline."
28th Aug 2013 21:42
"We should have got Eriksen and Alderwiereld weeks ago, they are at a great price and if we can't get these guys (tailor made for LFC) then who the heck can we get. I am absolutely sickened and disgusted at us not getting them, so dissalussioned I want to throw up, this ain't good enough, Someone get us a Shiek for Shiek's sake!"
28th Aug 2013 21:43
"I've said it 100 times but here's 101: there is still time to reinforce the squad. Same fans who moan are the ones who will doom and gloom if we lose to MU. we're two games into the season and we've made the best start in 5 years! Give the squad and staff a chance... cont"
28th Aug 2013 21:46
"As for Victor Moses, loan or buy I'm thrilled either way. If you would have gone back to his last season at Wigan we would have had to bid over 11.5 million euros! He was highly touted (just like another Chelsea to LFC transfer) before his career stalled a bit. All he needs is a boost of confidence to bring out that talent. "
28th Aug 2013 21:48
"ESPN is claiming that Ajax has accepted Spuds bid of over 10M euros and they are talking to the player. Reminds me of the year when we wereheavily linked with Van der Vaart and Spuds got him on the cheap"
28th Aug 2013 21:52
"Amerigo I am seriously concerned about you if you think mosses is the answer we havnt spent a penny if you based on our outgoings v incomings and if we wanted to spend we wound have done so by now "
28th Aug 2013 21:56
"I applaud Spurs for their enthusiasm and compet-i-tiveness in the transfer market, it's not hard to see what their intentions are and that is to eclipse any rivals for top 4 spot. It's hard for them to compete with manu,, chelsea and arsenal but they know they must keep up with arsenal whilst kicking us into touch, that's what they're doing to us. "
28th Aug 2013 22:03
"We should have shob that same ambition that spurs did and gone for it but no we chose to shop at ludl"
28th Aug 2013 22:05
" G3RR4RD1 28th Aug 2013 20:15, FSG don't have ambition "
28th Aug 2013 22:10
"Now we've lost out on Eriksen & Alderwiereld, we can safely say that our window is over, kiss goodbye to CL and possibly Europa league as well, that's it for another season, same boat next summer. Just hate these transfer windows now. "
28th Aug 2013 22:10
"Ynwa I believe"
Champions Of Europe
28th Aug 2013 22:19
"Spurs will sell Bale for >86m & have spent upto that with that money. It makes a huge difference in the TW having that kind of money burning a hole in your pocket. Couple that with Europa football & players wanting European football, they will always have a better chance than we have of reaching a top4 spot. We are in a catch-22 & it will take years to escape it."
28th Aug 2013 22:21
""season long loan" deals... its like awaiting clearing sales or buying promotional stuff in the supermarket :P ....common FSG show some ambitions, it was you that said last year that we can compete with the likes of man city :)"
28th Aug 2013 22:22
"Decent squad player but I thought we were looking at players to affect the first eleven. I'd be disappointed if we got him. I have to say if we let spurs get Eriksen without making a bid I don't know how we expect to challenge "
Champions Of Europe
28th Aug 2013 22:23
"Either way, I will support LFC through the difficult times just as I did through the good times. We do not hold the right to be in the top4 or to sign the best players in the world, but we will work hard to get there again. The football world in finance terms is disgusting & we just didn't keep up with that repulsive trend."
28th Aug 2013 22:31
"I think we need to bring in a top attacking talent this is frustrating because we seem to always fail to deliver in the summer transfer window the last 4 seasons we haven't done enough it would be a shame because the way BR has us playing is quality"
28th Aug 2013 22:38
"Lamela going to spurs! FSG give us something pleaseeee!!! frustrated enough as it is!! "
28th Aug 2013 22:43
"5STARKOP you probably said the same about sturridge. LOSER. 3 wins out of 3. try supporting your team for once in your life. YNWA"
28th Aug 2013 22:53
"FSG are sleeping while Spurs have signed Lamela, Eriksen...Arsenal for Damiao, Di Maria, Benzema...Chelsea for Eto'o, Willian, Atsu, Man City, Negredo, Fernandinho...our owners are a joke!"
28th Aug 2013 23:00
"all you so called fans interested in what spuds are doing should go support them instead of trying to be spoilt little brats. you are pathetic. buy the club yourselves and spend all your own money. its 11 against 11 at any given time. we fight and have spirit. so many spineless fans. get real. remember 2001?? 2005?? brilliant seasons. our time will come again YNWA J4T96"
Bib l f c
28th Aug 2013 23:01
"I don't know why so many are moaning about FSG, they backed Daglish to the hilt and he failed ! He brought in a load of crap players that have since moved on and cost us a fortune again. The loss on Carroll,Downing and Adam alone is a world class player we can't have! In Brendan we trust if not F##K OFF......."
28th Aug 2013 23:04
"It has just been announced Spurs have sealed a deal for Erik Lamena... And we are struggling to get a loan deal approved. Is this what we are about now get players on loan. Where is the quality that BR wanted to get as he mentioned two weeks ago that money was not an issue. He is after quality... Well we all saw the quality that Allen showed last night!!!"
28th Aug 2013 23:49
"Ply no1 red clearly your vocabulary doesn't stretch far as you resulted in abusing fellow fans just cause they dare to think differently to you, it's about having an opinion, having ambition to think big and no I didn't think that about Sturridge and I am not ging misses what I am saying us we need to aim higher as all who finished above us have shown if your happy with mediocricy fine !!"
The great 1
29th Aug 2013 0:00
"Give the lad IBE a chance he would hurt defenses with his pace"
The great 1
29th Aug 2013 0:08
"Ok those moaning bout FSG get a grip they bid for the player when the bid is accepted Ian Ayre goes then and tries to get the player to sign for the club, he had failed to sign us any top players mkhitaryan failed to get him willian gone to Chelsea , chadli spurs , eriksen on his way to spurs , Diego costa stayed in Spain enough said."
29th Aug 2013 0:14
"Sack Ayre then useless like Parry before him "
29th Aug 2013 0:15
"This further reinforces our pecking order in the PL, as even top 4 team rejects cannot be signed on a permanent basis by us, only on a loan deal. No doubt if they happen to be a 'revelation' for our squad, they will suddenly be 'indispensable' by Chelsea et al, taken back into their squad and simultaneously strengthening theirs and weakening ours in one fell swoop."
29th Aug 2013 0:39
"We're miles behind Tottenham in signing top players. If we get no marquee signing in, then it'll be on FSG if we don't get 4th this year, not BR. Moses and Sakho would be good business, in my mind. Moses was highly sought after a year ago."
29th Aug 2013 1:22
Red Yank 1969
29th Aug 2013 2:43
"This is getting ridiculous....spuds making deals...FSG all talk...they made $5 million...where is the spending"
29th Aug 2013 5:18
"well Assaidi has gone on loan to Stoke and that frees up space for Moses...not sure FSG want to pay 55k a week for someone to sit on the bench ??"
29th Aug 2013 6:00
"Chicharito from Manu is for sale for nearly 15 millions , Rogers should get him !!!!"
29th Aug 2013 6:07
"are we worse off than last year? while all around buy, we look for loans. we are mid table. if ...when sturridge gets injured. what then? suarez? we need cover...proven cover. the team is good, when its fit! so its January again?"
29th Aug 2013 7:01
"It is clear that Spurs aggression in the transfer market is a poker move resulting in winner takes all. It does seem like an arms race. FSG have run this club excellently. But they are losing the race. Not a criticism of them or BR. Stop blaming Ayre too. Think those wanting to just support are right to ask for patience but the odds read different. "
29th Aug 2013 7:31
"That is absurd! Really absurd!"
29th Aug 2013 7:35
"I'm tired of this! Tottenham are in talks with Erikson!!!!!!With a net spend of 0000000000000 we still can't afford decent players?????????????????"
29th Aug 2013 8:16
"Don't know how true this is but yilmaz is going to lazio for 13 million . Ce on fsg & ian ayre pull yr fingers out . Your destroying our club . Check book time gents "
29th Aug 2013 8:18
"Ayre out,FSG out,sick of these s ruining our club. all summer we've been listening to e from the lot of them saying we've got money to compete with the best, we cant even compete with southampton atm. time to move on and sell the club to someone who actually cares about where its headed. too many so called targets missed, sometimes i wonder DO WE REALLY HAVE ANY TARGETS?"
Didley from Bristol
29th Aug 2013 8:53
"For the 3rd game in a row we only perform for half a game !! we are much stronger moving forward as a unit, the moment we step back we lose control !! We also need to increase our efforts on goal, shooting earlier as the stats are sat too low on target. Goals scored are good quality but we need bigger numbers !"
29th Aug 2013 9:12
"Time to move on. FSG out asap. No commitment. LFC for them is a business. LFC is one of the richest clubs in the world and our pathetic owners don't want to spend. We can't attract any marquee players as FSG adapted a policy of low wages. How can we sign marquee players when other clubs give double wages we offer. "
29th Aug 2013 9:14
"Mark my words. In Jan, Coutino & Suarez will leave. Don't get to high on the first 2 games, we only have Mignolet to thanks. Sorry FSG noone is bigger than LFC so you have to leave asap. We need players with ambition & hunger but you FSG have no hunger."
29th Aug 2013 9:30
"My fellow LFC supporters lets leave our negativity on hold, the window has not closed yet give BR a chance in a very difficult window.We all knew last year where we needed to strengthen.Lack of CL,owners spend anxiety,injuries,deadwood are all factors which BR has to consider.Whatever happens we need 3 points on sunday lets get behind the team for B.Shankly.YNWA!!!!!!!"
29th Aug 2013 10:34
"If you want names of possible targets for our club, then go to my blog and look at the videos of them. Many other fans have suggestions to, but PLEASE GO FOR AT LEAST 1-2 PLAYERS, we have to few players when injuries comes!"
29th Aug 2013 10:39
"Bib l f c28th Aug 2013 23:01 - I laughed when you mentioned Adam. This shows your lack of football knowledge. "
29th Aug 2013 11:09
"Can't wait to hear BR's statements/comments on signings after ManU game."
29th Aug 2013 11:12
"Moses is young enough and shows potential but would rather see a permanent switch for long term progression of the team, rather than a loan deal."
29th Aug 2013 16:14
"yes please"
Bajan Billy
29th Aug 2013 18:49
"Can someone call BR and tell him buy Yarmolenko pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. this guy is the real deal."
randfield rap88
29th Aug 2013 21:13
"This move for victor moses wont materialise as a rival club are in advanced talks with him arent they? He is a good player though."
29th Aug 2013 22:35
"If we're getting Moses make it a perm deal, chelsea already have enough attacking midfielders they wud sell him."
29th Aug 2013 23:04
"I actually think we r fine on the sideways,midfield is not strong enough.also fr what I ve seen,Alberto doesn't look too good behind the striker,should be on the left side.what do u all think of this. front-left to right LS,DS,Aspas(sub:Alberto,Borini,RS+JI) PC plays behind them.Lucas+SG will play the deeper role.JH,JA to be the sub.besides,I still cannot find another creative midfeilder."
30th Aug 2013 0:10
"Why Jackson Martinez!!!!!!!!Mkhitaryan, Willian)tello" atsu, costa, B Yilmaz !!!!!what happened ????????""
30th Aug 2013 0:10
"Why Jackson Martinez!!!!!!!!Mkhitaryan, Willian)tello" atsu, costa, B Yilmaz !!!!!what happened ????????""
30th Aug 2013 6:11
"LOOK closely FSG is Taking fans for a ride. BIG TIME !!! All the Time lies about how Willian, Mkhitaryan & Yarmolenko ARE JUST BUT A Smokescreens to keep all of us fans FOOLED! 'YOU CAN FOOL SOME PEOPLE SOMETIMES BUT YOU CANNOT FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME'"
30th Aug 2013 8:20
"Moses is crap at chevsky and will always be crap at lfc,i'd rather we stick to sterling and ibe"