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sooner we get him the better
28th Aug 2013 11:54
28th Aug 2013 11:57
"i hope we sighn dis player "
28th Aug 2013 12:02
"lets just pay the money and get him in asap then get a defensive midfielder and winger before Monday plain to see how we missed lucas last night"
28th Aug 2013 12:06
"Didn't he say he was flattered to be linked to us?"
28th Aug 2013 12:08
"moses nd sakho would work just fine till jan seal it be4 united game "
28th Aug 2013 12:18
"Getting a bit worried about all these players being sold or going out on loan, with next to no one coming in we had a thin squad before now it is thread bear, i hope IA and FSG now know you can't cut costs down without it affecting the team, and where it will end up in the league and cups , NOWHERE "
28th Aug 2013 12:21
"FSG has had 3 years to see how football and the PL is run in the UK if they can't spend 25-45m a season on new players to improve the side to get us to the top then i think it is time to move on, sell the club, please not another YANK PS, please take IA with you "
28th Aug 2013 12:24
"Hope he chooses us because I know he would fit in the squad, but other than that I'm loving the squad."
28th Aug 2013 12:26
"Would be great if we could sign him. We definitely need a centre half. Hopefully we can get a winger/10 in, but if the quality isn't there, leave it and wait till Jan (when we signed Coutinho/Sturridge). Moses on loan would be a shrewd short term fix. Moses/Suarez/Aspas/Hendo/Sturridge/Coutinho/Sterling/Ibe/Borini/Alberto is plenty"
28th Aug 2013 12:37
"this is pathetic. 5 million in profit and were going for *ng loan deals. why dont we show some ambition and throw money at mata or lamela. for sake, the whole summer weve been lied to. i dont blsame rodgers. ayre and fsgs penny pinching cost us big time. either show ambition in getting targets or leave. AYRE OUT!!!"
28th Aug 2013 12:44
"In talks? Talk faster. Action is louder than words."
28th Aug 2013 12:54
"spuddy1892: nail on the head mate... the squad is now thinner than it was last year!! nightmare season pending if its not sorted before the window closes. "
28th Aug 2013 12:58
"Papa or even Toby are better than him. However, considering time constraints, what the heck - just go and sign him quickly. Enough talking."
28th Aug 2013 13:06
"IA & FSG only knows the cost cutting policy. I don't know why till today the US president have not send for you to work with him in the oval office for cutting costs Mr. Henry. If so take free Mr. Ayre with you as well."
28th Aug 2013 13:09
"the owners was prepared to spend up to 30 mil on Willian, they will spend on the right player, it´s not their fault our options are limited since players want cl footie. hopefully they will manage to get 2 more players in, then we have done really good!"
28th Aug 2013 13:10
"all that appears to happen is departures, nothing coming despite promises or lies a few of last nights squad were poor end of sort it guys"
28th Aug 2013 13:17
"Don't panic guys. Just saw Ian Ayre's motorbike parked outside the credit union. Looks like the transfer window will take a new twist after all."
28th Aug 2013 13:22
"Spuddy: What's the point in wasting valuable time and resources in going after players who simply won't come to Liverpool? We've tried with three 20m pound plus bids for different players this summer (Costa, Mkhitaryan, Willian) & none of them wanted to come, while it wasted days before we were sure. "
28th Aug 2013 13:23
"Also to the people thinking Alderweireld is better, you're mistaken. He seems to be extremely overrated by Liverpool fans, getting lumped in with Vertonghen/Vermaelen because he's Belgian & at Ajax. He's nowhere near as good."
28th Aug 2013 13:30
"Spudy1892 I tottaly agree. We've been lied to all summer made to think we might actually sign some real quality n yet here we are fussing around again so close to the end of the window. I'm betting you we won't even land this sakho. IA is the worst negotiator ever can't get anything done n these owners are the exact same as arsenal's stingy misers!!! Stripped our team to the bare coret. "
28th Aug 2013 13:30
"Spudy1892 I tottaly agree. We've been lied to all summer made to think we might actually sign some real quality n yet here we are fussing around again so close to the end of the window. I'm betting you we won't even land this sakho. IA is the worst negotiator ever can't get anything done n these owners are the exact same as arsenal's stingy misers!!! Stripped our team to the bare coret. "
28th Aug 2013 13:36
"When Fsg came in they said we won't be spending big and we will use the youth academy,which is fine but don't expect to get in the top 4 with that process.This season will be interesting but probably for all the wrong reasons.squad ain't thin it's anorexic of real quality,I will wait to the end of the tw before I make judgement on the owners but it don't look good."
28th Aug 2013 13:38
"In the words of Douglass Adams: Don't Panic. There's still enough time to get a defensive replacement of quality, as well as a winger."
28th Aug 2013 13:44
"Some fans say since Fsg have come we're in a much better financial position,well we should be cus half our squad has been let the papers it said Arsenal only have around 19 first teamers well were in the same not against deadwood being moved on as long as they are replaced with better quality.Allen stays yet shelvey goes,work that out!"
njero 8
28th Aug 2013 14:16
"Our marquee signing will be victor moses,onloan from chelsea,don't give us excuses of not having european football,no we mised our targets coz we didn't meet the valuation of those players,and you think we wil make top 4."
28th Aug 2013 14:34
"just pay the wonga and get him"
28th Aug 2013 14:43
"It is more like BR left himself short of options by loaning out players before bringing in replacements. What does that remind you of? Last year Carroll was loaned out last minute and with no replacement. Investments needed to compete and be top 4 or win the league. So far it is cost cutting. I am personally not convinced that we are any better than we were last season. Time will tell."
28th Aug 2013 15:11
"Stop fussing we wont even bid for him"
28th Aug 2013 15:18
"Easy lads. Window not shut yet. And we havent got players because we havent bid enough. Clubs have wanted more and br/ia/fsg havent liked the value. Could be a mistake but we dont know that yet. I'm a bit worried but wont judge til sept 2nd"
28th Aug 2013 15:22
"LFC don't have the funds to bring in players hence the loan deals FSG have not given BR the funds he requires to by top players ,that's why LFC can't compete with the likes of Spurs ,Chelsea Man City and Man Utd. LFC have spent only 22mil and have sold players so where is the money.LFC need new owners who will invest in club and team to challenge at the very top"
28th Aug 2013 15:59
"Wasn't a BR fan to begin with but beginning to believe he's doing a pretty decent job.Unfortunately just because they got their fingers burnt by thinking you can just chuck a wad of cash out there to get top 4,they are now being thrifty.Should we fail this year it will be down to FSG and their short term fixes and belief in FFP."
28th Aug 2013 16:28
"so we was told we would bring in some exciting signings! and now moses is our main target .. wish these owners would sell up and get gone!"
28th Aug 2013 16:36
"Spuddy+redarm+rest idiots thinkin we re in position 2jst sign any1 must b plain stupid or deluded.can't u get it? We re not in CL. Back d club or f/off"
28th Aug 2013 17:12
"Have we got a disease or what ? We must still be classed as a depressed area. No one wants to come tu us"
28th Aug 2013 17:22
"Sakho - Yes. Moses - God No!! What's with Chelsea anyway? Are they going to field 10 MFs next? All this time I thought they lacked a star striker."
28th Aug 2013 17:39
"Go get Toby and Papadopolous if Sakho ends up elsewhere. also need to get another attacking player including Moses loan deal."
robbo kop
28th Aug 2013 19:56
"We have to believe we will get two new signings, don't care if we loan, fsg have done a good job and I think if we can get top 4 his season we will see a better level of investment, we all forget we nearly went bankrupt a few years ago, we can operate within our budget or go bankrupt, I know what I'd prefer? Great job fsg and brendan, the squad may be thinner but it has more quality"
28th Aug 2013 19:58
"The way things have panned out I don't think we are going to get any players in before the transfer window. It will be like last summer's transfer. BR's team selection yesterday was indeed poor. Why did he play Gerrard & Kolo? God only knows? Why did he sell Shelvy & Downing when he is got going to replace them. Saving money why loan Assaidi? Deplete the squad"
28th Aug 2013 20:09
"What is f**king wrong with you dumb fans yelling (we don't have CL footie)means we can't attract the best player!!! Just shut it will u!!! Monaco are not in the CL neither spurs and they have bought some of the best in the market! And b4 you all slate me that spurs are in the europa le, u better remember we were in the europa last season and didn't attract sh**t!!FSG OUT! "
28th Aug 2013 20:27
"fsg invest or get the HELL OUT!!"
28th Aug 2013 21:58
"We never seem to move quick enough for our targets then another club moves in look at atsu too slow now he's gone to Chelsea looks like we will have to settle for Moses if he s to us "
28th Aug 2013 22:25
"Please stick to promises and start buying some really promising players because otherwise we wont get top 4. "
The great 1
29th Aug 2013 0:12
"Lol he ll end up at ac Milan watch Ian Ayre Is shocking at getting the top players to sign for our club get him out."
bollicky bill
29th Aug 2013 0:56
"admit it ,you are not going to sign anyone else. absolute pathetic transfer window .and i am sad to say no champions league next season either.obviously the club will be up for sale again thank you for the lies and deceit."
bollicky bill
29th Aug 2013 1:19
" hanomac ,could not agree more with both your comments.but i think fsg will pull the plug on lfc all the sky money has been spent in the u,s,a. transfers in are mediocre and all payed for with what went all bad window, if sturridge gets injured it could be championship not champions league"
29th Aug 2013 8:25
"5 million in profit this summer and all we do is loan deals, Tottenham signing or trying to sign big players constantly, do we actually want CL football or am I missing something. Make a serious signing or shut up with the bullsh*t. What happens if a european club comes in with a big offer for Suarez on monday?"
29th Aug 2013 9:52
"Oh Brilliant! Chelsea and Tottenham sign our main targets and then we say we are the bigger club by signing their bench warmers! You dont always pull a Sturridge vs a Torres! FSG should enter politics! All talk no ****"
29th Aug 2013 11:31
"Get tello. Persuade convince or even force barca for tello"
30th Aug 2013 0:00
"Mkhitaryan, Willian)tello" atsu, costa, B Yilmaz !!!!!what happened ????????"
30th Aug 2013 0:00
"Mkhitaryan, Willian)tello" atsu, costa, B Yilmaz !!!!!what happened ????????"
30th Aug 2013 0:00
"Mkhitaryan, Willian)tello" atsu, costa, B Yilmaz !!!!!what happened ????????"