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I think Skrtel will show what he´s made of. I like the possitive atude of Mignolet couse that´s what we need going forward to the next game.
28th Aug 2013 10:53
28th Aug 2013 10:58
"Tired? We have only played 3 games! Unbelievable! What will it BR like in February?"
28th Aug 2013 11:00
"need a cb nd left winger be4 united game, ibe is not yet ready fr 1st team action "
28th Aug 2013 11:05
"My fears about fielding our big players in cup games has come to the fore with the injuries sustained yesterday- especially Toure - who has been invaluable so far. If we don't have a shadow squad good enough to dispatch minnows then we must have a thread bare squad, cont "
28th Aug 2013 11:10
"Common sense must tell us that our second team has to be better than a league 1 team or we should acquire some of the players from the opposing minnows - if they are better than ours, no?These games should be used to blood young players to gauge their development. Toure will be severely missed on Sunday. "
28th Aug 2013 11:17
"That's what Arsene did in the cups. Let the kids have a crack. What's done is done, though I agree we shouldn't be using the majority of our first team. Top 4 is the priority this year. "
28th Aug 2013 11:18
"I am not worried. We simply roll out the contingency problem. The good thing about understanding supportive owners is they think of everything."
28th Aug 2013 11:32
"We might have enough time but have we got enough players"
28th Aug 2013 11:38
"We've had saturday matches after wednesday matches. Tues-Sunday can't be a problem due to an extra 30 minutes! Sturridge needed more game time to get sharp-he's got it!"
28th Aug 2013 11:47
"Skrtl has the ability and will definitely have the motivation, if he's needed against Sc-um. No probs. Also, Mignolet has a point - 5 days is easily enough time to recover from 120 mins of footy. Gerrard and co will be fine."
28th Aug 2013 12:03
"The team's playing with a lot of confidence, which is great, but losing a two goal lead should remind the players that they won't be able to take their feet off the gas on Sunday. They're right to go into a game confidently, but never complacently. Hopefully, they've had a wake-up call."
28th Aug 2013 12:27
"Mushroomscouser,why don't you put down what ever you are smoking and read the article properly, other people are insinuating that the reds will be tired, everybody from LFC is saying the opposite so chill your beans and stop being hysterical.!!!!!"
28th Aug 2013 12:28
"Man U looked pretty ordinary against Chelsea, so the team will be right to go after them, so long as they keep an eye on Van Persie. He seems to aim to react quickest in the box. The defence will need to be on alert."
28th Aug 2013 12:44
"Nice guy you re Simon always upbeat and that's the spirit. We won and that's the bottom line. Lets do it again sunday. "
28th Aug 2013 12:48
"after last nights show, anyone who thinks we are top4 material is dreaming. we will not get there, lack of squad depth will see to that!"
28th Aug 2013 13:03
"tonehound 28th Aug 2013 12:27.....why don't you put down the syringe and spoon and read my comment properly? Then read the article and then look up the word "context"...."
28th Aug 2013 13:09
"RagaGaga - Based on your logic, Man City is probably not Top 4 material as well. They lost to a rubbish Cardiff side . 3 games 3 wins . I don't really care if we are top 4 material . We are winning that's all that matters. "
28th Aug 2013 14:10
"So Br and Simon say 'We'll be fine and fit to go on sunday' and on this and other pages here, people are saying 'How can we not be fit?!!!' Sums up the negativity of the few who see themselves as realists as they see things that aren't there..."
28th Aug 2013 14:16
" if it is so bleeding obvious the team won't be tired why is the issue even raised on the club website? "
28th Aug 2013 14:53
"mushroom... because Mignolet was interviewed and a journo obviously asked him the question. Skrtel btw is still a top top defender, before last yr, which obviously wasn't his best, he was a wanted man around all the top European clubs. He will show his worth again :)"
28th Aug 2013 15:22
"We got enuff tim thats what Tom Baked said wannit then the darliks cem out"
28th Aug 2013 15:38
"agreed "
28th Aug 2013 15:40
"Nice keeper, "
28th Aug 2013 16:28
"Skrtel is a top notch defender and he will be eager to show that this Sunday. This is the kind of opportunity he would have been waiting for. More than the defense, we would need Lucas and Gerrard to be in total control. Enrique and Johnson have to plug supply from the wings."
28th Aug 2013 16:41
"I don't trust Skrtel not to do something stupid on Sunday ,especially given that he isn't match fit......very worried !!!"
28th Aug 2013 17:59
"Skrtel is still injured the only defeders fit for united game is agger and Andre wisdom and I don't think he's good enough yet to keep out united van Persie will have a field day"
28th Aug 2013 20:29
"Very positive from the new keeper. Hope Martin is match fit cos we were told yesterday that he wasn't!!"
28th Aug 2013 21:17
"wisdom was shocking"