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Bill Shankly. This man is what the word LEGEND was made for.
28th Aug 2013 15:58
28th Aug 2013 16:22
"blunderball - That was probably the least expected comment after reading the article."
28th Aug 2013 18:26
"I do love how you're stating what Shankly would have done. One thing is clear - Half the people who comment on this site have no idea what sort of man Shankly was, despite claiming to. He wasn't at all times the iconic hero, and to be fair Brendan has many similar characteristics."
28th Aug 2013 18:28
"One thing Shankly was, was a true old style scot. No time for divas and implying comments. Brendan has that on a lesser scale. His man-management is excellent from what I can see. He dictates well the budget he spends and this team is young."
28th Aug 2013 18:30
"Brendan has faith in his side which is vital, whether justified or not - And so should you. Because despite kicking the backsides of his players, he stood by them with the media unless they were being morons."
28th Aug 2013 18:32
"Yes - Ian Ayre seems to use questionable tactics at times but has helped to secure specific talent, and regardless of his actions contributes more than any of us have. We just sit here and whine that we're not top again."
28th Aug 2013 18:33
"So for god's sake just be realistic. We're not there yet. But to get there we need faith and trust in the lot of them, whether we see success or not. And I'm not your enemy either, we're united in our cause. YNWA."
28th Aug 2013 18:47
"Yeah and there's no better way to honor his memory then BEATING UNITED!!! COME ON LADS YNWA!!!"
28th Aug 2013 19:12
"Scousemorals u talk absoulte truth mate i dint like ia ayre but agreee wi5h everything ur said"
28th Aug 2013 19:16
"Scousemorals - that's a great piece you've written there, almost rivals the actual piece itself. Well said & great choice of words. Much respect for your truth."
28th Aug 2013 19:24
"Would the legend that is Shanks of once again let another target go to our rivals, no he wouldn't. Eriksen now talking to spurs. Why are we so slow in closing on these targets. Spurs are so strong now. Come BR get with it. YNWA"
28th Aug 2013 19:35
"mashymodo -do you not think that's a bit of a short-sighted comment - Spuds are a lot stronger now purely because they've banked +85mill for the Bale sale. Quantify the players they've bought for the prices they've paid, do you honestly think those are realistic prices for those players? IMO, definitely not, but everyone has opinions."
28th Aug 2013 19:37
"wish to see a manager like shankly to take liverpool back to being a dominant force in world football "
28th Aug 2013 19:48
"Scousemorals well said BR is a good man, people have only got to look at mouriniho when he was at porto when he won the CL. Now look at Him."
robbo kop
28th Aug 2013 20:19
"SamXtra, possibly the worst comment I have ever read on these pages, any business makes a profit that's ok, if fsg wanted to milk Liverpool surely Suarez would have gone? Talk of protests is rediculous, get a grip"
robbo kop
28th Aug 2013 20:23
"The greatest honour we could do is stuffing the mancs, shanks will be looking down on the reds with pride"
28th Aug 2013 20:28
"Teams nearly ready - Eriksen is 21 and a fee has been agreed for 8 mil, now u tell me that at that price and age we have not missed out on a huge talent that fit the so called transfer policy. If we had pulled our finger out we could of had him wrapped up whilst spurs were busy doing other business. "
28th Aug 2013 20:36
"mashymodo - that's one player, by the way, how many top clubs have been clambering for his signature if he's such a huge talent! Eriksen has quoted in many media outlets that he will only consider a club with European football - so tell me, how have we missed out on him??"
28th Aug 2013 21:09
"He is the most famous manager we have had. A win v Manure would be a fitting tribute to a great man"
28th Aug 2013 21:12
"I agree. Getting no players in before end of window would be really poor. We have had all window to shore up our defence. 5 days to go.."
28th Aug 2013 22:38
"I HAVE WRITTEN A SONG CALLED "BILL SHANKLY"S DREAM" lol i best hurry and record it ,unlike my "all we have to do is reheem" song (see kop)its not using someone elses tune,,not sure when to put it in as my last got the main website page,but this wont if ther busy putting items up,,oh well we try"
28th Aug 2013 23:06
"Stuthebru - Iv also made a song about you. "Stuthebru who are you? Left the teabag in - far too long, now youve got to go and write another song" i admit it needs a bit more work. Who is this Shankly geezer anyway:)"
28th Aug 2013 23:44
"This would be the ideal year to win something for Shanks hopefully the Premiership.YNWA"
28th Aug 2013 23:48
"the team will already be up for this game but maybe bill will be watching over us. a true legend in every sense of the word. R.I.P YNWA J4T96"
28th Aug 2013 23:59
"MASHYMODO 20.28 where does it say a fee has been agreed ?? WHELANR bob paisley might argue that 1. still a good day to beat the mancs. come on redmen you know you can do it. YNWA J4T96"
29th Aug 2013 1:42
"All feh money is going to the sox. Even lfc money. Ahh we'll what can u do? We could b arsenal. So predictable. Their seasons r boring. Been the same forever"
29th Aug 2013 1:53
"get ready for abuse off mancs bad move by LFC to do it at this game to subject the great mans memory to a gang of moronic mancs is way past incompetence but what a legend ynwa."
29th Aug 2013 5:09
"Beating manure at Anfield this Sunday afternoon.. What better way is there to celebrate Bill Shankly birthday 100 "
29th Aug 2013 5:42
"Him and Paisley ruled the world. YNWA"
29th Aug 2013 10:17
"Typical. I want to read comments about Bill Shankly, and over half of them are rambling on about foreign transfer targets. Go to another thread for that."
29th Aug 2013 11:31
"39 years ago. Wow that makes me feel old. I started supporting LFC when Shanks was in charge, and had just moved us up to Div 1, I too lived back "Home" in those days. What can be done for us ex pats who for whatever reason have had to move overseas? I would have killed to have had a chance to be at that dinner. RIP Bill. Loved forever. YNWA"
29th Aug 2013 11:33
"jollymickeymousers This article is about SHANKS, show some respect lad. It is not about FSG."
29th Aug 2013 12:07
"bill shankly is the best legend ever!"