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tbh, he should have passed more, he looked selfish at times and his mates are getting frustrated
28th Aug 2013 10:03
28th Aug 2013 10:47
"Good game time and experience for the whole team especially the youngsters. Henderson's stats for his 55minutes are mightily impressive. Beginning to look like a long term asset for LFC."
28th Aug 2013 10:58
"Agreed, Even when he passed it was misplaced passes. A few times he needed to compose himself and play the killer ball and the plater was one one one and he didn't. Decent display but Ibe worked harder. Both young and will improve."
28th Aug 2013 11:35
"It's about experience-when he's played more he'll understand when to pass and when to run. When he's 21-23 he'll be top quality!"
28th Aug 2013 11:43
"Wow, people criticising Raheem? Did you see the shift he put in? His willingness to win the ball back is second to none and he also put a shift in at Right Back when we went down to 10 men and looked natural. Dont be too hard on the kid."
28th Aug 2013 12:38
"The Line-up agaisnt Man U Defense : Jhonson-Skrtl-Agger-Enrique ... Midfield : Gerrerad-Lucas & Coutinho as 10 ... Sterling at left -Sturridge upfront - Aspas or Borini at right"
28th Aug 2013 12:52
"Aside from the stats, the team looks much better defensively with Lucas and Enrique in it. We appeared too open versus County and they exploited this."
28th Aug 2013 13:00
"TBH- Gerrards Opta stats stands out head and shoulders above the rest"
28th Aug 2013 13:05
"There's a reason why BR played Ibe , Sterling and Wisdom in this game . They need experience and making mistakes helps with player growth. Furthermore , the team played well despite playing with 10 men in extra time. What's there to complain."
28th Aug 2013 13:45
"He' s out to prove a point.It showed yesterday game. That's why he was being selfish. Hopefully he will learn to pass. Ibe I think is still not 1st team material. He will get there in time. And that's why I'm worried we don't get in any wingers. Why do you sell you're current wingers if you haven't even brought in their replacements?? "
28th Aug 2013 14:16
"I think we should sart with sterling on the left this weekend with coutinho in the middle, sturridge infront with Henderson on the right. Aspas to come on for sterling as his been very average against stoke and villa, and im afraid united will destroy him"
28th Aug 2013 15:34
"9xcommander absolutely right. He may have put a goal but his selfish can cause frustration. IBE seems have better atude tham sterling with the ball"
28th Aug 2013 15:40
"Looked amazing yesterday!! Just needs to improve on passing"
28th Aug 2013 16:57
"Nothing for me to criticize the kid he is good and he will show his stripes this season"
28th Aug 2013 17:47
"'karimessex81' you have echoed my thoughts. Some people just come up here and criticize the little lad as if they were any useful when they were 18. The boy did his best yesterday and I respect that. He has quality and will only get better."
Buckie LFC Supporter
28th Aug 2013 18:13
"born bleed - said like a true arm chair fan! Aspas works tirelessly, chases every cause, forces the opposition to lose possession. He is JUST what we will need against MU. The team will have to work hard against the 12 of MU"
28th Aug 2013 22:32
"Its funny how people are laying into the poor kid, when he is ONLY 18. Lets hope he does not read this and decides to leave us for the likes of Arsenal and any of the top 6. Yes remember we came 7th last season..... SHAME ON YOU, RAHEEM WAS BY FAR MAN OF THE MATCH"
28th Aug 2013 22:33
"If any player should be singled out Gerrard was woeful yesterday. gave away the ball on many occasions and also Alberto was terrible"
28th Aug 2013 23:27
"dj-greg, did you watch the game??? Did you not see a rampaging SG all over the pitch??"
29th Aug 2013 4:20
"born.bleed.REDS - perhaps you may have forgotten that it was Aspas who provided the assist for Sturridge's goal against Stoke. Don't have a go at players for no reason."
29th Aug 2013 8:04
"No doubt his legal defence is just as excellent.....not the sharpest tool in the box this lad."
29th Aug 2013 8:06
"buckie 28th Aug 2013 18:13- armchair fan???? Is that even a word ssv 29th Aug 2013 4:20 before the two of you go on back and fourth, looking back, I might have said it wrong... Aspas is not average(wrong word)cont "
29th Aug 2013 8:09
"its just he is not adapting quickly to the EPL, but no doubt he was better in villa game than stoke. I just don't feel his play suits a physical team IMO. I don't mean and don't slate players, if it sounded like I did my apologies, don't get your panties wet, I love aspas, he will be killer once he is used to the EPL,cont"
29th Aug 2013 8:13
"I just feel BR should let IBE and Sterling run at vidic,evra,rio and Rafael, make them tired then bring on aspas intelligence. but wot ever or whoever plays, I just feel that the key to us winning this game, is playing coutinho in the number 10CAM role.cont"
29th Aug 2013 8:20
"lets face it, we all know he will cream, car, wigs, and stupidly. united does not have strong eough midfield to compete with us. carrick,clevely,giggs/kagawa vs lucas,gerrard,coutinho/hendo, is there any comparison? RVP vs Chelsea = 0 sturridge vs villa and notts = 3. #just saying, but be free to disagree and hate if u feel the need"