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YNWA sturr .
26th Aug 2013 23:19
26th Aug 2013 23:35
"Chelsea's loss and our gain :D we just need him to stay fit "
26th Aug 2013 23:55
"I would agree Sturridge is looking on fire, hopefully when Suarez returns BR does not move DS to the wing. As for England he will never the game time he deserves because of the nations obsession (inc. the media, pundits etc.) with the overrated Rooney."
27th Aug 2013 0:07
"Never thought I would see the day when I would agree with Gary Neville! YNWA!"
27th Aug 2013 0:39
"Their loss is our gain. Come on Daniel, show us you're the best."
27th Aug 2013 2:04
"Perish the thought.. but Gary Neville seems likable since he got out of that team lol"
27th Aug 2013 2:20
"I watched that match Chelsea vs Man U as well and have to agree that the combined 100+ mil strike force of Chelsea can't offer anything more than Couts + Sturr 20+ mil attack ... Schurle/KDB/Oscar/Torres were all 'marquee' signings, u get my idea ... "
27th Aug 2013 3:33
"Agree with Gadgetmaster. Look at Man C Marquee £100 mil signings. Lost 3-2 to Cardiff! We hv signed 6 players and people are still whinging for so call Marquee signings!"
27th Aug 2013 3:37
"I trust BR to get the rite players who want to play for pool as a team. Spurs with so many marquee signings need 2 penalty to win. No even 1 goal fm open play."
27th Aug 2013 4:14
"Watched the game and i agreed with GN. Manc played strongly through the flanks and compact the center half. Chelsea for a star studded team looked lost and lack of creativity. I think yesterday shows that what lack in flair was replace with physical. So both teams showed they have a strong bodies but nothing much to show other than that."
27th Aug 2013 6:33
"Well in Studge lad, lets test Chelsea for MATA and we will look like this at our strongest : MIG GJ KT/MS DA LE LL SG PC LS DS JM some team that, and while we are at it bring back Mascherano "
27th Aug 2013 7:43
"Perhaps I'm wrong but Man Ure were excellent at closing CFC down. If they close us down the same way we might struggle a little but we are definitely a more creative bunch than CFC. After seeing no Mata again... I think it could be worth a cheeky £35million bid to see if we could lure him."
27th Aug 2013 7:44
"when there was loads of people moaning at the thought of losing Suarez a 20+ striker saying how do we replace that? I said at that time we already have a better central 20+ striker in Sturridge & got abuse from quite a few on here for saying this. Suarez without doubt in our team too improves it to another level but he IMO isnt an out & out striker more a player to play off a main striker."
Norfolk in Chance
27th Aug 2013 7:44
"kl red: thought you'd be against people praising Sturridge? Or have you changed your mind and now think he's worthy of some praise? lol.."
Norfolk in Chance
27th Aug 2013 7:54
"I love the logic fans use: Citeh lost with marque signings, therefore marque signings don't work. lol! That is called circular logic; it doesn't hold any water at all. We bid for several 'marque' players, but missed out. Which proves LFC/BR do want to sign world class talent. Always have, always will. Why claim otherwise or even weirder, why argue we wouldn't benefit from better players?!"
27th Aug 2013 8:28
"The boss must play 4-2-3-1 when Suarez returns so that DS can play up front and Suarez can be given a free role. Cutinho left and Aspas right. Gerrard and Hendo / Lucas CM. Back 4 and GK remain the same."
27th Aug 2013 8:47
"Thanks for selling him to us, Rafa!!"
27th Aug 2013 9:20
"Yep man city have lost 3-2 ...yesterday's match was boring... They weren't invincible neither last season... Nor the season before but finished in the top 4... With their "marquee" signings tho... And that's the spot we are aiming for. There are some reason why we arent considered as favorites, lots of matches remaining and IF we can achieve it with our current squad that would be wonderful "
27th Aug 2013 9:22
"but we must make sure to strengthen our squad to increase our chances for top 4"
27th Aug 2013 9:41
"scotty78ynwa 27th Aug 2013 Agreed, I would love to see Coultinho and Suarez playing right behind Sturridge. Image that creativity and finishing prowess? YNWA"
27th Aug 2013 9:52
"Norfolk, I got your weird pm, please don't block my airwaves with nonsense. You actually make some good point on this thread which is baffling as you are most times a pain the never regions. I am happy that kingwillis took you to task and school. "
27th Aug 2013 10:04
"What's this? Gary Neville on the Liverpool site, saying something I agree with, of all things? Also, gotta agree with Norfolk in Chance 27h Aug 7:54 about marquee signings and logic. It's a bit of sour grapes to say we don't need better players after trying and failing to get them."
27th Aug 2013 10:13
"Buddha, on which thread was the Norfolk/Kingwillis battle? I'd like to read it."
27th Aug 2013 10:16
"This lad is the best signing Rogers has made id be more than happy with another D.S signing over the so called marquee signings that everyone is so desperate for the club to make.what is he worth now at least 40imo. Ynwa"
27th Aug 2013 10:16
"Daniel "Real Deal" Sturridge keep putting the ball where it belongs! We will improve and the goals will flow, don't worry about 1-0 its what it took to win the game. Other games will produce more goals."
27th Aug 2013 10:18
"Quality, and the rest of the team give him the support he needs. No one player can do it all on his own. But he fits and it shows. Now lets see Iago fit and give us another dimension. YNWA"
27th Aug 2013 11:28
"Wouldn't swap for torres. Quality 'big' signings can produce magic and are more likely to create a chance obviously, but we've got quality without 'big/marquee/tent/whatever' names. Without CL football that's what we have to do as they won't come here because we match a real madrid bid or even exceed it. We're LFC fans, but not all players are!"
27th Aug 2013 12:00
"JoeyRasdien, it was on my pm. I don't know how to show it but but I will post it on here"
Munthe Gerrard
27th Aug 2013 12:11
"Walk On .. Our young Boy ... Come On .. Sturridge .. YNWA ! "
27th Aug 2013 12:40
"Cool, thanks, Buddha."
27th Aug 2013 12:45
"All he needed was a chance! Thank God he got it here and he's improving everyday. Long may it continue"
27th Aug 2013 18:00
"JoeyRasdien, here is the great kingwillis10 response..Norfolk in chance; you claim that they are 'bigoted'? Explain for the love of god how fans supporting the same club call each other bogited? You need to get a better understanding of that word."
27th Aug 2013 18:02
"Also, craving affirmation is probably the complete opposite to having no self worth. If one was to have no self worth, he wouldn't care too much about the affirmation of others. Now, you go on to claim they are autistic? Is this a funny thing to do now?"
27th Aug 2013 18:03
"Claim people are autistic? Do you know any autistic people? I pity you. However, you then go on to say they have fiddled with kids? Are you for real?You obviously can't put together a proper argument. Resigning to insults is really the portrayal of low intelligence. "
27th Aug 2013 18:04
"You probably don't understand how to altercate in a mature fashion; hence your horrible insults. It is probably why you only ever pick out the negative on the comments section's because your perception is highly maladaptive and you find it hard to express anything positive. "
27th Aug 2013 21:21
"Buddha, thanks for the effort of putting it there. I'd say a 'touche' is in order!"