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Moses would be a great signing and shrewd bit of business. We should sign him up permanently rather than just looking at a loan deal which would only benefit Chelsea. Loan with option to buy sounds perfect. Why would anyone complain?
26th Aug 2013 18:03
26th Aug 2013 18:10
"Great. Hes a amazing player. "
26th Aug 2013 18:13
"So long as its to actually buy, or loan with the option to buy, I'd be happy with this. The players we have got in so far have in my mind, made the team stronger, if we can bring in a couple more bargins aswell, why not.. "
Satanic Viper
26th Aug 2013 18:17
"it would be a gr8 signing I doon't think so he would be expensive player so why don't we buy him instead of loan and improve him like sturridge "
26th Aug 2013 18:21
"He's very talented. Not given chance at chelsea. He can out an end to our wing problems. He has an eye for goal and creates alot. Great player. Sign him up. YNWA"
26th Aug 2013 18:41
"No he just chose not to react to the reporter throwing a players name at him & said there has been a number of rumoured players linked with us over this transfer window. He never said anything about Moses specifically. Its amazing how the media put spins on the smallest of things bunch of maggots,anything to fill their crap sites & papers even tho they know its a load of bull."
Top 4 for sure
26th Aug 2013 18:41
"Agree with coutinho 10?11. Signing him on loan would only help chelsea develop a player and if we have a view to a permanent move we can snap him up if he does well. This will prevent us from wasting money on a player that flops."
26th Aug 2013 18:43
"scotty78ynwa 26th Aug 2013 18:41, Sure why let the truth get in the way of a good Yarn? :) "
26th Aug 2013 18:45
"I sure hope this is true. He's a very good player who's not getting enough playing chances at Chelski. But LFC should work on a perm deal esp now Chelski have Willian."
26th Aug 2013 18:55
"how many winger do you want to have ? you have sterling,ibe,aspas,suarez,sturidge,assaidi. i know ibe and starling are just kids. but the first you have to improve are defensiv miedfielder and playmaker. i love moses . iwant him since he played for wigan . im happy if he come but you still have to buy dm and am . hederson ad lucas are not jut enog "
26th Aug 2013 19:21
"Chelsea love loaning players out. They have a keeper at Atletico for 3 years and counting. "
26th Aug 2013 19:28
"What are you talking about LFC_85?? Aspas, Sturridge & Suarez are all strikers (even if they can play on the wings).. Sterling & Ibe are works in progress and Assaidi still doesn't look like a player of LFC-qualities. Centrally we have Coutinho, Gerrard, Lucas, Henderson, Allen & Luis Alberto. With Aspas playing behind the top striker as well, wingers is excactly what we need."
Gerrard 08
26th Aug 2013 20:00
"Mata all the way, if we were going to spend £30m on Willian would rather have mata all day long, if spurs can get him we can easily get him. We're Liverpool n much bigger! YNWA"
26th Aug 2013 20:32
"PLEASE SIGN LAMELA!!! Don't let spurs sign him he's too good for them! 30million is a bargain for this guy! Surely Brendan knows this!!"
Natural Poolie
26th Aug 2013 20:37
"Pointless, no better than Ibe or Sterling so whats the point, we're trying to improve the squad."
26th Aug 2013 20:42
"Here is one from the left field; if you want a winger look no further than Feyenoord. They have two good young lads playing on the wings, a couple of million and they are bought. "
26th Aug 2013 20:53
"Not good enough we can't just keep going for rejects. "
26th Aug 2013 21:01
"We can get better than Moses, Mcmanaman is a better 'English' prospect who is exciting , if we are getting Moses as a squad player to add some depth then ok but not as a winger that will take us to the 'next level'! We need quality - Eriksen, Tello, Mcmanaman, Turan, Yarmolenko, Yilmaz, Damiao, Muriel - we need class. Possible two class plyrs for 30m. "
26th Aug 2013 21:02
"Lets Go and Get MATA!!!!!!! 30 mil for a relatively unknown in Willain then I would be happy to spend that on MATA wh was probably the 3rd best player in PL last season "
26th Aug 2013 22:30
"Nazim_7860:Daniel Sturridge was a supposed reject from Chelsea. Are you saying we should not have signed him. As I remember we tried to get Moses last year."
26th Aug 2013 22:35
"BR sign Moses on a permanent deal. Would be a great signing."
Bajan Billy
26th Aug 2013 22:42
"This is a waste of time and story. Why would LFC want Victor Moses? Moses is not the type of player that would fit into BR style of football as he is not technically gifted as the type of player BR needs to be able to play wide and win 1v1s.....need tricky and skillful winger not strength"
27th Aug 2013 0:24
"Please no Moses is an average player with no football brain or end product and if he is the big signing we have been waiting for then it is testament to the fact that we are a midtable team run by unambitious owners who don't want to get us back to the top.Meanwhile on the other hand Spurs are after Lamela "
27th Aug 2013 4:27
"get him in BR (loan to/or buy) Bajan Billy and Happyfeet strange comments, do you guys watch football or just troll sites???"
27th Aug 2013 5:18
"KOPDEFENDER101 are you serious? go and blow £30m on Lamela just so Spuds dont get him?? Blimey that is some transfer strategy. Bet you hadn't even heard of this guy before Tottenham were linked to him."
27th Aug 2013 5:29
"I don't know why Liverpool can not splash the cash by buying creative players like Di Maria, Adam Ljajic instead of that hopeless players. Moses can't pose any treat other than running and if that is the case, then Liverpool should sign Mo Farah."
27th Aug 2013 6:18
"Sorry BigBird, but Erik Lamela is an absolute machine, if we were willing to spend 25 mil on Willian then we should definitely be bidding for him. "
27th Aug 2013 7:18
"LFC_85... Yes we really need for either wing would be great!... IBE and Sterling are just kids, ibe esp not ready to play week in week out...assaidi has shown nothing to say he will or should get games, and Suarez,Sturridge and Aspas are stikers."
27th Aug 2013 7:22
"Something about Moses that made me think he isnt top quality, he doesnt look like a natural footballer or something, however he has scored goals at a good rate. No problem with loaning players, will benefit us if they do well and help us win matches and get back where we belong. With CL we will be able to attract top top names again. "
27th Aug 2013 8:36
"for those of u saying u dont know why we cant sign top players maybe u should either do your homework on where we finnished last season and what rewards we got for that and what money our club has only a few years ago we were close to becomeing the english rangers then we might be takeing players from chesterfield u guy reallyneed to get a grip of reality"
27th Aug 2013 8:55
"many people doubted BR when sturridge was signed telling him why not sign huntelaar and now same people r doubting about moses lolz to those people they know nothing about football "
27th Aug 2013 9:42
"Juan Mata!!"
27th Aug 2013 11:08
"LFC85 Last time I checked, Suarez Sturridge and Aspas were strikers not wingers. The only out and out winger we have that seems to be in BR's plans is Sterling. Assaidi doesn't feature and Ibe will spend most of his time this season either with the 21's or on loan."
27th Aug 2013 11:11
"just buy him. i think he is that good and will offer us options upfront"
27th Aug 2013 14:57
"I'd only be interested if: 1. There's an option to buy, even if we have to loan first, 2. Chelsea doesn't make a substantial profit, and 3. He can improve the current system. He was great at Wigan, and I'm sure he's dying to make a move right now, so I'm not against it. Might be another DS!"
28th Aug 2013 4:21
"Why does BR not just say yes we are in for the lad all our targets seem to be TOP SECRET "
28th Aug 2013 7:28
"mikeypool.. he doesnt say that for many different reasons... it attracts interest in the player, could cause a bidding war, its common courtesy not to speak about other clubs players, what happens when the deal doesnt go through and the player has to stay...also if we try sign a player now and he knew of all the players we missed before wanting him, he might have his doubts. "