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Not many days left before the window closes. We do need another decent CB.
26th Aug 2013 10:54
26th Aug 2013 10:55
"Nevermind, get alderweireld before we miss out on him"
26th Aug 2013 11:06
"And so we loose out again..! No big news..fsg out!"
26th Aug 2013 11:13
"time to hijack the milan move"
26th Aug 2013 11:44
"We have 3 experienced CBs. We do not need Sakho or Alderweireld who will only warm the bench. Unless they will be happy with that."
26th Aug 2013 11:51
"we have Toure Agger Skrtel Kelly who can all play CB we really need a LW henderson is trying his best but he is a CM we really need a out & out winger who will score goals. come on BR convince FSG with investment we can compete now"
26th Aug 2013 11:53
"dont think their will be any big signings now ."
26th Aug 2013 12:06
"wel sign no one else. another cb and attacking mid or wide left is badly needed."
26th Aug 2013 12:20
"A CB isnt the most pressing position needing addressed,players like Sakho,Toby are not going to move to any club where they will not be more or less guaranteed to be signed to go into a teams starting 11 the paring of Toure & Agger is showing real promise so why change that? We need either a left or right winger with creativity & goals in them much more than a CB. "
njero 8
26th Aug 2013 12:25
"Did you people hear brendan sayin sturridge plays like a brazilian,can you imagine getin carried away instead of adding on on the quality that's alredy ther.easy its jst the beginning people,stil a long way,we need more players"
26th Aug 2013 12:31
"Just make a move for him"
26th Aug 2013 12:31
"Les sign up Toby & Eriksen ASAP ..."
Norfolk in Chance
26th Aug 2013 12:34
"I struggled to understand some of the comments here.. But his agent always said he preferred Milan. Fact is most players would given our relative positions. Oh well, no big loss, but we do need more players to compete imo. "
26th Aug 2013 13:23
"Defence is not the problem, Kelly, Skyrtl and Wisdom can all play CB if needed. Midfield is my concern, we have no cover for Lucas. I am hoping for a CM/DM and a LW at least before the TW closes. And would rather someone a bit more experienced then Will Hughes."
26th Aug 2013 15:53
26th Aug 2013 17:07
"do you consider wisdom/kelly good enough to try if any of the regular 3 are not available, you pride yourself on giving young players a chance"
26th Aug 2013 20:50
"KL_RED Yes we have 3 C/Bs, but if 1 gets injured and another picks up a suspension then what do we do ??????? GET SAUREZ TO PLAY AS A C/B ??"
27th Aug 2013 12:27
"Get Toby before sakho please, make a sakho option B but Toby should be option A"