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26th Aug 2013 10:10
26th Aug 2013 10:21
"No disrespect to Carroll, but Sturridge is much better and a more complete striker. And so much cheaper!"
26th Aug 2013 10:28
"Daniels' heading to the world cup and RIo- just keep on scoring lad"
26th Aug 2013 10:58
"He is doing quite good at the moment but it's too early for praises. Let him work harder and have a very good season. Then everyone can be very proud of it."
26th Aug 2013 11:38
"if struridge nd suarez both score 25 goals each over the season, liverpool will challenge for more than top4"
Norfolk in Chance
26th Aug 2013 11:44
"KL red: Danny scored winners in both openers, our best start in years, but you don't think he deserves credit for that? Wow..harsh. sorry mate, I couldn't disagree more. DS deserves massive praise. We're on 6 instead of 2 points due to him, and he's not fully fit!! what more can he do?! Reality check required mate. "
26th Aug 2013 11:49
"Dead right buck, daniel is well on his way to being englands best. This lad has incredible skill and ability and an atude that suarez should learn from, we are lucky to have him. I sense something special the good old glory days are just around the corner...loving every bit of your management aswell Brendan, keep up the goodwork!! YNWA"
njero 8
26th Aug 2013 12:36
"Easy people still a long way,he's good yes but to say brazilian easy wth such praise,we need to sign more quality players to compliment the others that we alredy have,brendan just tel fsg to sign quality now"
26th Aug 2013 12:41
"Norfolk - Nothing wrong with the praise. But it should be from manager to the player, and not to the media especially this time of the season. It puts extra weight on Danny's shoulder unnecessarily IMO. Anyway he did very well in those 2 games to bring us 6 pts, no doubt whatsoever."
Norfolk in Chance
26th Aug 2013 13:01
"KL Red: I appreciate that you believe your advice to Brendan is right, but I just don't agree. Whatever I think about his overall experience, BR certainly has excellent man management skills, and based on your comment, I don't think you appreciate how beneficial putting an arm round a player, in public is, sorry mate. All the best managers do it, even if some fans don't like it."
notts red till dead
26th Aug 2013 15:01
"forget brazilian. this lad oozes class and IS the best english striker, he only needs to maintain fitness to fully peak, as for mignolet he makes br's decision to let go of reina a masterstroke. long may it continue. in br i trust!!"
26th Aug 2013 15:11
"he is next to rooney the moment & he's wrking his way to #1... roo will soon hav to accept a squad roll behind DS! lol..."
26th Aug 2013 15:16
"sturridge is far better than welbeck ."
26th Aug 2013 15:53
"Whatever the fact is, I would rather DS be missed for the England squad. I am selfish to minimize his exposure to injury until we have a decent size of head count. Sorry but I would rather we be focused and give captain fantastic the last medal missing from his collections."