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This is far too much for an untried youngster. How many players have been labled "The next .....". By all means buy him with add ons and loan him back, but we could get an experienced midfielder for that money.
26th Aug 2013 8:44
26th Aug 2013 8:44
"Saw a compilation vid. He has an unusual style about him. Certainly not as dynamic or displaying range of passing be considered a Gerrard type player. Seems to handle tight situations pretty well, keep possession and keep the play moving. Not sure about weaknesses."
26th Aug 2013 8:44
"not worth it"
26th Aug 2013 9:29
"There is no ' Next Gerrard ' "
Natural Poolie
26th Aug 2013 9:41
"£15 million for a championship wonder kid, no thanks. Derby County your having a laugh."
26th Aug 2013 9:51
"derby county are a disgrace. slapping that price on him could is just greedy. your not thinking about the player at all. hes got a chance to move to better things and youl scupper that with your ridiculous valuation."
njero 8
26th Aug 2013 10:14
"Ther will only be 1 stevie,next gerrard ma **s,even hendo n njonjo was the next gerrard,we can't go on spending 15mil on unproven talent(allen next xavi lol) n now this boy next gerrard,ask arsenal 'kids don't win you anything'"
26th Aug 2013 10:49
"B/S. Wouldn't pay 10 mil for him. A big gamble. 6 mil would be a more likely figure."
26th Aug 2013 10:59
"15 Million!!! this is in insane."
26th Aug 2013 11:00
"15 Million!!! this is in insane. 4 Who messi and ronaldo?"
26th Aug 2013 11:02
"Go for mata, eriksen, toby liverpool need quality signings see how aston villa dominated us on saturday"
26th Aug 2013 11:10
"no no no we could get alonso for that much"
Red Rum
26th Aug 2013 11:12
"derby get real. no chance at this money. we have good young tallent at the club. we need a good solid 1st teamer. we cant keep lashing out 20 mill for hendo, 20 mill for downing, 15 million for allen, the brittish players prices are over inflated."
26th Aug 2013 11:14
"derby must be smoking the same stuff as arsenal LOL"
26th Aug 2013 11:16
"A lot of money but not our money to worry about, perhaps as mentioned we buy with add ons if major progress is acheived. As I said before Bale was sold by Southampton for £10-12 Million as a LB, say no more! still looks very raw to me so another season at Deby no issues with that!"
26th Aug 2013 11:46
"We've got Conner Cody already why should we buy this lad ? Give Conor a chance!!! "
26th Aug 2013 11:49
"move on move on fast."
26th Aug 2013 12:07
"15 million for a kid lmao, Christian Eriksen would be sold for a bid of 15 million and he plays top level champions league, internationals and for Ajax. Nigel Clough get your head out of your big stupid ass and don't try to play big boy games with a kids club, your not Chelsea or Man City mate."
26th Aug 2013 12:34
"Sometimes managers/owners become too greedy on media hype, in turn ruins the development/development."
26th Aug 2013 13:02
"The guy maybe a special talent but with limited funds FSG and BR need to focus on the here and now. If Gerrard gets injured tomorrow we only have Allen left to bring on. I believe in our first 11 but not our squad, 2-3 more additions (esp. in midfield) are still needed."
26th Aug 2013 13:05
"Welshman or England U21 International ??????"
26th Aug 2013 13:30
"Nathan Redmond - just needs a platform like LFC to exhibit his potential. Now there's an upcoming champion!!"
26th Aug 2013 15:33
"Will Hughes is a very good player with great potential but there is no next Gerrard. They way Gerrard played was unique and will never be repeated. I'm not at all saying that Will Hughes will not be a better player than Gerrard."
26th Aug 2013 15:53
26th Aug 2013 19:40
"Ha Ha Ha what a joke."
27th Aug 2013 10:27
"I've watched this lad and you can spot a quality player straight away. I think he's going to be awesome. Buy him now before we miss out on a real gem...."